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Behind the Seams: A Deep Dive into Hats Design


March 01, 2024

Wearing a hat complements our looks and may convey our personality, reflecting our tastes, moods, and fashion sense.


Picture Frank Sinatra’s fedora, a Texan cowboy hat, or Jackie Kennedy’s Pillbox hat; you can instantly imagine them wearing their signature hats.


As a timeless accessory that can be worn across different age groups, hat designs represent an integral part of human fashion. Gen's recent adoption of the Baker Boy hats proves this claim. 


If you are a budding fashionista or simply someone looking to complete your look, selecting the right hat can be daunting, especially if you are looking for a signature look. Worry not; we will review various customizable hat designs to give you more perspective. 


Types of Hats Designs

Hats come in different designs; here are some popular customizable hats

1. Baseball caps


A popular choice due to its versatility — can be worn outdoors, for sports, or as a fashion accessory — baseball caps have a distinctive and timeless design- a stiff bill and a rounded crown. 


Key features:


  • As a customizable cap, it can be fitted with your personalized logos, colors, and embroidery to match your preference.

  • Rounded crown

  • Curved brim

  • Adjustable closure


2. Trucker Caps


Also known as mesh caps, trucker caps are distinctive due to their mesh panel allowing for breathability. First introduced in the 1970s in the United States, this hat design has become a popular cap worldwide due to its versatility and comfort. 


Key features


  • They are customizable to suit various interests and make a fantastic accessory for casual clothing. 

  • Mesh panel

  • Form front panel

  • Snapback closure



3 Performance Caps


Picture a high-performance athlete, such as a professional cyclist or a golfer; this is their preferred cap on a hot sunny day. 


A lightweight cap is designed with a mesh to provide sufficient airflow for optimum performance. Moreover, they can also be worn in the gym to keep you cool and focused as you go through the paces. 



Key features


  • Breathable panels

  • Curved brim

  • Adjustable closure

  • Round crown

4. Snapback Hats


They are distinguished by their adjustable strap at the back, which allows for a customizable fit; this hat is popularised by hip-hop musicians such as 50-cent  popular with street fashion enthusiasts, and looks great for both men and women.


Some of the key features include:


  • Adjustable straps

  • Structured front panels

  • Flat brim



5. Visors


Also known as sports visors, they are unique because they are crownless(the top is uncovered). You will see plenty if you love women's tennis, volleyball, or golf. That said, they are also commonly worn by men, especially at outdoor events where there is a need for protection from direct sun glare. 



Key features:

  • Adjustable

  • Sun protection from rays

  • Crownless design


6. Bucket Hat


Are you looking to venture outdoors in the park or on a safari? Or do you just want a fashionable hat to complement your fashion? while staying classy? If yes, Bucket Hats are your perfect choice. Characterized by a round and downward-slopping brim, this hat is typically made of canvas or denim and fitted with an inner sweatband.


Key features:


  • Deep and rounded

  • Flexible brim

  • Round crown

  • Wide brim


7. Beanies


Are you looking to add to your fashion statement during cold weather? Beanies are a perfect remedy for this. Offer protection from cold temperatures whether you choose it to complement your dressing or a protective layer when engaging in outdoor activities such as morning runs, skiing, nature walks, etc. 



Key features:


  • Knit fabric

  • Close-fitting design

  • Lightweight and portable

The Key Elements of Quality Hats Design


Designing quality hats is partly an art and a science that needs to be blended well into delivering quality hats. 


As an art, it encompasses aesthetic creativity, color selection, branding identity, and nuances such as culture and fashion consideration. 


As a science, it is based on selecting materials, structural integrity, functional features, e.g., water resistance, and the entire manufacturing process from stitch selection to quality mass production. 


That said, the following are the key elements to consider:



The hat’s design primarily informs the choice of material. Synthetic blends and other materials, such as cotton, felt, leather, or wool, are ideal for having a durable hat. Other materials used when durability is not a primary concern include Nylon, polyester, and velvet. 


When selecting a material, key considerations should include the application, quality, comfort, and safety. 


2.User comfort and functionality


Ultimately, this is whether you get the user's approval. A quality hat should be of the proper size- not too big or loose, with desired crown height and adequate brim size; for example, a wide brim may be desirable for users in sunny environments. Other functional features worth consideration include breathability and a sweatband you would like to have in a performance cap.


3.The Style and Design


Style and design are the icing on the cake. This is where you bring out the “A-game,” such as precise stitching and lining that appears seamless. When well laid out, it can turn heads and add a lay of sophistication, as in the case of the Pillbox hat.

Trust Viviprit to Bring to Life Your Unique Hats Design


At viviprint, we have distinguished ourselves in delivering timely and as-per-order customizable Hats. We pride ourselves in world-class craftsmanship that delivers products that are second to none. 


Reach out today for a solution that works for you. 

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Article written by

Ryan Johnson

Introduction for Hats

I’m Ryan Johnson. As head of the hats department at Vivipins, I bring that leadership in hat design and customization that transforms our customers’ visions into a headgear reality everyone will admire and wish they owned. My team and I bank on the most innovative hat patterns, styles, and types, and we crown it all with stitching, embroidery, painting, or patches with a durability guarantee.

To be precise, ordering hats with Vivipins taps into these advantages:

  • A team that listens: You can talk to Vivipins about every one of your hats desires. Whether you want baseball, snapback, or trucker hats, our team is at your service 24/7.

  •  Quality that’s trusted: We’ve created vintage, foam mesh, embroidery, and other hat styles for a vast range of customers, from celebrities to fashion brands and renowned Big Techs, and they all keep coming back.

  • Hats you can afford: Vivipins believes in giving its customers the highest quality hats at prices that won’t break your budget. Besides, we let you order what you can, without intimidating you with minimum orders.

  • The customer is the boss: Vivipins prioritizes the customer’s desire, so we work with you until you confidently sign off the digital proof before fashioning that hat to your heart’s satisfaction.

  • Get your order now! We fit perfectly into the fast-moving pace of today’s economy. That’s why we are swift when it comes to fast delivery.

Despairing over finding a custom hat company that will make your headwear swag turn heads? Talk to us now at Vivipins and get that urgent hat order rolling.

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