Best 7 Custom Wristband Manufacturers in Canada

Written by Robin Brown on November 3, 2022
A contemporary and socially acceptable method to effectively spread your message to the public is through the use of custom wristbands. Recognizing this trend, many individuals, businesses, and charitable organizations have embraced it and are now designing their own personalized wristbands.

Thanks to technological advancements, these wristbands, which were once limited to single colors, can now be custom-made to match any desired color palette, with swirling patterns that resemble marbled designs. Numerous businesses in Canada have embraced the use of custom wristbands as part of their marketing strategy, allowing them to elevate their brand promotion to new heights.

However, creating a wristband that perfectly caters to your personal or company's requirements, while remaining appealing and wearable, involves more than just selecting the right color.

In this article, we will explore the top seven companies in Canada that offer custom wristbands, ensuring that you find the ideal solution for your wristband needs.


vivipins 3
Location: 1968 S. Coast Hwy #1153, Laguna Beach CA 92651

Let's begin with the top-rated company on the list, Vivipins. As a prominent manufacturer of promotional merchandise, Vivipins understands your needs and strives to deliver exactly what you're looking for. Among their extensive range of offerings, custom wristbands are among the most sought-after services provided by Vivipins.

At Vivipins, you'll find a highly skilled design team ready to assist you in every step of the process. Their team is not only talented but also dedicated to providing the best design services available, ensuring your satisfaction.

When it comes to pricing, Vivipins offers flexibility with options available in high, medium, and low-budget categories on their website. This allows you to choose the option that best suits your requirements and budget.

With two dedicated factories for online services, Vivipins has a remarkable track record, having sold over 600,000 pins and earned the loyalty of over 5,000 repeat customers. Their commitment to providing top-notch service at reasonable prices is unmatched.

If you're in search of wholesale personalized wristbands in large quantities, Vivipins is the ideal starting point. Their exceptional services and offerings make them a trusted choice in the industry.

Minimum Order Quantity
This is the most appealing aspect of Vivipins. There is no minimum order quantity at Vivipins. You might start with a single personalized bracelet. Their quality is so high that if you only get one, you'll be disappointed.
Turnaround Time
This is the most appealing aspect of Vivipins. There is no minimum order quantity at Vivipins. You might start with a single personalized bracelet. Their quality is so high that you'll be disappointed if you only get one.

Vivipins are price experts. Their complete product range is of high quality and reasonably priced. You should save money with their free delivery. Furthermore, they provide a 20% discount on all orders.


Wristband Giant logo
Location: 1015 Green Valley Rd. London, Ontario Canada N6N 1E4

Wristband Giant is a well-known supplier based in Canada, offering affordable personalized wristbands and promotional materials of exceptional quality.

They offer a wide range of distinct choices, such as 1-color and full-color printing, customizable data printing, UV (invisible) ink printing, Holographic security labels, backside printing, and many other options to meet your specific needs.

Minimum Order Quantity
Their wristbands and most items are available in regular packaging sizes of 100 and 500. There is no minimum order requirement for the number of packages in their pre-set amounts.

Turnaround Time
Shipment transit times are determined by the shipping method and destination。

The company endeavors to dispatch all orders promptly. However, it's important to note that processing and manufacturing delays in shipping may occur during sale events and busy shopping periods.

If you have a specific date by which you require your wristbands, it is recommended to contact Customer Service at 1-844-266-3044. They will be able to assist you in selecting the most suitable shipping method or exploring expedited alternatives to ensure that your wristbands arrive on time.

Pricing varies with the quantity, quality, and color you choose. You can make a rough guess on the price of a random product like Custom ECO Galaxy 1" x 10" One Colour Print Wristbands. They cost 19.43 dollars per 500 units.

3.The Wristband Man

The Wristband Man logo
Location: 380 Wellington St Tower B, 6th Fl, London, ON N6A 5B5, Canada

The Wristband Man is an internationally recognized manufacturer and retailer specializing in customized wristbands and accessories. Custom Wristband Resources is a trusted supplier serving various industries including medical, entertainment, recreational, and promotional sectors. They offer an extensive range of custom wristbands and lanyards made from materials such as Tyvek, plastic, vinyl, direct thermal, silicone, and fabric.

They take pride in delivering high-quality custom wristbands while providing exceptional customer service. Their ability to produce large quantities of personalized wristbands sets them apart in the industry. Whether you're in the entertainment, recreation, or healthcare field, their solutions offer a cost-effective and secure identification system.

Minimum Order Quantity
Minimum Order quantity depends on various parameters. Some of the items they have has minimum order quantity of 50. Some of those has minimum order quantity of 100.

Turnaround Time
The expected shipping date is ten business days after the artwork has been approved. Silicone takes 15 business days to arrive. Depending on the amount of the purchase, rush orders are possible. To guarantee that you get the wristbands you need.
You can contact them at or 1-888-569-1633.

A Pack of 3/4” TYVEK® WRISTBANDS - LITTER FREE cost only 19.99 dollars. This may give you a little idea about the pricing.

4.  Dynamic Gift

Dynamicgift logo image
Location: 1730 Bishop St N #14 Cambridge, Ontario N1T 1N4 Canada

Since 2008, Dynamic Gift has been manufacturing and supplying a wide range of customized promotional products to businesses throughout Canada. They offer an extensive collection of items at competitive prices, ensuring that their customers have access to the best pricing in the country. In addition, they provide artwork services and expedited turnaround options for those with urgent deadlines.

Dynamic Gift recognizes the importance of leaving a lasting impression on potential clients. They understand the significance of branding and the need to ensure that attendees of events have something that bears their company's name, serving as a reminder of their product or service.

Minimum Order Quantity
Minimum order quantity is different for every item in dynamic gift. You have to choose the type of custom wristband you want. You will find the minimum order quantity in the website.

Turnaround Time
We have a wide choice of items that can be created, manufactured, and delivered in 3, 5, and 7 days.

Pricing varies with the product type. If you buy in bulk you can get in a much lower price. Some premium products will cost you more.

Wrist Band Today logo
Location: 11325 Cash Rd, Suite 200 Stafford, TX 77477

Wristband Today is the exclusive provider of wristbands and a wide range of promotional accessories in Canada. Their product line includes lanyards, stress balls, ID cards, patches, badge holders, shot glasses, and more. With a decade of experience in the industry, they have achieved significant milestones along their journey to success. Every day presents new opportunities for growth, and their dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure smooth operations.

At Wristband Today, their primary goal is to provide excellent services to their customers. They achieve this by offering promotional items at affordable prices, a principle they firmly uphold. Customers need not worry about the cost, as their pricing remains highly competitive in the market.

Minimum Order quantity
The following wristbands have a minimum purchase quantity:
Embossed - There is no minimum.
Embossed - minimum of 20
Color Filled - a minimum of 20
No minimum for printed items
Blank - There is no minimum.
Figured - a minimum of 20
No Minimum 1 Inch
No minimum for dual layer
Embossed Minimum quantity printed: 20

Turnaround Time
They have one of the quickest turnaround times in the country. The standard turnaround time is 7 days for manufacture and 7 days for shipment, however, you may hurry the items in as little as 2 business days. The company's biggest feature is that we guarantee our delivery dates.

Pricing is quite reasonable for wristband today. You can get your desired wristband for quite low prices. You can check their website to understand about the pricing.


4imprint 1
Location: PO Box 683 Stn A, Windsor, ON.
4imprint has consistently aimed to make the process of purchasing promotional items easier and more affordable for its customers. Their journey began in 1987 with the goal of directly selling promotional products. At that time, "direct" meant utilizing a catalogue and a toll-free number. They believed that this approach would not only be more efficient and convenient but also save customers' time. By eliminating commissioned salespeople, 4imprint could pass on significant cost savings to their customers.

The initial catalogue, consisting of 12 pages, was distributed to 250,000 businesses. Although it may seem modest compared to today's standards, it was a significant milestone for 4imprint and marked the beginning of their journey. Over time, this dedication and strategy allowed 4imprint to become the largest direct seller of promotional materials.

In addition to their focus on affordability, 4imprint recognizes the importance of providing excellent service, which revolves around people. They firmly believe that delivering exceptional value goes hand in hand with exceptional service. As a result, they strive to create an environment where individuals are valued and respected. They understand that employees who are passionate about their work are more likely to share that enthusiasm with everyone they interact with.

Minimum Order Quantity
The minimum order amount varies for each item in a dynamic gift. You must select the sort of personalized wristband you like. The minimum order quantity is listed on the website.

Turnaround Time
Time to complete the transit timeframes for all goods on the 4imprint website is listed following artwork approval. Most goods ship in less than two weeks, and many craft in 3-5 days. As previously stated, they have approximately 5,000 goods that arrive within 24 hours.

You can check out their website for better understanding the prices of different product. You can also ask for the price of customized product via their mail.

MedTech Wristbands logo
MedTech Wristbands is a Canadian company that produces and supplies a diverse range of branded promotional products to businesses nationwide. They offer an extensive collection of items at competitive prices, ensuring that their customers receive the best value in Canada. To accommodate those with tight deadlines, they also provide artwork services and expedited turnaround options.

It is essential for potential customers to leave an event with items adorned with your company's name to serve as a reminder of your product or service. MedTech Wristbands recognizes the significance of promoting your brand and aims to help you achieve that goal.
Minimum Order Quantity
The minimum order amount varies for each item in Medtech Wristband. You must select the sort of personalized wristband you like. The minimum order quantity is listed on the website.

Turnaround Time
They boast the nation's one of shortest turnaround times. The typical turnaround time for manufacturing and shipment is seven days. However, you can get the products in as low as two business days. Our main selling point is that we guarantee our delivery dates. 

You may visit their website to learn more about the costs of various products. You may also inquire about the cost of a customized product by email.


With so many various types of custom wristbands accessible today and the opportunity to swiftly get high-quality mockups through online custom wristband design studios, selecting an accurate depiction of your final wristband design has never been easier. Nonetheless, it is vital to examine the applications of your customised wristband and choose the appropriate colours, materials, and sizes.

If you look at the other firms I listed, you'll discover none of them is as good as Vivipins. Vivipins provides excellent customer service and product quality. There are no free shipping options anywhere in the world. And you don't have to buy in quantity to get the product's taste.

So, what are you waiting for? For the best possible partnership call vivipins right now!

Article written by Robin Brown
Robin Brown is part of the content team at Vivipins where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.
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