Challenge Coin Displays

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Challenge coins are said to have their possess esteem. In spite of the fact that it may not be of financial esteem, for its history such coins can be remembered.

Challenge coins are used to recognize the American military’s special achievement, new promotion, or membership.

The displaying of challenge coins may vary but should be intended to accentuate the aesthetic beauty of your challenge coin collection.

Where You Can Find a Display?

Finding the perfect display for your challenge coin collection will depend on your preference. It will depend on how many coins you have, and where your display will be located. is a website intended for users to sell their own products, as well as buy products from others. Different challenge coin displays can be found. The price can range from only a few dollars to as high as $600 or more.

There are lots of online business that caters to challenge coins and poker chips. Although not all challenge coins are military-oriented, most of them are.

The majority of challenge coin displays can be purchased online to be mailed out to you. These types of displays are just not common in your local stores.

Build it Yourself If You Cannot Afford One

If you have the patience and the willpower, you can build your own display for your challenge coins. You can find this DIY tutorial on by the channel “HonestWork Designs”.

Here are the instructions on building what they call a “ply-spangled” coin display, shaped like the American flag.

• Cut three different size strips of wood to use as the flag’s stripes.
• Joint and plane all three strips of wood
• Take the wider strips, and cut about a quarter-inch trough about 3/8 inch away from its edge
• Using a router, round the lower edge of the same side of the strip
• Begin to stack and glue your strips of wood. Alternate the sizes of wood to create the illusion of alternating stripe colors
• As you stack and glue, keep in mind that this is also where your challenge coins will be held
• Cut a square gap in the top left corner using a band saw. Imagine that this is where the stars if the flag will be
• Cut 3/8-inch wood into 5/8 strips, to stack and glue onto each other in the square gap
• Trim the uneven edge and round the edges
• Glue the wooden flag to the backing
• After sanding the entire flag, seal the display using a semi-gloss of your choice.


For a more detailed explanation on how to build this display, click here to watch the video demonstration. Be sure to comment on how you achieved your own collection of challenge coins, and how you display them.

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