What Is the meaning of the Sons of Anarchy Patches?

Written by Robin Brown on October 14, 2021
The insignias of the Sons of Anarchy carried a profound symbolism, reflecting the identity and origins of each individual biker. These unique emblems held significant meaning, which explains why certain regions coveted them so intensely.

These tattoos conveyed a wealth of information through subtle visual cues. Merely observing the distinct hues associated with these emblems could accurately ascertain whether an individual belonged to the esteemed President riding club or held the esteemed position of Vice President.

The Sons of Anarchy Patches

The Sons of Anarchy have always embodied the essence of kinship. In times of need, the president relies on the unwavering support of the Vice President, and vice versa. It mirrors the profound camaraderie we share as brothers in this esteemed club.

To honor their legacy, a special distinction is bestowed upon those who were part of the original founding members: the revered First 9 patches. These patches hold immense value and can be worn with immense pride and dignity, even in the face of death. They have become coveted symbols cherished by enthusiasts around the globe, as they represent a connection to the past and the uncertain fate they may encounter, whether it be from the blade of a fellow wearer or the fiery discharge of a gun (the choice is yours).

Sergent-at-Arms patches

The Sergent-at-Arms patches are bestowed upon those entrusted with the vital responsibility of maintaining discipline among our members. Their unwavering presence by the side of our President during his duties serves as a shield of protection.

The individuals adorned with these patches play a crucial role in upholding order within our ranks. They act as guardians, ensuring that our club operates in harmony and that any transgressions are swiftly addressed. The Sergent-at-Arms patches symbolize the authority and commitment required to fulfill this crucial role.

Secretary Patch

The Secretary Patch carries a significant symbolic value within any organization. It can function as an official emblem, signifying importance and authority. Alternatively, it can serve a practical purpose, akin to a protective wrapper for your money and credit cards, offering versatility in its usage according to your preference.

On the other hand, the Road Captain Patch is bestowed upon the individual responsible for coordinating the routes undertaken by the club during their rides. They ensure the safety of all members while traversing the roads and serve as an invaluable resource, particularly for newcomers. The Road Captain's expertise and guidance contribute to an enjoyable and secure riding experience for everyone involved.

What does the Men of Mayhem patch mean? 

There are various beliefs surrounding the Redwood Original Patch, also known as the "mother club" patch, and its association with acts of violence committed on behalf of the Sons of Anarchy. However, there is no definitive confirmation or denial of these suspicions. The exact meaning behind this patch remains uncertain. It is worn by every member as a representation of their deep affection and loyalty towards their home team. Sons of Anarchy is a compelling television crime drama that follows the lives and intricate relationships of outlaw motorcycle club members in Charming, California.

The patch itself must be prominently displayed on the right side, near the belt buckle or jeans waistband, for easy identification purposes when navigating the town. The members purposefully stand out rather than blend in with society, projecting an image of strength and toughness.

Joining the Sons of Anarchy is a remarkable experience. Every member proudly wears the patch to demonstrate their unwavering support, allowing you to feel like an insider when others admire your awesome shirt! The Unholy Ones Patches serve as recognition for members who have displayed unwavering dedication and loyalty to a particular individual. These patches are bestowed upon them by the organization's most devoted fans, known as "One True Fans." These loyal followers play a significant role in shaping the future of this esteemed masonic order, showcasing their steadfast commitment in all endeavors.

The Prospect Patch is granted to new members seeking admission into the Sons of Anarchy. However, they cannot attain official membership status until they undergo a probationary period and receive the unanimous approval of all existing participants during the voting process at the table.


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Article written by Robin Brown
Robin Brown is part of the content team at Vivipins where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.
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