When Do You Give Challenge Coins

Written by Robin Brown on January 15, 2021
Are you wondering when you should give a challenge coin away? The rules are not always clear. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we’ve outlined the different situations where you can give away a challenge coin. Let’s dive in.

1. Give challenge coins for Membership

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Being a group member is one of the most common reasons you can receive a challenge coin. This is the original reason challenge coins were given during WWII.

Soldiers were given custom challenge coins depending on the military branch they were in.Members of a group or club receive challenge coins as proof of the loyalty to the group.

This was common in military units. Without the coin, others would doubt your membership in a group.

The membership coin validation is actually how “challenge” coins got their names. Soldiers used the coin as a game. If you did not have your coin to prove membership, you bought drinks.

2. Give challenge coins for rewarding military

Military challenge coins are the most common and frequent type of challenge coin.The modern use of challenge coins started in World War I.

At first, challenge coins proved your membership to a specific military unit.

Today, you can earn military challenges coins for different reasons.

Other common reasons for rewarding military challenge coins are:

●To recognize a special achievement. This can be for saving lives or completing a critical mission.
●To reward military members as they rank up.
●To symbolize a soldier’s different skills. As soldiers learn new skills, they receive coins that represent that skill.

3. Give challenge coins for Emergency Services

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Challenge coins hold a special significance for first responders, who work tirelessly to ensure public safety and well-being. These coins serve as symbols of camaraderie, unity, and appreciation for their dedication and service.

The use of challenge coins in the emergency services reinforces the sense of unity and boosts morale among first responders. These coins act as tangible reminders of the shared experiences, challenges, and achievements that they encounter while carrying out their duties.

When a first responder receives a challenge coin, it serves as a testament to their exceptional performance and dedication to their role.

4. Give challenge coins for Silent Recognition

Silent recognition is a method of rewarding someone with a challenge coin.During silent recognition, the coins are given in secret or private.

Often this was either given in private or using a handshake. The goal was to preserve the privacy of the person receiving the coin.

Silent recognition challenge coins ale enhance authenticity and nobility. Only select individuals would know about the pin, which elevated its prestige.

5. Give challenge coins for Commemorate a Special Event or Moment

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Challenge coins serve as commemorative tokens for special events or significant achievements.

One of the instances where challenge coins are given is during graduation ceremonies. Graduating students receive challenge coins as a memento of their accomplishment. These coins serve as a reminder of the event, and individuals can use them to demonstrate their membership in the graduating class .

Additionally, challenge coins are often distributed at memorials and funerals. They act as a means for people to remember the deceased and symbolize loyalty and friendship. These coins hold sentimental value and serve as a tangible connection to the departed individual.

6.  Give challenge coins for Boost Morale

Challenge coins are also used to boost the morale of members of a group. Members of the group receive to reward them for their service or performance.

The coins represent the organization’s appreciation. This appreciation builds the morale and unity of the group.

Members that receive the coins feel more proud and are more loyal to their organization.

The challenge coins often become apart of the member’s identity. The coins are shared with others to show their loyalty and performance.

7.  Give challenge coins for Sports Recognition

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Sports challenge coins serve as a valuable means to foster team unity and camaraderie. They are awarded to teams as a symbol of accomplishment and are typically received after a successful year.

Additionally, challenge coins are commonly given to players who are leaving or retiring from a team as a token of appreciation for their dedication and service. These coins honor the player's time spent with the team and hold sentimental value.

Furthermore, sports teams can also receive challenge coins when they achieve specific milestones. This includes winning significant games or reaching important events within a sports season.

For instance, the football team that emerges victorious in the Super Bowl would be awarded a challenge coin to commemorate their success. Similarly, teams making the playoffs for the first time may also receive challenge coins as a recognition of their accomplishment.

8.  Give challenge coins for Business

Businesses use challenge coins as a marketing tactic. Business cards are standard for sharing information with potential clients and current clients.

Challenge coins are more durable and memorable than traditional business cards. Businesses will also use challenge coins as a way of self-promotion. At events or roadshows, companies will give these out.

These challenge coins will act as commercials and promote their company.

9.  Give challenge coins for Charity or Fundraising

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Today challenge pins have also developed into charity or fundraising techniques. Non-profit organizations will give downers challenge coins to show their appreciation.

They also tend to sell challenge coins to raise money for their organizations. The challenge coins represent the different levels of donations. Non-profit organizations also give challenge coins out during charity events.

Volunteers that assist during events will receive challenge coins. Charity gives these to show their appreciation and encourage people to come back.

10.  Give challenge coins for Government Agencies

Challenge coins are also popular in government agencies and among elected officials. These agencies reward their members for their service and dedication to public service.

Businesses or supporters may also receive coins for working together. For example, volunteers and supporters during an election campaign may receive challenge coins. Also, companies that take part in community events will receive challenge coins.

Public officials use these coins to show appreciation and recognize their supporters.

11.  Give challenge coins for Honor / Remember Individuals

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You can also use challenge coins to honor individuals. One of the most common forms of challenge coins is honoring Veterans for their service.

These coins can also honor individuals for their community service or life accomplishments. Individuals typically receive these challenge coins at a ceremony or public event.


Don’t stress about giving away your challenge coins. While the rules are not clear, they are not as stringent as you would think.

In this post, you have every situation that you can give away challenge coins.

Now don’t waste any more time; start rewarding those who deserve it with challenge coins.
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Article written by Robin Brown
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