What Are Challenge Coins

Written by Robin Brown on January 11, 2021
Challenge coins have always been a symbol of pride and unity. With history that dates back to Ancient Rome, challenge coins are deeply rooted in the military tradition.

Thanks to advanced technology, challenge coins no longer belong exclusively to military branches. Now, the civilian populations can enjoy the unifying qualities of challenge coins.

For any group of people, challenge coins still represent unity, allegiance, and excellence.

1.What Is A Challenge Coin?

challenge coin image
Challenge coins, often known as "coins of honor," are small medallions or tokens that hold sentimental value for their recipients. These coins typically bear an organization's insignia, logo, or emblem and are given to members to recognize their affiliation, achievements, or as a token of appreciation. While challenge coins have gained popularity in recent years, their origins can be traced back to ancient times.

It is believed that challenge coins originated within the military, where they were used to symbolize a soldier's loyalty and camaraderie within their unit. The tradition of carrying these coins as symbols of identity and belonging has transcended the military context and has found its place in various professions, organizations, and communities that value collectibles.

2. The Meaning Behind Challenge Coins

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Again, challenge coins can represent a wide range of things. Their most common interpretation is to represent groups, teams, or organizations. They can also be used to commemorate an achievement or some special event.

In either narrative, challenge coins are meant to build lasting connections between people. They are meant to be symbols of unity and build morale. This is true between military groups and civilian groups.

3. The Story Behind Challenge Coins

The story behind chanlleng coin image
Now that we have a sense of what challenge coins are let’s talk about where they came from. While we know they have military roots, it is difficult to pin down where the tradition really began.

The earliest use of challenge coins dates back to Ancient Rome. If a soldier performed well, he would be rewarded his day’s pay with a bonus coin.

The coin was said to bear the mark of the legion the soldier’s belonged to. As such, the coin was valued as a memento.

4. World War I

Another common myth links the challenge coin tradition to World War I. A wealthy lieutenant of the Army Air Service wanted to give his unit members a memento. So, he had several bronze medallions or coins made.

The lieutenant wore his medallion in a leather pouch around his neck so he would not lose it. During the war, his plane was shot down over Germany.

Although he survived the crash, he was captured by German soldiers and stripped of all his belongings. However, his pouch with his medallion remained with him.

Soon after, he managed to escape to a French outpost. Since he was not in uniform, the French soldiers believed he was an enemy soldier and planned to execute him. However, the lieutenant managed to save himself by showing them his coin with his unit’s insignia.

As such, it became a tradition that all soldiers carry a unit coin.

5. Vietnam War

Despite the popularity of the World War I story; others believe it actually began during the Vietnam War. It starts with an Army infantry-run bar. They forced non-infantrymen to buy everyone drinks if they could not prove they had been in combat.

Initially, it started out with men bringing in used enemy bullets. However, it quickly got out of control when people began to bring in grenades and rockets. As such, challenge coins with a unit insignia became the safer, accepted form of proof.

6. Types of Challenge Coins

Military Challenge Coins

custom army challenge coins
Traditional challenge coins have different iterations throughout the military. Each military branch, individual units, groups, and even missions tend to have their own specially designed coin.

One of the most popular ways challenge coins are used nowadays in the military is through military leaders. Generals and the President of the United States have challenge coins that they hand out at will.

First Responders Challenge Coins

First Responders Challenge Coins IMAGE
First responders have challenge coins to commemorate and honor their service. Specifically, law enforcement and firefighters use challenge coins to commemorate achievements in the line of duty.

Government agencies use challenge coins to recognize first responders. Typically, they are used to create a feeling of unity in times of loss and tragedy.

Civilian Challenge Coins

Civilians tend to use challenge coins in similar ways to the military and first responders. For a number of organizations, challenge coins can be used to create bonds and connections. They can also be used to recognize team members who perform well in the workplace.

Most recently, challenge coins have been actively used by corporations to emphasize their brand. Corporations have started to hand out challenge coins at events, trade shows, and conferences to spread brand awareness. They are, essentially, the new business card.


Challenge coins are simple but effective ways to recognize a team or individual. They are also a great way to create a sense of camaraderie and honor a specific accomplishment.

They make spectacular gifts that are unique and are sure to be treasured for years. For the service member or first responder in your life, show your appreciation with a challenge coin. Or use them to spread support for a cause or an organization.

Challenge coins can fulfill any narrative. If you are tired of standard business cards or flyers, let challenge coins tell your story. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.
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Article written by Robin Brown
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