5 Reasons Why Enamel Pins Are Loved by Millennials

Written by Robin Brown on May 6, 2021
Brooches and lapel pins have a long history of being worn during significant occasions or formal events. However, in the 90s, enamel pins started to gain popularity and their uses multiplied, making them one of the fastest-growing global trends today.

Millennials are often credited with the resurgence of enamel pins, as they have found creative and innovative ways to incorporate them into their fashion and personal style. Here are a few reasons why enamel pins hold a special appeal for Millennials:

1.Enamel Pins Are Used As A Style Statement

There is an enamel pin for everybody today. There are designs for nature lovers, environmental activists, shoppers, music fans, and artists. Millennials tend to use their outfit and style to let others what their view of life is.

Enamel pins have become a popular form of jewelry among Millennials, serving as an alternative way to express their identity and personal style. These pins not only add aesthetic appeal to an outfit but also serve as a means to communicate one's political, musical, and social views.

While enamel pins may appear subtle on a jacket or bag, they possess the power to convey an individual's preferences and tastes. Millennials appreciate the opportunity to feel unique and openly express their ideas, and custom enamel pins have emerged as a vehicle for portraying their personalities in unprecedented ways.

Custom enamel pins are specifically created for individuals, making them unique and often affordable. They provide a perfect avenue for Millennials to showcase their beliefs and values to the world through their fashion choices.

These are items created specifically for an individual, they are unique and often inexpensive. Perfect to tell the world what you mean through your fashion choices.

2.Millennials Like to Feel Part Of A Community

Millennials are incredibly social, and they like to interact with like-minded people. They tend to do this through the use of technology, social media, and online platforms.

Due to their fast-paced lifestyles, Millennials have found alternative ways to expedite the process of getting to know someone. Enamel pins have become a means for them to express their identity and values before even introducing themselves to others. By wearing these pins, Millennials can communicate their interests, affiliations, and beliefs without the need for extensive conversations.

Additionally, enamel pins have gained popularity among followers of various groups and organizations. For the tech-savvy generation, it is important to feel a sense of belonging to a physical community of like-minded individuals. These pins serve as tangible symbols that connect individuals to their chosen communities and provide a sense of solidarity.

Overall, enamel pins have become a visual representation of personal identity and a means for Millennials to establish connections with others who share similar interests and values.

3.Millennials Have Something to Say (And They Do It Though Enamel Pins)

Millennials have a strong inclination towards communication, and studies have shown that they often engage in this behavior while eating, shopping, or consuming various activities. They are known to share their daily experiences and opinions through social media posts and online platforms. Whether it's shopping or dining out, Millennials tend to engage in these activities in groups and seek the input and feedback of others.

Furthermore, Millennials are characterized by their distinct ideas, interests, and passions, and they are eager to communicate and connect with other individuals who share similar perspectives. This has contributed to the resurgence of the enamel pin trend, as these pins serve as visual representations of group affiliation and belonging. By wearing enamel pins, Millennials can easily identify and connect with others who share their interests and values.

In addition, Millennials are not hesitant to initiate debates or discussions to express their ideas and viewpoints. This aspect of their nature has played a significant role in bringing back the popularity of pins. Custom enamel pins provide Millennials with a convenient means of expressing their ideas and beliefs without necessarily having to initiate a conversation. These pins serve as powerful visual statements that can spark conversations and debates among like-minded individuals.

Overall, the love for communication, group affiliation, convenience, and the desire to express their ideas have all contributed to Millennials embracing the trend of enamel pins as a means of communication and connection with others who share their interests and beliefs.

4.Millennials Are Open-Minded And Self-Expressive

The Millennial generation, comprising the sons and daughters of the Baby Boomers, is widely recognized as being more open-minded and self-expressive compared to previous generations. They have a strong inclination towards exploration, travel, and seeking out diverse experiences and interactions with people from different cultures. As a result, Millennials have become known as the most tolerant and culturally diverse generation.

Millennials are characterized by their willingness to speak their minds and express their opinions, particularly when the environment encourages such openness. They are confident individuals who firmly believe in the freedom of expression. Consequently, many Millennials have embraced the use of enamel pins as a means to showcase their ideas without any sense of shame. They are not willing to conform to societal norms or suppress their unique viewpoints.

Furthermore, Millennials are known for their receptiveness to new ideas and innovations. They are open to considering and exploring different perspectives, which means their beliefs and ideals can evolve and change over time as new options and information become available. In this context, inexpensive lapel pins serve as an ideal medium for Millennials to display and celebrate their changing ideas. These pins allow them to visually express their evolving beliefs and ideals in a tangible and affordable manner.

Overall, Millennials' inclination towards self-expression, their rejection of conformity, and their openness to new ideas have contributed to their adoption of enamel pins as a powerful tool for displaying their unique perspectives and embracing the ever-changing nature of their beliefs.

5.Millennials Love Recognition (Especially In The Workplace)

Millennials place a significant value on recognition and instant gratification, particularly in the workplace. This generation actively seeks advice and feedback, demonstrating their desire to continuously improve and grow. While Millennials often exhibit independence, they also rely on the opinions of others to boost their self-esteem and sense of accomplishment.

In the modern workplace, public recognition plays a vital role in fostering high morale and satisfaction among Millennials. According to studies conducted by PwC, this process is essential for motivating Millennials to perform at their best. Recognized employees tend to work harder and more efficiently in pursuit of further acknowledgment and praise.

Enamel pins are effectively used within the workplace to fulfill these recognition needs. Here are some common ways enamel pins are utilized:

● Rewarding achievements: Enamel pins can serve as tangible rewards for notable accomplishments or outstanding performance, providing employees with a sense of recognition and validation.

● Publicly recognizing success: Enamel pins can be publicly presented or displayed to acknowledge and celebrate an individual's success or contributions. This can boost the recipient's confidence and motivate others to strive for similar achievements.

● Improving brand visibility: Sales representatives and employees can wear branded enamel pins as a means to increase brand visibility and promote the organization's identity and values.

● Celebrating professional milestones: Enamel pins can be used to commemorate important professional milestones, such as an employee's one-year anniversary with the company. This adds a personal touch to the celebration and demonstrates the company's appreciation for loyalty and dedication.

● Adding a personal touch to special occasions: Enamel pins can be utilized to enhance personal interactions and celebrate significant events within the workplace, such as birthdays. They can be given as thoughtful and customized tokens of appreciation.

By incorporating enamel pins into workplace recognition initiatives, employers can effectively harness Millennials' desire for recognition and create a positive and engaging work environment.


Enamel pins have been used by Millennials in many different ways, especially to portray their ideas and beliefs.

This generation loves to express themselves; it is incredibly open-minded and likes to feel part of a community. Enamel pins for Millennials have many useful benefits.

Are you a Millennial? Do you like wearing enamel pins as a way to express yourself? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below. 
Article written by Robin Brown
Robin Brown is part of the content team at Vivipins where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.
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