6 Types Best Golf Ball Marker

Written by Robin Brown on June 26, 2021
When it comes to selecting the best golf ball markers, the choices are truly endless! A simple internet search for the "best golf marker" yields hundreds of options. The inherent etiquette and regulations of the sport necessitate players to mark their positions on the green using a golf marker.

In this article, we will delve into the key factors that distinguish one golf marker as superior to others. By understanding these aspects, you can make an informed decision when choosing the ideal golf ball marker for your needs.

The Purpose of a Golf Marker

Before delving into the attributes of a golf marker, it is essential to understand its primary purpose.

A golf marker is typically a flat object that is placed on the green to designate the position of your ball. The purpose of marking the ball's location is to allow you to lift it off the green before putting it again. By using a marker, you ensure that when you return to complete your final putt, you can accurately locate the spot where your ball was positioned.

Different Types of Golf Markers 

ball marker type image
The appropriateness of a golf marker is heavily reliant on the chosen type. Golf enthusiasts worldwide employ a myriad of objects as markers. Let us delve into some of the frequently utilized options.

Type 1 : A Coin 

a coin image
One marker type that stands out as highly prevalent is coins. Nearly everyone carries at least one coin in their wallet. When it comes to lifting your golf ball from the green, you can conveniently position a quarter or a penny directly beneath the ball as a marker.

However, coins come with a downside in terms of inadvertent movements. Suppose another player fails to notice your marker and accidentally displaces it. In such a scenario, you lose your reference point for putting.

To address this issue, an excellent solution is the utilization of a golf tee.

Type 2 : The Golf Tee

golf tee image
A golf tee is a small plastic peg that serves the purpose of elevating the ball from ground level at the tee. It features a pointed end that firmly embeds into the ground.

Interestingly, many players also utilize a golf tee as their ball marker on the green. This is primarily due to its conspicuous nature and its resistance to accidental displacement through kicking or hitting. Consequently, a golf tee presents itself as an excellent choice for your golf marker.

Type 3 : A Poker Chip

pocker chip image
If you aspire to infuse a fresh dynamism into your persona and exude a cool aura on the golf course, acquiring a poker chip as your marker can be the perfect choice.

Poker chips often boast a generous size and a vibrant array of colors. This distinctiveness aids in drawing attention not only for yourself but also for fellow players, as the chip becomes easily noticeable even from a distance. Moreover, the rarity of poker chips among golfers adds to the appeal, allowing you to showcase your unique personality in an outstanding manner.

Type 4 : Divot Tools

Divot Tools image
When a golf ball descends onto the green, it frequently leaves behind an indentation on the putting surface. To address this issue, a divot tool is specifically designed to rectify such indentations. Interestingly, this versatile tool can also serve as a ball marker.

Recognizing this practicality, many manufacturers have taken note and begun incorporating magnetic ball markers into their already impressive divot tools.

One notable advantage of these tools is their captivating color schemes. Divot tools are often adorned with a variety of vibrant colors that stand out exceptionally well on the green. When combined with the magnetic feature of the ball marker, you acquire an extraordinary and effortlessly locatable tool at your disposal.

Type 5 : Logo Markers 

logo ball markers
In case you were unaware, numerous manufacturers offer a diverse range of logo markers tailored for golfers. These markers feature logos from various sports organizations such as NBA, NFL, NCAA, and more. To acquire one, simply conduct an online search and place an order for your preferred design.

The availability of such logo markers grants you the opportunity to personalize your golfing experience. By selecting the one that resonates with you the most, you can add a touch of individuality to your game.

Type 6 : Custom Bottle Cap Markers 

In the event that none of the aforementioned options have piqued your interest, fear not, as you can effortlessly create your very own personalized ball marker using just two bottle caps

This creative approach empowers you to choose custom designs that resonate with your individuality, allowing you to infuse your passion into the mix. By crafting your unique ball marker, you have the opportunity to become the epitome of coolness on the golf course, setting yourself apart from the crowd in a remarkable way.

Final Words

So, what is the best golf marker for you? The answer depends on what you’re comfortable with. If you’re happy with a regular coin, then that’s the best marker for you. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

If you want your own design, going with a custom bottle cap marker may be a good idea. And you are always welcome to check out the ball markers offered by Vivipins.

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Article written by Robin Brown
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