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Why Does Scrum Work


March 04, 2024

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Scrum is one of the top used product development strategies in the world. It started in the software industry and since has flourished to military, universities many other industries.


The excellent question, “Why does Scrum work”? Well, to find out, we are going to have to dig deep.


What Is Scrum?

Scrum is a development strategy. It was founded by Harvard Professors Hirotaka Takeuchi and Ikujuro Nonaka.


An idea that was inspired by nothing more than the classic game of “rugby.” The idea was later adopted by two software developers, Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland.


The two teams came together in a massive attempt to create a more effective version of Scrum. They succeeded by delivering a system that uses values, teamwork, and persistence to develop the best products possible. Every time!


Scrum introduces multiple solutions, where you would normally only have one. It creates a hassle-free approach to problem-solving.


The list of benefits it has for your product is outrageous. It has created certain principles to follow. It helps peak the level of success you will receive from Scrum! All parties involved work in a team-oriented setting.


 Now let’s go into detail about those principles!


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It can be very useful. Especially when it comes to solving hard problems. Courage is something that makes people want to go “the extra mile.” They will want to put in more effort if they know there is a great reward.  


More than one reward is a miracle. That is what scrum provides. It also leads to confidence.  If you dared to try it once you will try it again and grow. You will overcome obstacles of all sorts and gain from it. 


Both of which are necessary for a team atmosphere. You will also find out that being courageous can be contagious. It can turn into a spiral of goodness. You are sure to encourage someone else to take the initiative!



Image Source: How to Focus: 7 Useful Tips That Can Help (verywellmind.com)


Anyone has the ability to focus. Or at least they think they do! Real focus takes understanding and patience. Not only are you focusing on a project. You are focusing on a particular detail within that project. 


If you can solely focus on certain things, your level of understanding could be affected. If you do not understand, you will skip details or cut corners. Which is a bad idea in some instances? How deep you are willing to focus can have a lasting effect on your work. 


It will determine how detailed your work is. The more you focus, the more you think about it. It can be a make or break with certain products. If it is complex, the more you focus, the better the product will be. In turn, the more satisfied the customer will be.



Goals are important for any task. They are a way to set your mind to something and accomplish it. When you do this, you create reliability. Which you need to receive more jobs in the future. Reliability leads to accomplishments. 


When you accomplish something, it is a way to get recognition. All of these things lead to commitment. You are committed to the service, and the service is, in turn, committed to you. Commitment is what everyone is looking for. There is a certain level of comfort in knowing you are in good hands.



It is important to have respect for the people you work with. Recognizing people for who they are and understanding their difference. It is what classifies a person. You have a skill, and so does the next person.


It’s like having a class discussion. Everyone has to have read the same content. They also have to have comprehended it the same. Yet no one does this the exact same way.


If a person is rewarded for the things they do, they are ten times more likely to do it again.  It’s helping create commitment. 


Recognition is something you should strive for. It can lead to promotion along with many other things!



Image Source: How to Make Great Decisions, Quickly (hbr.org)


You have to be open to all possibilities. Your ability to grow rest solely on your ability to make decisions and your willingness to lead without knowing. Everything in life starts as a question mark. 


Whether it be walking, reading, or figuring out how to make the most of your product! Integrity can play a large part here. You have to want to do the right thing even when no one is looking.


What’s Better in the Scrums System?

They have specific roles for each team member. These roles are the reason that scrum is so successful, instead of putting the entire load on one person. Scrum has many people that work on a project. Each with a specific set of skills.


   1. Development Team

This person is the most important. They are responsible for delivering the best product. They focus on consistent and effective strategies. They put all their effort into


   2. Scrum Master

The person in charge of making sure all Scrum practices are followed and executed without error.


   3. Product Owner

This person is responsible for all the work the development team initiates. All final decisions are the property of the Product Owner.


Each person is responsible for their job. You’re not the only one working on getting those enamel pins custom made for that upcoming event. They work together by communicating and working together.


This person builds a vision of what they want the product to look like. They are also the person who knows best how the product works. They are capable of answering all questions related to the product.


   4. They Have Broken Scrum Down to A Series of Events

Sprint- This is the amount of time it takes to produce a product.


Planning a Sprint- This is where the product will be created. There is a meeting conducted to make sure that the decisions are not put on one sole individual.


Retrospective- This gives the developing team a chance to analyze the process.


Scrum Daily- A meeting that the developers have every day. It allows all the team members to make sure they are on the same page. It helps to understand each player’s perspective as well. Any new ideas that might be introduced. Will be done during one of these meetings. If there are too many issues between agreements, the team will go back to the drawing board and come back with a solid revision.


Review- When the sprint is over, the team will meet up with the product owner. Here they will discuss the product in full length. They will discuss whether or not the product will move to production. If the product owner does not like the product, the team will go back and have another sprint planning. Then they will basically restart the entire process.


   5. Logging

Backlog- This is a list of all the products used or ordered during the development process. It helps use milestones as a product description for the owner.


Sprint backlog- This is used to prioritize the backlog.


Now to Talk “Benefits.”

Image Source: What is Scrum? A 2024 Product Manager's Guide (careerfoundry.com)


With Scrum, you get excellent products. The benefits are endless. To name the most important:


➊ Satisfied Customers- You will get a better customer satisfaction rate. Since scrum is dedicated to making satisfying products, the customers are happier.


âž‹ Return Investment- Considering bullet one, you return investment is pretty much promised. People will spread the word about a good product. That is inevitable.


➌ Low Risk- If you use scrum you have a lower chance of failure. You will put in a lot of time and effort and not get a return on your investment.


➍ Quality- With scrum, it is easy to get the best quality product possible. It is easy to accomplish this when you have a set system with team members in place to help. They are there for your convenience. It only gets easier with help.


➎ Instant Marketing- The time it takes to make your product will decrease. Thus, making more money in the long run. A faster product is everyone’s dream.


➏ Tracking- Keeping a written log of everything that happens. Making them easily accessible. Keeping them up to date and organized.



Scrum is a team-based product getting things done faster and more effectively. Scrum provides benefits for organizations, teams, products, and individuals.


Anyone who could use the product. It works because it has a strong innovative approach to tackling any kind of problem. It helps you target a strategy to help you understand the function of your product or software. There are many different products for this. 


You can find many books on this topic. If you are more of a video watcher. You can check out one of the many videos offered on you you-tube for your viewing. A simple google search will give you many options.  If you have a hard time choosing a program.


All you have to do is see what it offers. Each offers something different for each consumer. Depending on the skills you are looking for. It can take time to distinguish which is best for you. What is all the fuss about! You may have to see for yourself.

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