Challenge coin rules: Practice Proper Challenge Coin Etiquette

Written by Robin Brown on January 24, 2021
Have you ever wondered about the concept of "challenge coins" and the importance of using proper etiquette when handling them? There is a wealth of knowledge surrounding challenge coins that extends beyond your initial expectations. Don’t wonder any longer. Start reading this post so you can find out

1. What is the Challenge?

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The concept of the "challenge" coin originated during World War I, where soldiers introduced it as a drinking game. Each soldier was given a distinctive coin that represented their military unit or division.

The premise of the game is straightforward: if you are "challenged" to present your coin and you fail to do so, you are obligated to purchase drinks for the challengers.

Although the concept appears simple, there are specific rules that govern its execution. These rules ensure fairness and maintain the integrity of the game.

It is important to note that the challenge can be initiated by anyone possessing a challenge coin. The challenger must clearly and audibly declare the challenge, prompting the person being challenged to present their coin.

2. Always Explain the Rules of challenge coins

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A crucial aspect of the challenge coin game is to ensure that all new members, whether they are newly enlisted cadets joining a squad or fresh recruits joining a team, are familiar with the rules.

The first rule mandates that the rules of the game be thoroughly explained to any newcomers. It is essential that they have a clear understanding of how the game operates before they can be initiated or challenged.

By providing a comprehensive explanation of the rules, new members will be able to participate confidently and contribute to the camaraderie associated with the challenge coin tradition.

3. Carry your challenge coin at all times

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It is a common misconception to think that challenges in the game only occur at the bar. However, the truth is that challenges can happen at any time and in any place. This necessitates carrying your challenge coin with you at all times to be prepared.

According to the rules, challenges can take place anywhere, whether you are in the midst of a workout session or simply driving to the grocery store. The possibility of being challenged is ever-present.

The rules remain consistent regardless of the location. If you are challenged and fail to produce your coin, you are obliged to buy a drink for the challenger.

While participating in the game, it is important to exercise caution and discretion when issuing challenges. Challenging someone at inappropriate moments, such as when they are showering, is not advisable. However, it is within the bounds of the game's rules.

It is worth noting that other members of your group or team can also challenge you. Targeting individuals when they are vulnerable may lead to a cycle of retaliatory challenges and turn the game into a quest for revenge. Be mindful of potential payback.

4. State the conditions

A significant aspect of the challenge coin game is to clearly state the reward or consequence of the challenge beforehand. When challenging someone to produce their coin, it is essential to communicate what is at stake.

The reward for successfully completing the challenge may vary and can be made exciting and engaging. It doesn't have to be limited to a single beer; it could be a round of drinks for the entire group, adding an element of anticipation and camaraderie to the game.

Regardless of the reward, it is crucial that the conditions are explicitly stated before the challenge is deemed either completed or failed. This ensures transparency and prevents any confusion or disputes that may arise during the course of the game.

5. The Challenger is at Risk

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It is important to note that the challenge coin game is not intended for individuals to exploit the system and continuously challenge others in their group solely for the purpose of obtaining free drinks. Such behavior would undermine the spirit of the game and make it too easy.

The true twist of the game lies in the fact that if you issue a challenge and the other person successfully meets it, you become responsible for rewarding them. For instance, if you challenge someone to buy a round of drinks and they pass the challenge, the tables turn, and it is now your obligation to buy everyone a round of drinks. This dynamic keeps the game exciting and encourages participants to exercise caution before issuing challenges.

By implementing this rule, the game maintains a balance, ensuring that challenges are not made haphazardly and that participants are mindful of the potential consequences.

6.  Only One Challenge

Emphasize that the challenge coin game does not permit taking advantage of someone simply because they do not have their coin. In order to maintain fairness, each individual can only be challenged once within a single day.

Once a person without a coin has been identified and exposed, they are no longer eligible to be challenged further for the remainder of that day. However, as a challenger, you have the freedom to issue challenges as often as you like.

This rule ensures that the game remains balanced and prevents individuals from being continuously targeted due to temporary circumstances such as not having their coin on hand.

7. Respect The Coin

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The challenge coin symbolizes loyalty and unity within your group. It is essential to treat the coin with the same level of respect and regard as you would for the members of your group.

This entails maintaining the coin in its original form without making any alterations. It is not permissible to convert it into a belt buckle as a means of ensuring you never forget it. Likewise, drilling a hole to transform it into a necklace or earrings is not appropriate.

The coin should be kept in its original coin form and should not be subjected to any modifications or transformations. While you can carry it in your pocket, bag, or pouch for safekeeping, altering the coin itself to make it easier to hold or carry is not allowed.

Respecting the integrity and authenticity of the challenge coin contributes to preserving its significance and the tradition it represents.

8. Don’t Hand Your Coin Away

The possession of your challenge coin is not permanent. If you choose to give your coin to someone else, they are not obligated to return it to you. Therefore, it is advisable to keep your coin in your possession at all times.

The conventional method of proving ownership of the coin is by displaying it in your hand or placing it on a table. Once the coin is placed on the table, it serves as a designated safe zone. If someone takes your coin from the table, they are required to return it. Taking someone's coin from the table is not considered an acceptable means of transferring possession.

However, if you happen to drop your coin and someone else picks it up, they are not obligated to return it. In such a case, they can keep the coin and consider it their own.

It is crucial to be mindful of the whereabouts of your coin and exercise caution to prevent accidental loss or unintended transfers of ownership.

9. Don’t Lose Your Coin

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Don’t lose your coin. If you do lose your coin, you need to replace it.

Losing your coin does not exempt you from participating in the game. The challenge aspect remains active, and by losing your coin, you place yourself at risk of losing every challenge presented to you.

In the event of losing your coin, it is advisable to keep this information confidential and make efforts to replace it as swiftly as possible. This ensures that you can continue participating in the game and upholding the traditions associated with the challenge coin.

10. Rules the rules are set in stone

The rules of the challenge coin game are absolute and must be followed without any exceptions. Under no circumstances can the rules be changed or altered. For instance, if you happen to lose your coin, you cannot request a timeout or any other modification to the rules.

It is worth noting that there have been reports of non-military groups modifying the rewards or consequences of the game. However, it is important to recognize that deviating from the traditional military rules means that it is no longer adhering to the original principles of the game.

Preserving the integrity of the challenge coin game involves upholding the established rules and traditions as they have been followed within the military context.


There’s probably a lot more to challenge coins than you expected. But, now you have everything you need to make sure you follow proper etiquette.

Now get out there and give some challenge coins to your team and teach them how to play.

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Article written by Robin Brown
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