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6 Hats Types that Give Your Outfit a Trendy Touch


March 01, 2024

Fashion trends are like seasons. They come, go, and come again. 

Hats aren’t any different. And if we are talking about today, you should know that hats, like other headwear, are outrightly trendy. 

In fact, market figures say the headwear business is booming, registering a $26.5 billion value in 2022 and forecast to record a 6.5 percent annual growth rate between 2023 and 2030.

Exciting, right?

Now, what that means is accessorizing your casual or formal outfit with a hat is definitely in. Luckily, your choices are limitless.


Caps in different colors


We put together this ‘6 custom hats types’ post to help you kickstart your debut or continuity in the trendy fashion of rocking hats.

So, let’s get to it!


Custom Baseball Hats

Baseball hats are the prototype of many other caps that mimic their shape and make. But they did not always look the way we see them today.

Their predecessor baseball uniform hats in the mid-19th century were made of straw, won by the New York Knickerbockers. 

That’s until Peck and Snyder made the “No.1” real baseball caps in the 1860s for the day’s baseball clubs such as the Brooklyn Excelsiors.

The anatomy of a baseball cap includes these parts:

  • A crown/profile, which is the prominent structure of the hat, with six panels sewn together. However, the pieces can be one less or one more.

  • Closure, which could be non-adjustable or adjustable with a loop or hook tape, a tuck strap, a plastic snap, a D-fit, a metal buckle, or a nylon strap with a plastic buckle. Some baseball caps may be fitted caps without closures.

  • Brim, also called visor, bill, or peak, is the flat or curved piece extending over your face to protect your eyes from direct sunlight. 

  • Button, which is the one that holds the crown panels together at the center top.

  • Eyelets, or the tiny holes on each panel reinforced with stitches or metal rings that work as ventilation.

  • Sweatband, sewn around the interior to absorb sweat.

  • Buckram, which forms the interior reinforcement made of canvas to give the hat its firm structure. Some custom baseball hats don’t have the buckram, so they are softer and packable.

Any other hat types in the baseball hat family will have this anatomy, with some unique features that set them aside.

As expected, baseball teams wear baseball caps in custom designs. But baseball team enthusiasts also don these caps as a sign of allegiance to their preferred team.

Baseball team


Because of their signature style and comfortable wear, many fashion enthusiasts make baseball caps part of their casual wear.


Custom Snapback Hats

You put it on, then adjust it to your head size using the plastic straps at the back. It is “a one size fits all” type of cap. One of the straps has plastic pins that you snap onto the holes of the other strap. What is it?

A snapback hat!


Snapback hats


But there’s more to snapbacks than their fitting straps. These caps have advanced from their baseball hat forerunners and penetrated many other headwear contexts.

Specifically, snapbacks have jumped on numerous music stages and seen corners of thousands of streets, especially in the 1990s. Fast forward, and snapbacks still stick together with contemporary music genres such as hip-hop.

Today, snapbacks have also found their way into many dressing rooms. Fashion enthusiasts wear snapbacks with smart casual wear. You can combine a snapback with a long-sleeved shirt for a clean look or rock with baggy jeans and a jacket for a unique signature street look. 

Wear the brim to the front for a sleek but serious demeanor. Your long hair could pop out of the opening above the straps at the back in a ponytail, or you could leave it loose if you don’t want a sporty appearance.

The brim can go to the back If you want a more hip-hop look. As long as the front is off your forehead, you won’t appear old-fashioned.

Snapbacks with formal business wear? Nope! That combination is a complete no-no!


Custom Fitted Hats

A fitted hat is another hat type in the extended baseball cap family. Fitted hats set themselves aside because they fit snugly on your head without any adjustment. 

If you compare them with snapbacks, fitted hats are closed at the back, giving them a cleaner finish than the strapped back of the snapbacks. The clean finish also sends an impression of better quality.

Fitted hats come in sizes between XS and XXL, so you can choose the size that fits you best. Plus, they are made of stretchable material, giving them their unique snug fit.

Man wearing fitted hat


Clubs and sports teams love the custom-made clean look of fitted hats. So, you’ll commonly find them on members as part of their unique attire. Celebrities and sports fans also love fitted caps.

While curved visors aren’t prohibited, fitted caps usually have a flat brim.


Custom Trucker Hats

There’s just one thing that trucker hats have that snapbacks don’t: the plastic mesh back panels for enhanced breathability.

If you want, however, you can also include the fact that the front panels of a trucker hat crown are foam and stand longer and straight than most other baseball cap varieties. The form front works great for customization with logos, designs, or custom hat pins. 


Trucker hat


Nonetheless, not all trucker hats keep this classic foam front panel design.

So, who wears trucker hats?

Anyone who’s looking for a casual and easygoing fashion statement. That’s because the mesh back panels and foam front have an air of vintage, making them great for urban fashion enthusiasts and hipsters.

To be precise, pick a trucker hat if you have a trendy street fashion outfit on.


Custom Beanies

Who hasn’t rocked a beanie? A hand-up can only mean you don’t remember your mom forcing it on your head on those chilly mornings of your school-going age. 

But beanies didn’t start with school-going kids. They were work headwear for miners and construction and factory workers to protect their heads from both cold and grime. That was in the 1900s when ‘bean’ was slang for head, which explains the name beanie for this type of hat.

But beanies have a million other names: Ski caps, skullies, knit caps, wooly hats, stocking caps, and skull caps, and during their invention times, even calot and dinky.

Today’s beanies come in multiple designs, colors, and materials, including wool, cotton, or synthetic blends. 




We wouldn’t be wrong to say beanies are won by everyone. Ok, ok… almost everyone! They fit snugly on your head and keep the cold out when you ski in winter or keep your hair together as you go along with your daily activities.

But many people also use beanies to make a fashion statement. That includes celebrities, hipsters, and anyone who loves their cuddly hold on their head.

Custom beanie hats are probably the simplest to brand with logos and multi-design hat patches. 


Custom Bucket Hat

It’s a bucket hat because that’s the shape it mimics. 1900 Irish farmers and fishermen thought the shape was great to substitute an umbrella, thanks to its flared, slanting brim.

But, from the Irish invention for functional purposes to today’s fashion accessory, the bucket hat has transitioned through serving as a war accessory in the 1950s and 70s, a fashion identity during the 1960s mod movement, and a signature headwear for rappers and the hip-hop community in the 1980s.

Although they almost lost their fame in the 1990s, bucket hats are back with a bang as fashion accessories. You’ll find them atop the heads of both men and women as loud fashion statements. 

Custom bucket hats are made from canvas, denim, tweed wool, cotton, or waterproof materials like leather and polyester.


Woman wearing a bucket hat


Besides, bucket hats are all-purpose caps. You can wear them to work in the garden as a sun shield or as a fashion accessory during outdoor events and activities.


Summing It Up!

The actual list of types of hats is endless. However, the six hat types discussed in this post are among those you can use to give your outfit a trendy look.

Since what works for one may not work for everyone, we hope the selection in this article gave you an assortment of hat types to choose from.  

You can talk to Viviprints about customizing any of these hats with your company logo or other designs of your liking, including our custom hat pins and patches.

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Ryan Johnson

Introduction for Hats

I’m Ryan Johnson. As head of the hats department at Vivipins, I bring that leadership in hat design and customization that transforms our customers’ visions into a headgear reality everyone will admire and wish they owned. My team and I bank on the most innovative hat patterns, styles, and types, and we crown it all with stitching, embroidery, painting, or patches with a durability guarantee.

To be precise, ordering hats with Vivipins taps into these advantages:

  • A team that listens: You can talk to Vivipins about every one of your hats desires. Whether you want baseball, snapback, or trucker hats, our team is at your service 24/7.

  •  Quality that’s trusted: We’ve created vintage, foam mesh, embroidery, and other hat styles for a vast range of customers, from celebrities to fashion brands and renowned Big Techs, and they all keep coming back.

  • Hats you can afford: Vivipins believes in giving its customers the highest quality hats at prices that won’t break your budget. Besides, we let you order what you can, without intimidating you with minimum orders.

  • The customer is the boss: Vivipins prioritizes the customer’s desire, so we work with you until you confidently sign off the digital proof before fashioning that hat to your heart’s satisfaction.

  • Get your order now! We fit perfectly into the fast-moving pace of today’s economy. That’s why we are swift when it comes to fast delivery.

Despairing over finding a custom hat company that will make your headwear swag turn heads? Talk to us now at Vivipins and get that urgent hat order rolling.

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