Case Study: Custom Sunflower Pin


Our customer reached us on our website that he requested an custom sunflower pin design. 
Custom Sunflower Pin overview image
The major description: 
Soft enamel, 1inch, Gold plating, Square shape, Butterfly clutch, Poly bag packing. 


There are so many tiny details with the flower.
The lines are too thin to color enamel or to be raised metal. It will be blurred if going with soft enamel. 
1inch is unworkable to show the design. 


Advised “soft enamel + uv printing+epoxy” to instead of.
By communicating with customer carefully and partnering with VIVIPINS designers, and after twice revisions, our customer got the final, wonderful pin. The customer has successfully received the package.

How We Did It:

Provided two versions of digital proof for checking.
(The first digital proof was submitted within 24 hours.)
The process of revising is as follows:
Custom Sunflower Pin process imageCustom Sunflower Pin chat imageCustom Sunflower Pin chat email image
Revised and re-checking the proof, reminding increasing the size to 1.75inch.
Custom Sunflower Pin version imageCustom Sunflower Pin email imageCustom Sunflower Pin image case study
Start manufacture after proof approved. 
The standard production time is around two weeks that starts from proof approval..

Send finished pictures to customer before shipping if required.
Custom Sunflower Pin finished image 1
Customers are notified by mail at each status.


Every design has its most appropriate process. Our designer will remind customers when proof checking.
You can be rest assured that we will finish it beyond you expectation.

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