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March 04, 2024

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Social media is easily one of the most valuable communication tools out there. From business to leisure, just about everyone uses it. However, women emerge as the most prominent social media users.


Women are setting the pace in social media, and we must recognize that. That being said, here are some fact and statistics that will educate you.


Women Use Social Media Differently Than Men

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When men use social media, they tend to use it in a business-like fashion. They use it to make contacts, find out information, or gain status.

Women, on the other hand, use social media for more personal gains. Whether it is friends or brands, social media for women is more about maintaining relationships.


These differences mean that companies have to make a conscious effort to market to women differently. You are probably wondering why.


You see, women control over $20 trillion in global spending. In the U.S., they hold over 60% of the purchasing power. In other words, women have more power and influence in consumer culture than men.


Not only are they the majority, but they also set the pace for what products consumers want. To overlook women’s purchasing power and social media presence would not bode well for any business.


46% of Women Use Their Smartphones to Check Their Social Media Accounts

Image Source: fiverr.com

Since the emergence of smartphones, social media has massively evolved. Smartphones allow us to do more with fewer restraints. In turn, people are spending more time online and connected to their networks.


As a result, 60% of social media engagement happens on smartphones. However, 46% of that percentage are women.


This makes them the leading force of social media engagement on smartphones. Moreover, it makes them the leading force swaying people from desktop social media to smartphone social media.


This has a number of implications for business owners and marketers. First, it changes how marketers might design their content for mobile optimization. Marketers have to think more about what aligns with their female audience.


It also presents an opportunity to diversify your marketing methods. Instead of sticking to traditional ads, you have more room for creativity and innovation.


30% of Women Check Social Media Several Times a Day

Image Source: mirror.co.uk

You might think teens are on social media the most. However, it is actually women who frequently check their social media throughout the day. More specifically, women in their 30s and 40s check their phones at least 200 times a day.


It goes back to how women utilize social media to form and maintain relationships. Social media and smart phones are how women stay connected to the things that matter to them. As such, women are bound to check their social media accounts several times a day.


Also, women are more social creatures than men. When women talk, they tend to be more emotionally-involved. This is why social media easily assimilates into female life.


This commonality easily keeps women checking their social media. In turn, their overall presence and engagment increases, giving them more influence.


94% of Women Interact with Brands via Social Media

Image Source: business2community.com

Studies show that women spend a lot of their time connecting with brands on social media. More specifically, women utilize social media to stay up to date on brand deals and promotions.


Here are the top 5 social media sites used to engage with brands:




Instagram (81%)

Facebook (79%)

Pinterest (56%)

Youtube (51%)

Twitter (43%)



A common theme throughout all these social media platforms is the emphasis on visual media. Specifically, women engage more with photos and video over text posts.


This might seem negligible to you. However, 91% of women said they only shared a brand’s post because they liked how it appeared. The quality of the product came second.


This makes a massive difference in how brands advertise on social media. It could open up brands to hiring more women. I mean, who is better to bridge that gap between women and brands.


86 % of Women Make a Purchase After Interacting with A Brand on Social Media

Image Source: Watch this video to learn how you can create a brand on social media and turn your passions into profits! #socialmediamarketing #Instagramforbusiness #Createa… (pinterest.com)

When a brand makes a campaign or ad, the goal is typically to get a customer to buy something.


Fortunately, women’s high rate of engagement with brands also establishes long time loyalty. 87% of women say they are likely to keep buying from brand that they regularly engage with.


Moreover, social media engagement with brands has transformed how women gather information about products. Social media allows women to get insights and reviews about products before they make a purchase. Essentially, there is no guesswork.


If you look closely, you can see how women are also driving this aspect of social media engagement.


Brands are able to use social media in order to more readily communicate with their consumers.


Through social media, brands can collect third-party feedback and insight on their product. In turn, new female consumers use those reviews to decide if they want to purchase anything or not.


68% of Women Are Social Media Influencers

Image Source: cbsnews.com

With social media came the rise of the social media influencer. Although men and women engage in this field, women definitely hold more power than men.


Women are more successful as social media influencers for a number of reasons:




They are more likely to share personal stories and audiences love authenticity.

Women are more likely to do research on a product before they buy it. Moreover, they look to social media for social proof of a products viability.

The current environment is more welcome to empowering women.



Women are completely transforming influencer industry.


They are earning three times more than male influencers. Moreover, they are opening up more opportunities for women in the influencer industry. They are inviting more diversity and creating a space where all women can thrive.


Women Get Five Times More Likes On Instagram Than Men

Image Source: buzzfeednews.com

Just as women are edging men out as social media influencers, they are also surpassing men on Instagram. On average, women receive 578 likes whereas men receive 117 likes. Additionally, women also got a third more comments than men.


But the odds do not stop there. Interestingly, Hopper found that men were more likely to comment or like woman’s post over a man’s post.


Now, the dominance of women on Instagram is not as surprising. Instagram’s picturesque, aesthetic quality is sure to attract more women than men.


However, the fact that women’s posts are still more popular proves how competitive the platform is. Evidently, it is much harder for male influencers and brands to reach audiences.


Granted, this presents a great challenge to aspiring influencers. It takes more than a few good photos and regular postings to build a following on Instagram.


58% of People Who Get Their News on Social Media Are Women

Image Source: dubeat.com

Social media is quickly outpacing more traditional forms of news. In 2018, Journalism.org found that at least 68% of American adults get their news through social media. However, a majority of them are women.


Here are the comparisons:




58% of women access news through Facebooks. 52% go through Google+.

42% of men access news through Facebook. 48% access new through Google+.



Part of the attraction is the interactivity provided by social media. With social media, there is the added advantage of being able to share news videos or posts. This can be attractive to women.


Women participate more in social media because of the personal aspect. As such, it makes sense why they would enjoy news more on social media. It is another method of sharing their personal beliefs and values online.


Women Rule Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram

In February 2017, Time magazine wrote an article that declared “Men Are From Google+, Women Are From Pinterest”. It essentially points out that there is a gender disparity between popular social media sites.


It singles out Pinterest as the predominantly female social media site, but women also rule elsewhere.


According to Huffpost, 53% of Instagram users are women. Meanwhile, 62% of Twitter users are women. On the other hand, men are dominant on websites like, Google+ and Reddit.


What is with the difference?


Much of it has to do with content. For example, Google+ is very plain and fit for the analytical software engineer. Contrastingly, Pinterest is like flipping through a stylish lifestyle magazine.


This difference points out that women are leading the trend towards visually-driven sites. This is only further supported by the visual marketing breakout trend that has been going since 2012.


Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram Have Grown in Value Thanks To Women

Image Source: stylecaster.com

As we saw before, women are a driving force behind visually-driven websites. Not only did women outnumber men on these sites, they also helped increase their monetary value.


Pinterest is now worth $7.7 billion. Its popularity among women and widening user base has made it attractive to advertisers and marketing teams.


Instagram is now valued at $5 billion, and Tumblr rounds out the list at $1.1 billion.


Women’s influence is not just in terms of popularity or dominance. Their position as a driving force is turning out truly substantial results.


In a way, women are more than consumers. Rather, they are a vital part of these company’s and websites as a whole.


Women Activists Have Evolved the Use of the Hashtag

Image Source: bbc.com

Although women have a larger presence in social media, they are still underrepresented in traditional forms of media.


In 2017, the Women’s Media Center reported that women made up only 38% of news bylines. Moreover, men are more likely to be retweeted on Twitter than women.


However, due to women’s atypical use of the hashtag, they have been able to close this gap. The hashtag has become a unique tool for women to challenge ideas and incite change.


From #HeForShe to the #MeToo and #WhyIStayed movement, women are using social media to spearhead their activism.


But the hashtags did not just bring about awareness. They also brought about tangible results. Due to pressure on social media, companies like Victoria’s Secret to change their company mission statements.


This is only the tip of the iceberg. It is unbelieveable how hashtags have elevated the feminist movements to new realms.



Now you know the extent of women’s influence on social media. Moreover, you know how they are driving social media into new realms of use.


These are great facts to always keep in mind as social media evolves. Even the most skilled marketing director for an enamel pins custom company would find value in these facts.


We hope this article was helpful to you. Hopefully, now you see that social media is more than likes and comments.


If you have any thoughts or questions, we would love to hear them! Please share them with us!

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