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Ease into Every Day: Bags for Nurses That Are Functional and Stylish


February 19, 2024

Nursing is a job that requires commitment, composure, and the ability to deal with a long and busy schedule each day.

With an average working shift of 8–12 hours, the job can be exhausting and requires proper prior planning. 


The right nursing bag is always handy for your daily work essentials and personal items.

A well-packed bag will help organize your day and keep you at ease, knowing that all you need is in one place and within reach when you want to get something.


You need the best nurse bag that combines comfort, affordability, and style. 

Nurses' bags are a key in infection control.- Irena L. Kenneley, Ph.D.


Do you need the best bags for nurses? Get a bag that will suit your taste and style with Vivipins and keep all your essentials safe. 

First, when selecting the best bags for nurses, consider the following vital elements: functionality, cleaning and maintenance, and portability. 

Here are some of the best bags we have available for you:


Tote Bags


nurse bags


Tote bags are popular among nurses due to their ease of access, unfastened design, and spacious interior.

The bag has a pouch made of fabric or leather and parallel handles on the top for carrying the bag. 

  • The bags are available in different colors and styles to choose from.

  • Our bags are made of high-quality study materials for durability and long-term use. 

  • We also provide environmentally friendly material options for sustainability and eco-friendly bag use.  





nurse backpack


Nurse backpacks are designed with the nursing job in mind and have features like waterproof interiors, specialized pockets for essentials like stethoscopes, padded shoulder straps, padded pockets, stain-resistant fabrics, and zipper pockets as standard.

We offer high-quality backpacks for nurses that will provide comfort, accessibility, and good organization for your equipment. 


Crossbody Bags



Crossbody bags are worn diagonally across the body, where the bag goes across the back and the strap across the chest, offering hand-free movement.

  • Nurses use them to carry essentials like syringes, scissors, tape, gauze, a phone, and report sheets. 

  • Our ergonomic designs offer maximum comfort, and the variety in design and color choices means that you can choose a crossbody bag that suits your style and will meet your requirements. 


Fanny packs and Waist packs


nurse bags


Fanny packs and waist packs are traditionally worn by nurses on the waist, but they can now be commonly seen worn like crossbody bags as a fashion trend. 

  • They are small and practical accessories that are easy to carry around and are preferred for carrying on-hand utilities for the workplace.

  • We offer fanny packs and waist packs that are durable and of high quality for compact storage.

  • Our variety of choices allows you to get a bag that will be comfortable and fashionable while still being practical.


Specialized Nursing Bags



Specialized nursing bags are designed for nurses and not for any other use.

They have extras like stethoscope pockets, water- and stain-resistant fabrics, and front zippers for easy access. 

  • They are designed with practicality and function in mind.

  • We offer specialized nursing bags that are of high quality and will meet your unique needs as a medical professional.


Utility belts or Holsters


nurse bags


Utility belts or holsters are worn by nurses as compact storage for medical tools and supplies on the waist.

They are light, easily accessible, and suitable for nurses who move around often. 

  • They come in various shapes and styles to cater to the different demands of the nursing profession. 

  • Our utility belts are designed with the wearer's comfort in mind.

  • They are adjustable to ensure a perfect fit and mobility during the entire shift and make it easy to cope with the fast-paced life of a medical professional. 



Count on Vivipins for the Best Bags for Nurses



Nursing bags, in general, are an essential tool for day-to-day activity in the nursing profession.

They are a practical necessity for the daily workflow of a nurse because they improve efficiency and organization. 


Nursing bags are, however, not just recommended for nurses.

They can be easily utilized by emergency medical technicians, surgeons, nursing assistants, dentists, veterinarians, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals. 


Anyone whose occupation requires them to carry medical supplies and equipment can carry these bags, making them a universally accepted gift.

They are especially suitable for graduation ceremonies. 


With several colors, shapes, patterns, and designs in the various nursing bags, Vivipins offers you the best one-stop shop for getting the bag that will complement your work schedule and still fit your style, and your preference is no longer complicated. 



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