What Is the meaning of the Sons of Anarchy Patches?

Written by Robin Brown on October 14, 2021
The Sons of Anarchy patches were a representation for who this biker was and where he came from. Every one-of-a kind piece had meaning, which is why it's not surprising that some districts wanted them so badly! 

These tattoos said everything without saying anything at all--in fact you could probably get by with just looking at their colors alone in order to identify someone as being part President riding club or Vice versa.

The Sons of Anarchy Patches

The Sons of Anarchy has always been a family. When the president needs help, they call on their Vice President to provide it and vice versa - just like how we're all brothers in arms here at The club! 

As such there is special reward given only for those members who were an original founding member: First 9 patches which can be worn proudly with honor even after death; these are coveted symbols amongst enthusiasts worldwide because nobody knows when or if yours will ever get destroyed by another wearer's knife blade...or gun barrel fire alike (your choice).

Sergent-at-Arms patches

Sergent-at-Arms patches are given to the individuals in charge of disciplining members. They must always be by our President's side as he goes about his duties, and this person is basically just there for protection!

Secretary Patch

Secretary Patch is a symbol of importance to any organization. It can either serve as an official seal or act like gum wrapper for your money and credit cards, depending on how you want it used! 

A Road Captain Patch is given to the individual that coordinates which routes the club should take when riding. They make sure everyone is safe while out on roads, and can be a great resource for newbies!

What does the Men of Mayhem patch mean? 

Some believe it is a reward for members who have killed someone on behalf of Sons Of Anarchy, and we don't know that either way. Would anyone like to confirm or deny this suspicion? Redwood Original Patch's name of the "mother club". 

We still are too sure what this means exactly. This patch is worn by every member, and for a good reason - because it shows how much they love their home team! Sons of Anarchy is a TV crime drama that follows the adventures and interpersonal relationships among outlaw motorcycle club members in Charming, California. 

As shown on their patch which must be worn on the right side by someone's belt buckle or jeans waistband with patches displayed prominently at all times for identification purposes ́round town; these guys are not about blend into society....they're out there looking tough!

Sons of Anarchy is a great club. All members must wear the patch to show their support, and you'll feel like an insider when everyone looks at your awesome shirt! Unholy Ones Patches are rewarded to members who have shown dedication and loyalty for a particular member. The Unholiness patch is given only by an organization's most devoted of fans, called "One True Fans." These loyal followers help shape the future of this sacred masonic order with their unwavering commitment in everything we do! 

Prospect Patch is given to a new member who wants admission into Sons of Anarchy. They can't be voted in as an official member until they go through their probationary period and every existing participant has had his or her say on whether it'll happen or not for this person's application at the table during voting time.


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Article written by Robin Brown
Robin Brown is part of the content team at Vivipins where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.
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