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Best 9 Keychain Manufacturers To Custom Your Own Keychains


March 27, 2024

Are you searching for the best custom key chain supplier and manufacturer? 

You are in the right place. 

In a world of personalization, customized keychains offer practical utility while being an accessory that expresses identity, commemorates events, promotes a business, conveys a message, and showcases creativity. 

Traditionally, keychains were simple rings made out of metal or leather. Still, they have evolved regarding material use and design intricacy over time and have become personal keepsakes and style statements. 

Promoting your company and getting your name out there may be as simple as ordering a personalized keychain with your company's logo and other identifying features.


The 9 Best Keychain Manufacturers

Join us as we spotlight nine renowned manufacturers for their craftsmanship in making custom keychains that best promote your brand, style, and personality. 




VIvipins  is one of the best places to get personalized keychains because of its low cost and high quality. In their four years of existence, they have become an industry leader in custom keychains. They consistently deliver premium goods.

What makes keychains from ViviPrint unique? 


  • Design options: ViviPrint will use the artwork you already have to create a unique design for your badge reel. Their expert designers may also take your idea and effectively apply any custom design you have in mind for your badge reel, making a unique keychain for you.  

  • Order size: The minimum order quantity for ViviPrint is one. Order keychains of any amount that you need.

  • Online ordering: On their website, click the link that says "Get started" on the product page to place your order. Once you've selected all of the options for the product and customized the artwork, they will proceed with production once you have approved the proof. They ship worldwide. 

  • Pricing: After placing your order, Vivipins will inform you of the final price of your custom keychains. They additionally offer 20% off on all products. 

  • Turnaround time: Their turnaround time is 7 to 14 days.


Keychain Custom options available at ViviPins: Acrylic keychains, Metal Photo, Leather, Logo, Rubber, Car, and Engraved keychains, Name, and Embroidered.

When is it ideal to make keychains with ViviPins?

If you need a personalized lapel pin at a low cost, Vivipins, as a manufacturer, offers the benefit of working closely with its in-house design team to create a product matched to your specifications.

Disadvantages of order keychains with ViviPins:

  • They do not offer a sample before production. 

  • Changes in the design during production come at an extra cost for the customer.

  • They charge mold fees of the same amount as the first order for repeat orders. 


Contact Vivipins and get a free custom keychain quote today. 


Sticker Mule

Source Sticker Mule


Location: 4770 Baseline Rd #200  Boulder, Colorado 80303, US


Sticker Mule has many experiences and perspectives in converting any photo, design, or drawing into a personalized keychain to add to your key ring. They manufacture unique keychains that are lightweight, robust, and easy to transport, making them ideal for promoting your brand or event.

What makes StickerMule’s keychains unique? 

  • Design options: Send them your artwork, and they will make you keychains. You can work with them directly during the proof review process to ensure everything looks great. They will have the digital proof ready in 4 hours from the time they get your artwork. 

  • Order size: The minimum quantity for custom keychains is 10.

  • Online ordering: They require a credit card upfront but will only charge it once they've reviewed and accepted your proof. At any time, before approval, you can cancel your order without penalty. 

  • Pricing: If you confirm your online proof within 24 hours, your order will arrive on the desired date. If your order takes longer than expected, additional business days will move the delivery date forward. 

  • Turnaround time: The turnaround time is four days.  


Keychain options available at StickerMule 

  • Photo keychains

  • Promotional stickers   

When is it ideal to create keychains with StickerMule?

If you want a quick turnaround, free proof, and free shipping, StickerMule is your best choice to make your custom keychain.


Drawbacks of making keychains with Sticker Mule include:

  • They only process rush orders at an additional charge.

  • After approving the proof, the client cannot add a rush order.

  • They do not allow changes to the order once production has started.

  • They do not provide coupon codes or promotional codes.

  • Customers cannot reorder with changes to the artwork.


StickerMule offers an easy way of getting your custom key chain. Contact Support to place your order. 


Quality Logo Products

Source Quality Logo Products


Quality Logo Products is one of the leading promotional product suppliers in the continental US. They let you design your promotions with your brand's name, logo, slogan, or contact information at an affordable price. 


Their website makes ordering promo products easy and efficient. With no surprise pricing, products will be delivered to you at the provided price.


What makes keychains from Quality Logo Products unique?


  • Design options: They provide all the materials necessary to deliver the exact graphic design you are looking for at no cost. If you need help designing something, look through their Clipart Library for free images on various topics and styles. 

  • Order size: Different designs of keychains require different minimum order quantities.

  • Online ordering: You can place your order by calling, emailing, or visiting their website. Online ordering on their website starts with the design details, quantity, and color. Then, request free proof to review the order. 

  • Pricing: The costs of the items on the product's site are right alongside their listing. You can also add items and submit the purchase once the pop-up at the bottom indicates the total cost of the new items.

  • Turnaround time: You can see the estimated shipping time for the custom keychains you are ordering on the product's page. 


Keychain options are available at Quality Logo Products. 

  • Float Keychains

  • Tag Soft Plastic Keychains

  • Crab Bottle Opener Key Chains

  • Aluminum Bottle / Can Opener Key Rings

  • Small Carabiner Key Rings

  • Chroma LED Keyrings

  • Boater Stress Relieving Keychains

  • Rectangle Soft Keychains 


When is it ideal to create keychains with Quality Logo Products?

When you want to buy keychains in bulk and save money, Quality Logo Products provides discounts and coupons.


The disadvantages of making keychains with Quality Logo Products include:

  • Ordering less than the minimum requirement set is not permitted.

  • Rush shipping incurs higher costs than regular shipping.

  • They do not provide online tracking of orders.


Contact Quality Logo Products support and get your order sorted at a reasonable discount. 




Source Zazzle


Location: Redwood City, California · United States  


Zazzle lets designers and shoppers utilize photos from partnering companies to make their products with independent manufacturers. They have teamed with numerous well-known brands to gather a library of digital images from these and other sources. 

What makes Zazzle keychains unique?


  • Design options: You can choose from various forms and designs, ranging from the traditional round to metal, double-sided to wrist keychains, or, as an alternative, upload your photo. You can also add customized text for free. The design should be saved for uploading to other similar goods.

  • Order size: They offer no minimum order quantity service. 

  • Online ordering: On the menu bar on the top left side, click the "create your own option" option for the accessories options. Click on the accessories option for the keychains. Click on keychains for the product page to find all keychains listed and customize your own. After customizing, place your order by paying and adding shipping information.

  • Pricing: Prices are mentioned with the keychains on the website.

  • Turnaround time: Check out their shipping deadlines page to find out what shipping options will get you what you need before your due date. For a high-value order, the processing time may increase by two to three business days. Digitalizing stitch files often adds one to two business days to the production schedule. Ordering 100 or more of any item will take seven to ten business days. Estimated delivery times are not included in the manufacturing turnaround times. 


Keychain options available at Zazzle

  • Basic Button Keychain

  • Premium Keychain

  • Acrylic Keychain

  • Metal Keychain

  • Bottle Opener with Keychain

  • Wrist Keychain   


When is it ideal to create keychains with Zazzle?

If you have photos and need to make a product, Zazzle allows you to utilize the photos you have to create custom keychains. 


The disadvantages of ordering from  Zazzle include:

  • Customers cannot change the number of items in an open order.

  • Once customers finalize the product details and complete the checkout process, they cannot modify the details.

  • Damaged items must be held for 30 days before they can be returned.


Do you require a custom keychain accessory with your photo? Contact Zazzle and place your order. 


Discount Mugs


Source Discountmugs 


Discount Mugs is committed to expanding its customer base. It has spent countless hours honing its printing techniques to ensure it can provide its clients with clear photos and high-quality customization choices. Their modest rates make their customized products ideal for low-cost marketing campaigns and considerate gifts.


Their network comprises creatives and production professionals who are committed, knowledgeable, and able to keep a steady stream of custom orders moving forward. 

What makes keychains from Discount Mugs unique? 


  • Design options: Their design studio was built around customer requirements. They have simplified the creation and sharing of artwork. They give you access to hundreds if you don't have any clipart or fonts. They have a staff of talented artists and designers who will work to replicate your design accurately and spread your brand's message.

  • Order size: Their minimum order quantity for badge reels is 250.

  • Online ordering: You can place orders directly through their website. They will send you a digital, printable proof or proof of your special art requirement, which may be emailed if needed. If you don't have proof of approval within five days, your order may be processed without proof. New shipping and delivery dates will be released if proof has been accepted. 

  • Pricing: Pricing depends on how much you want to order. Prices start at $0.34 each.

  • Turnaround time: The time it takes to make a product will depend on what it is and how it is printed. You will be able to choose your timeline from several options. They also offer "Rush shipping" for faster shipping. 


Keychain Options are available at Discount Mugs. 

  • Metal Keychains

  • Carabiner Keychains

  • Acrylic Keychains

  • Flashlight Keychains

  • Bottle Opener Keychains

  • Flexible Keychains

  • Lanyard Keychains 


When is it ideal to create keychains with DiscountMugs?

If you need a bulk keychain order and you are on a budget, Discount Mugs specializes in large orders at a low price. 


The disadvantages of keychains from DiscountMugs include: 

  • Painted logos are not dishwasher safe.

  • They may delay the order without providing information to the client.

  • Discount Mugs offer limited keychain options due to the limited colors and materials available.


Discount Mugs offers competitive prices for bulk orders. Contact DiscountMugs and get a quote for your order. 


The Studio


Source The studio


Location: The Studio Technologies, Inc.  1055 E. Colorado Blvd., Suite 500,  Pasadena, CA 91106 

The Studio offers endless customization possibilities for its keychains. They have no premade keychains on offer. Their keychains are created from scratch by teams that work around the clock to make your desire a reality. They have collaborated with well-known brands, museums, tech titans, and influencers globally. 


What makes keychains from The Studio unique?


  • Design options: They make everything from scratch to ensure complete flexibility in design. Choose from a wide variety of thread colors, PVC colors, and metallic finishes to personalize the look of your keychain. Use your logo or artwork to personalize your keychain, or collaborate with one of their in-house designers to make something unique.

  • Order size: No minimum order quantity is required. 

  • Online order process: utilize their free pro design services to upload your artwork or the Artsy Chargeless feature offered with every order. Once they finish their revisions, they will mail you a physical sample or mockup of your keychain for your review, and if you like their modifications, they will proceed with making the rest of their keychains.

  • Pricing: Metal keychains start at $1.99 each. PVC keychains start at $1.89 each. Embroidery keychains begin at $1.10 each.

  • Turnaround time: it takes about 3–6 weeks from order placement to delivery. 


Keychain options available at The Studio

  • Custom PVC keychains

  • Custom embroidered keychains

  • Custom metal keychains

When is it ideal to create keychains with TheStudio?

If you are a creative entrepreneur looking to make retail-ready keychains, The Studio allows you to create custom products to help build your brand. 

Disadvantages of making keychains with The Studio. 

  • Designs on their website for a client to choose from are not available. 

  • Customers may encounter delivery delays due to shipping issues and processing time. 


Explore TheStudio custom keychains and get an order quote.




Source Vograce


Location: 4th Floor, No. 122, Damo Road, Fotang Town, Yiwu City, Jin Hua City,  Zhejiang Province 320000 Jinhua, Zhejiang, China


Vograce supplies 34 keychain accessories for you to pick from that feature good quality at a low price and various sizes and options. It comes in various colors and forms, and it is scratch-resistant. It may be hung on various bags or clothes.

What makes keychains from Vograce unique? 


  • Design options: They don't offer artwork services. You have to create them on your own and upload them to their website. 

  • Order size: The minimum order quantity is 3.

  • Online Ordering: When you get to the website home page, find the type of product you want to customize. Click on the page for the product that interests you, select the customization options and quantity, and then add contact and shipping information. 

  • Pricing: Prices are displayed on their website. 

  • Turnaround time: Quick Shipping is 4-10 days, excluding weekends. The standard shipping time is 10-60 days, depending on location. 

Keychain options available at Vograce

  • Acrylic 

  • Clear Acrylic 

  • Lollipop Charms

  • Epoxy Acrylic 

  • Holographic Acrylic 

  • Colorful Acrylic 

  • Light-up Acrylic 

  • Candy 

  • Luminous Acrylic 

  • Rainbow Acrylic 

  • Shaker 

  • Hot Stamping 

When is it ideal to create keychains with Vograce?

If you have a good keychain idea, Vograce offers high-quality custom keychains at a competitive price. 


The following are the disadvantages of making keychains with Vograce

  • If an order is modified after the proof has been approved, they charge a scrapping fee.

  • Wholesale pricing is not offered.

  • Orders cannot be canceled after the proof is approved.


Contact Vograce and place your order for custom keychains. 


Forever Gifts


Source Forever Gifts


Forever Gifts creates several unique designs for its clients and is fully dedicated to ensuring their happiness. They have made it a priority to give back to both domestic and international communities, in addition to assisting veterans.  


What makes keychains from Forever Gifts unique? 


  • Design options: Most artworks will not be charged an artwork fee. On the other hand, if the artwork requires a large amount of editing or conversion, they will estimate the artwork charge in advance. Converted artwork can be made available to the customer if they want.  

  • Order size: They do not require a minimum order quantity. 

  • Online ordering: Place your order on their website, select your keychains, select quantity, add your artwork, and upload them. Then, pay and add shipping information.  

  • Pricing: Prices are mentioned with every product on their website. 

  • Turnaround time: The turnaround time is 3 to 7 days.   


Keychain options are available at Forever Gifts

  • Bottle Opener

  • Locket 

  • Metal 

  • Photo 

  • Sterling Silver 

  • USB 

  • Wood   


When is it ideal to create keychains with Forever Gifts?

If you need a custom keychain for birthdays, holidays, or other special occasions, Forever Gifts offers the option to engrave texts and print photos on keychains.


The drawbacks of ordering keychains from Forever Gifts include:

  • They charge a fee for some artwork.

  • Rush orders require contacting customer care, as they are not automatically included in the ordering process. 


Make your inquiries to place an order with Forever Gifts and get a custom keychain. 



Source Vistaprint


Vistaprint offers a wide selection of highly customizable marketing items, real-time access to expert ideas and help for those in need, and a clear experience for those who already know what they want. 


What makes keychains from VistaPrint unique? 


  • Design options: They offer designs that are in style, simple tools, and help so that any small business owner, even if they don't know much about design, can make unique sales promotions.

  • Order size: The minimum order quantity for each product varies.

  • Online ordering: You can look for what you need on their website, where you can place your order immediately when you find the goods you want.

  • Pricing: They put the price next to each item on their website. Pro Advantage Premium customers can get flat- rates and free shipping on orders of $60 or more. 

  • Turnaround time: Their standard shipping time is eight days, priority shipping time is six days, and express shipping time is 3-to four days. 


Keychain options available at Vistaprint

  • VistaPrint Photo 

  • VistaPrint Keychain with Light

  • Engraved Bottle Opener 

  • Round Reflector LED Light

  • Flashlight Key Light

  • Planet LED Flashlight Keyring Laser Engraved

  • Planet LED Flashlight Keyring

  • No Contact Keychain - Brass  


When is it ideal to create keychains with Vistaprint?

Vistaprint allows for freedom of creativity in making custom key chains for business owners. They offer a variety of customization options for promotional items or giveaways during corporate events. 

The disadvantages Vistaprint

  • Submitting a cancellation request does not guarantee the cancellation of your item.

  • Only estimated delivery times are provided on their product page. Customers may encounter delays.


Looking to get a keychain from Vistaprint? Contact Vistaprint and get a quote for your order. 


FAQ on Selecting the Best Keychain Manufacturer


1. What factors should I consider when choosing a custom keychain manufacturer?

Some factors to consider when choosing a custom keychain manufacturer include minimum order quantity(MOQ), pricing, turnaround time, design option, customer service, and additional factors such as customer testimonials, certification, etc. 

2. What are the different types of keychains available?

Materials used to make keychains include metal, Acrylic, Leather, PVC, and woven.

3. Do I need to provide artwork for my custom keychains?

This depends on the type of manufacturer. Some may require you to provide the design, while some have an in-house design team and software to guide you through the design process. 

4. How can I ensure the quality of the custom keychains?

Some of the best ways to ensure quality include reading previous reviews, asking for a sample from the manufacturer, and certification.

Bottom Line


Selecting the best keychain manufacturer can be an uphill task, especially for a beginner. What we have provided above offers some of the best alternatives today. 


They have glowing reviews, have a transparent process, etc. Whether you are looking for an intricate design or a quick turnaround, you will certainly get a return on investment. For more details, feel free to reach out to the manufacturer directly. 


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