5 Great Policy Challenge Coin Ideas

Written by Robin Brown on January 8, 2021
Creating a coin that effectively reflects your team's ideas and beliefs is not hard. But there is so much you can say. And a coin offers LOTS of ways to say it.

So, how can you maximize the space your coin offers? Our article seeks to show you how.

From colors to phrases to shape, you can show off the motto of your department with style.

Idea 1: Make Use of Colors

custom color image
Colors play a vital role in conveying emotions and messages. 

Choose colors that resonate with your team's values and objectives. 

Consider utilizing your organization's branding colors or colors associated with the desired theme. 

Harmoniously blending colors can make your coin visually appealing and enhance its overall impact.

Idea 2: Get Creative with Words

aim high image
Image source:https://pixahive.com/
You can use the advanced methods we have of making coins to say something. You can put a phrase or motto that means a lot to you on it.

For example, a rookie officer coin might say “Protect and Serve.” Meanwhile a coin for a beloved police partner might say, “Brothers in Blue.”

You can also print military mottos as well. Semper Fi is perfect for the US Marines. “Aim High” is appropriate for the Air Force.

You can enforce your organization’s policy and build morale by awarding challenge coins with a strong phrase.

Idea 3: Enact A True Challenge

One way to make your team get competitive is to do a real challenge with your coin.

Traditionally, you are to listen for the phrase “Coin Check” and get out your coin ASAP. If you cannot get it out in time, you buy drinks for everyone.

It does not have to involve alcohol-and you can make your own challenges.

It’s a fun way to get everybody excited about their coins and promote a policy of camaraderie.

Idea 4: Switch Sides

The great thing about having a coin is that you can have two sides.

You can display a vital part of your policy on one side, and then another special design on the other.

Use both sides to your advantage and show off all you can about your organization’s mission and policy.

Idea 5: Award Them When Appropriate

award image
Coins are mostly for when a great act is performed but a medal is a bit too much to give.

You can keep your policy about coins intact by giving them when appropriate.

Make sure to watch for members of your unit or department that go above and beyond.

If you see something great, award them a coin to show your gratitude.


Ready to make your own challenge coin with your policy? Then, check us out.

We have all you need to make it great. Let us know how we can help ASAP.
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Article written by Robin Brown
Robin Brown is part of the content team at Vivipins where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.
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