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Case Study: Custom 3D Die Struck Pins


March 21, 2024



Our customer reached out to us with a very detailed inquiry, requesting a custom 3D cast pin.

The major specifications were as follows:

3D silver badge Size: 1.75 inches in height / 1.50 inches in width.

Color: Two-tone silver.

Attachment: 2 Military clutch pins on the back (top/bottom)

Back stamped: CMP Wings GR Badge consisting of an open round parachute with an open square parachute above it and set in a pair of stylized wings displayed and curving upswept. [raised on pin]





The customer's request was unambiguous. The only suggestion we made was to change he silver plating to antique silver plating. This would enhance the 3D effect.




By collaborating with VIVIPINS designers, our customer was able to transform his design idea into a final product and received the wonderful pin successfully.


How We Did It:


Quoted the price and confirmed with the customer.

Received the response promptly.

Even more surprisingly, the customer provided us with pictures of similar products for reference.

Submitted the digital 3D proof with the recommendation to change the silver plating to antique silver.

Updated the 3D rendering as per the customer's request.

Commenced manufacture after proof approval.

The standard production time is around 2-3 weeks.

The finished pictures were submitted before shipping if required.


Finished Pin:


Finished Pin


Customers were notified by email at each status update.




The customer's straightforward approach facilitated a smooth and efficient process.

If you're not quite sure what you want, that's okay. Please get in touch with us to discuss how we can support you! We are very excited to work with you and help you bring your idea to life through the perfect pin.

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