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Written by Robin Brown on February 19, 2021
Enamel pins are also known as lapel pins. They are tiny metallic pins, with a fastening mechanism, worn on clothing. You can wear them on the lapel of your jacket, your shirt or backpack. These pins are mainly worn to express a personal preference or affiliation with an organization. Additionally, pins from a famous organization are collected by fans everywhere.

1.  About Enamel Pins

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A metallic pin topped with decorative enamel, in short, that’s what an enamel pin is. They’re made with a variety of metals like aluminum, copper, steel, iron, and brass. After the metal is shaped, the grooves are filled with enamel to decorate it accordingly.

Enamel pins can be worn on shirts, jackets, bags, or anywhere else! You could even wear some pins on the front and back of your hat. It all depends on your imagination on how you want to sport them.

There are tons of pins for you to buy from online stores like Vivipins. All you have to do is settle on a design and wait for it to get delivered to your doorstep. It’s that simple.

2. The Ever-Growing Popularity

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The growing popularity of lapel pins is visible all around us. People are sporting pins that are either common or super rare. Whatever it may be, these pins are absolutely everywhere.

Another attribute that contributes to its popularity is the fact that they are unisex fashion accessories. Men, women, boys and girls are all part of the enamel pin trend. They are widely accepted and appreciated by everyone.

Moreover, lapel pins have also found their way into many formal settings. For instance, employees can wear pins studded with their company logo to express team spirit and achievement. Superiors can also give them out as tokens of appreciation for a job well done.

Overall, these pins have a multitude of uses that contributes to their rising popularity.

3. Usage of Enamel Pins

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Whether it’s about getting a message across or portraying the latest style, enamel pins are fantastic modes of self-expression. They are creative and simple enough to make the people around you take notice.What’s great about them is that you can customize their design to express your unique personality.

Plus, showing affiliation is another use for these lapel pins. You could show your support for a team, country, person, or organization.

For instance, if you come across someone with an Apple pin, chances are that person is an iPhone or Macbook fan. Moreover, you might also spot someone sporting a pin with the recycling logo on it. This means that the wearer is expressing concerns for the environment.

4. Production and Designing

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The first phase of producing lapel pins involves designing the metal by molding it. Then, the cutting molds are made.

The next phase comprises plating and attachment. The metal surface is polished smoothly after plating is completed. Plus, extra color and impurities are removed from the pin.

The following phase consists of baking the pin (450F for 15 minutes).
The final phase involves coating the baked pin with epoxy to fortify and protect it.

5. Variety of Enamel Pins and Embellishments

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There are many customization options for enamel pins. They can be tailored to the specifications of the organizations or individuals. Let’s take a look below:

● LED Pin

If you’re fond of lights, then this is the pin for you. These pins light up when they are activated. But, you will have to replace batteries in them so it can be discouraging.

● Pin on Pin

With a three-dimensional look, this enamel pin is one of the unique choices out there.

● Lenticular Pin

This enamel pin consists of multiple pictures that are superimposed on the pin. When you tilt the pin at a certain angle, different images will appear.

● Spinner Pin

The pin comes with a spinning system, meaning that it can be spun around 360 degrees.

●Other Custom Pins

Some of the other customizations include slider pins, digital printed pins, flocking pins, dangler pins, and bobble pins.


enamel pins image
In conclusion, the possibilities are endless when it comes to wearing enamel pins. You could choose to represent something you believe in or simply collect rare pins as a hobby.

Why not choose to make a business out of selling enamel pins? Many of Vivipin’s customers are sellers of their own custom pins. This can be a great source of income given appropriate time and investment.

Whatever your choice may be, there is no right or wrong about enamel pins.

I really hope this post served its purpose and enlightened you on the wonderful uses of enamel pins. See you again!
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Article written by Robin Brown
Robin Brown is part of the content team at Vivipins where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.
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