10 Reasons Your Business Needs Instagram

by | Mar 13, 2020 | business


Image Source: https://adespresso.com/blog/instagram-for-business-guide/

With over 1 billion monthly users, Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms. Its popularity is increasing exponentially.

 You, as a business owner, need to allocate some of your time and marketing efforts towards being active on Instagram. In a time where visual content is crucial for your business, why would you pass on the chance to expose your content to over 1 billion people for free?

1. Your Reach Can Be Unlimited

Instagram has over 1 billion active users who get on the platform every month. It goes to show the potential your business can have while only using one media outlet. Your pool of audience is literally endless. All you need is to invest some time and effort in developing a sound and solid Instagram strategy to help you reach your desired marketing goals.

With that many users on one platform, they start expecting you to be there. People would search for businesses on Instagram, much as they would do on a search engine. So, do not fall into the trap of thinking your business does not really belong there.

Eliminate any chance of not being found by creating your account and being consistently active. Make sure that you create a business account so you can be recognized as a business and choose your industry, so it shows on your profile.

Whatever your business is or to which industry it belongs, you want to be where your customers are. And with the huge number of people that use Instagram, you can be assured that a good portion of your target audience is present and active on this platform.

You need to follow them. Be present wherever your customers are most active, there and show them that you are present and are willing to engage and connect with them.

2. You Want Your Online Reputation to Be in Good Standing


Image Source: https://adespresso.com/blog/perfect-instagram-caption-for-business/

We live in a digital age. The world is working online, and not maintaining an excellent online reputation is a recipe for disaster. Needless to say, being present and active on a platform like Instagram improves your online reputation.

You can consider this to be a signal of trust, especially if your business has the verified badge on its profile. Having a verified badge is a good indicator of the legitimacy of your business; make sure that you take steps to acquire that; as it is an essential prerequisite for your online reputation management.

When people decide to search for your business, usually the first thing that shows up is your website along with your social media pages. Being active on Instagram ensures that when people search for your business, they can find ease in accessing your content on more than one platform. It is true even if you do not plan on using Instagram as frequently as you would other online channels.

Your primary focus here should be to make sure that you have a good grasp of your search engine results page and to have pages and profiles that would drive your audience directly to your brand and its content.

 It is especially important because you want people’s searches to give accurate information about your business. It is better than a results page that lacks your original content, or worse, a results page that displays your competitors.

3. You Can Use Hashtags to Improve Your Visibility

A popular way that people use to find new and discover content is through the use of hashtags. A hashtag is a phrase or a keyword that labels and highlights your content, and it creates a link to facilitate the search for it.

It is where you can view all posts that have been shared using that specific hashtag. Using a hashtag is an important part of any online marketing strategy and picking the right hashtag for your social media can undoubtedly increase its reach across the platform.

You want to use hashtags that are relevant for your business and your industry so you can drive people to your posts to get more views and to increase your brand recognition. Better yet, create your own branded hashtags.

Branded hashtags make it easier for people to identify your product or service, and they also provide your post with the chance to go viral. With branded hashtags, you provide your audience with an exclusive way to remember you and your brand. 

Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags in each post. You want to mix your hashtags with branded ones and industry-specific ones.

Your branded ones make you unique, while industry hashtags make you available for people who do not follow you. It makes it easier for people to find you. And who knows, you might be able to attract your competitors’ customers too!

4. You Can Use Stories to Diversify Your Instagram Strategy


Image Source: https://www.lyfemarketing.com/blog/how-do-instagram-promotions-work/

Stories are a popular feature on Instagram. While some brands might post once every few days, stories are usually used much more frequently. Stories disappear after 24 hours, and they last for a maximum of 15 seconds, which gives brands little time to make an impression.

Otherwise, customers will flip through them without paying much attention. So, make sure that you get creative to get as much engagement as you possibly can.

Stories are a fantastic way to show your audience another side of your brand. While consistent posts encourage people to follow your brand and visit your profile to learn more about your business, stories give you a chance to be more dynamic and engaging.

You can do all sorts of things through stories such as going live, asking questions, receiving feedback and creating polls. You can also just simply show the behind the scenes side of your business by capturing how products are made and how people are working.

With stories, you can also share your posts so you can make sure your followers never miss an update, or you can share them as a throwback to draw attention to your older posts.

Stories are a sure way to drive engagement with your audience and to keep them entertained. It is a great feature that you can use to show them the human side of your business.

5. Boost Your Sales and Generate Revenue

Instagram is a powerful tool to update people on your sales, discounts, and special promotions. If they follow you already, it means that they are interested in your brand, and they value its presence, which makes it more likely for them to make a purchase.

If you decide to release a new offering, make sure your post about it on Instagram. Use posts and stories to trigger your followers’ interests and to give them an idea of what that new offering is and how they can acquire it.

Instagram never falls short of features, and you can be sure that they have a feature to help your business boost its sales. It can be done through shoppable posts. You can do this by connecting a product catalog to your business account and tagging the products in each post.

Tags are just as simple as tagging people, and they will show the name of the product and its price with a link to checkout. And the post will be marked with a shopping bag icon at the top right corner.

 As a bonus, directing people to the checkout gets them introduced to your website, which can trigger more visits to your page. Who said online shopping has to be so complicated?

6. Collaborate and Partner with Influencers


Image Source: https://blog.hootsuite.com/a-6-step-guide-for-creating-an-employee-advocacy-program-for-your-business/

Marketing is not only about interacting with your current followers; it is also about targeting other users as well. You want your content to reach as many people in your niche as possible. It is where collaboration with influencers comes in handy.

Influencers have their own fan base, and if you choose the right influencers to market your products, you can be sure that you will be attracting new sets of followers to your business.

Partnering with influencers can propose new ways of boosting sales and reaching demographics that you would not generally reach in your traditional marketing strategies.

It can be of higher significance because not all people use hashtags to discover new content, so you want to make sure that you diversify your Instagram marketing strategy to boost your reach. If you choose the right influencer for your business, they can spread information about your business and your products to their many followers.

 While this may not be done for free, the return on investment here can be significant. It is especially true if you choose influencers who have a different set of followers than your own. It would bring in new followers to your page, extend your reach, and boost your sales if you are running a promotion through your chosen influencer.

7. You Can Directly Engage with Your Customers

While Instagram is a sure-fire way to increase your brand awareness, it also gives a chance for your business to interact with your customers directly. And since Instagram is a majorly phone used app, likes and comments are very simple.

To get your audience engaged with your brand, you want to keep them interested and curious. You need to make sure that your content stays fresh and up to date with current events. A simple way to do that is through captions.

It’s great to have a compelling photo that’s attractive, but you also want a caption that would trigger the engagement you want. Asking them questions, telling them to tag their friends, and directing them to the link in your bio are just a few examples of the many ways you can engage people with your post.

Instagram makes it easy for you to include a call to action (CTA) in your posts and stories. In your posts, ask your audience to “double-tap” and “comment below.”

 And in your stories, add the option to “swipe up” and make sure this directs them to your website or your other social media pages. Also, use your stories to get feedback and increase engagement through the many features available on this part of Instagram.

8. You Can See Your Competitors’ Activity


Image Source: https://www.digimarketboost.com/products/professionally-research-influencers-on-instagram

Instagram is a great place to spy on your competitors! You want to see what they are doing and learn from it. Search for their accounts, and you will find hashtags that haven’t crossed your mind and influencers that you have not contacted.

Also, it is a good practice to check out their posts, especially their best-performing ones. Look at their highly engaging posts and check their stories to see how they interact with their customers. Use these to give yourself some guidance on how to conduct your own Instagram activities.

All of these practices can give you great ideas on what content you should post, especially when it comes to a time when you cannot think of creative things to do. Think of this as a way to ‘reboost’ your Instagram spark and get you going again with good drive and creative momentum.

 Simply put, if you do not have an active and engaging Instagram account and your competitors do, you are giving them a competitive edge. After all, your competitors might check you out too! So, make sure that you are consistent with staying ahead in the game.

9. You Can Use Instagram Insights to Help You Plan Your Instagram Strategy

Unlike the average Instagram user, the advantage of having a business account is having access to the best tools of analytics and performance indicators. And this was a great creation to help businesses monitor the success of their activities.

With Instagram Insights, you can check when your audience is most active and what demographics they belong to (location, age, gender). It gives you the chance to adjust your content to suit your audience and to time your activity to get as much engagement as possible.

It also gives you an insight into what worked and what did not. It is because of the vital data provided to you, which helps you build your target persona.

Other data that is given to you is your performance over the last week, such as your reach, impressions, profile visits, contact info clicks, website clicks, and the number of interactions.

All these are important statistics, especially that marketing is a result-driven sector, so monitoring and tracking performance and checking results can be beneficial to evaluate the quality of your strategy.

 Once you identify which content resonates with your followers the most, you can make the right adjustments to your Instagram strategy and develop content that is similar and consistent. It will lead you to create a more identifiable Instagram identity for your brand.

10. You Can Run Promoted Ads to Reach More People


Image Source: https://poweradspy.com/how-to-uncover-dropshipping-competitor-ads-on-facebook-and-instagram/

Since Facebook bought Instagram, businesses were given incredible access to one of the most powerful advertising tools in the world. Facebook’s access to data and its advertising capabilities give it an astonishing advantage.

It helps businesses like yours reach their audience in simple yet very effective ways. On Facebook, you can target people by location, age, interests, location, and more. It means that you can do the same on Instagram.

You can advertise your business to new people, people who have never seen or interacted with your brand. It means that you can introduce your brand to new audiences so you can extend your reach and acquire new followers.

Additionally, you can do retargeting where you advertise to people who have already seen or interacted with your business. These usually include people who have visited your website but did not complete a transaction; you can target them again to give them that push to make the purchase.

You can strategize your advertising through photos, videos, and carousels while you include a clear CTA to drive people to your business.

 You can advertise the sales you have or the new releases that you are planning, and you can use the CTA buttons to increase visits to your Instagram profile or to direct your audience to your website to increase traffic.


It concludes our top 10 reasons your business needs Instagram. Instagram should be a critical part of your digital marketing strategy due to its significant potential reach and for its capabilities as a marketing platform.

 And while building your Instagram identity can be a lot of hard work, the benefits are definitely worth it. Use the tips you learned from us today to include Instagram in your online marketing strategy. If you have any questions or insights for us, please feel free to leave us a comment below.

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