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Top 37 Unique Golf Ball Marker Ideas For You!


April 03, 2024

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The best golf ball marker is useful and required for all players, whether they are beginners or professionals. A golf ball marker assists you in meeting the rules and maintaining your position on the course. It also helps to clear the way for others to putt. The ability to identify which golf ball is yours and to maintain your position on the putting green are both important parts of the game.


We've come up with the best golf ball marker ideas to mark your golf ball so you can enjoy your day on the course even more.


The best way to leave a good impression on the golf court is by playing your A-game. Unique accessories will only make that great impression last longer. A unique way to make your playmates remember your name is by using it as your golf ball marker. 


Everyone loves their pets more than anything in this world. Most golf clubs don’t allow pets inside the court but that doesn’t have to stop you from showing off your lovely pet to everyone. With this unique and eccentric idea, you can now carry a little version of your pet everywhere in the green. 


Are you not a fan of just customizing your own name in your golf ball marker? Then this design will surely change your mind. You can add your name on the top part, you can add your club name on the bottom. Why not add phrases like “hole in one” in the middle to make it even more eye-catching? 


Engraving your name on your ball marker is a preference among many golfers. Are you one of them but feel tired because the offered options are boring? Then this unique font and design will certainly change your mind. If you like the design but don’t like the fonts, then don’t worry. We offer various styles of fonts and any one of those will certainly catch your eyes. 


Many golfers are quite superstitious when it comes to the sport. That’s why many of them use lucky coins as their ball markers. The four leaf clover represents good fortune and that is why it is a favorite design for ball markers. Now you can get one for yourself and carry the token of good luck in style.


Simple, artistic, and elegant golf ball markers are a great way to establish your presence in the game. This design of two crisscrossed clubs is a simple and classy way to bring you’re a-game to the field. It also comes in different colors too.


Lots of women play golf these days. And golf ball markers are important too. But have you ever noticed most companies don’t offer a lot of feminine and whimsical designs? This set of golf ball markers comes with whimsical and feminine designs for the ladies. Some of these are embellished with stones as well.


Golf is an exquisite game and you need something unique to stand out. Do you feel like the standard golf ball markers don’t get along with your taste? Then this next idea is perfect for you. Embellished with rhinestones and a perfect saying, this elegant, and feminine ball marker is the perfect eye-catching golf accessory.


Who doesn’t love The Office? Or the iconic character Michael Scott and his everlasting catchphrase, “that’s what she said.” If you are a fan of The Office then this ball marker is a great idea to pay a tribute to this legendary show! If you have any other favorite shows and want to customize something similar to this, we can do that for you as well.


Are you in search of a simple, easy, and refreshing golf ball marker? Something that is not too whimsical or too bedazzling? Then this golf ball marker design is for you. It is plain, it is simple and it highlights the game you are playing.


Are you a female golfer who dislikes the typical feminine golf ball markers because they are too whimsical and bedazzling? Then this pink flower design will surely win your heart. It has an intricate design in the middle and a vibrant pink color which will look stunning in the green.


This bling 18 shades of green golf ball marker make the perfect gift for a friend or family. It is embellished with two different shades of green rhinestones which will make it stand out on your hat and on the green.


Callaway is an iconic golf equipment company. Almost every golfer is aware of them. This lime green Callaway golf ball marker is elegant, classy, and eye-catching. It is perfect for amateurs, and professionals. 


Golf ball markers are a great way to express your personality on the field. Although many people do not want to do that and focus on the game only. This design is a great way to do that. Golf balls, clubs, buggy, or golf carts, are some of the designs.



Are you a University of Arizona alum who likes playing golf? Then this golf ball marker template will surely catch your eyes. This Arizona Wildcats golf ball marker is a great way to let everyone know where you came from and leave a mark.



Most golfers know the importance of four leaf clovers. It represents good fortune and carrying one with you in the game will bring no harm. This stone embellished four leaf clover golf ball marker is a stylish way to keep luck on your side. 



Do you want a Callaway golf ball marker but don’t like the options available? Then this enamel Callaway golf ball marker is surely for you. It is simple yet classy, it is black and elegant and it will become your next favorite golf ball marker. 



The most unique way to leave a mark in a game is by using a unique and one of a kind golf ball marker. This unique ball marker is inspired by the iconic fan of the show “Ted Lasso.” Be unique with this Be A Goldfish marker. 


Weigh your anchors! This distinctive Anchor golf ball marker pays a nautical homage to the coastal Massachusetts region. It is a signal that fun and exciting summer days are ahead! This anchor marker is the perfect way to stand out from the crowd. 



Are you an American, golfer, and proud of it? Trust me you are not alone! This brings us to our next design. This design of the American flag is the perfect way to carry a little part of your country in your heart and the green. 



You may have a love/hate relationship with the subway but this marker only deserves love!  The "Good for One Putt" Subway Token magnetic golf ball marker unites a vintage look with a modern flair, making it a classic and one-of-a-kind addition to your collection.



If you are a golfer then you probably know Jack Nicklaus, “the golden bear”, the iconic American golfer who dominated the golf scene from the 1960s to ‘80s. This engraved bear golf ball marker template pays homage to one of the greatest in the most unique way. 



Who does not love bourbon! Did you know Kentucky produces over 90% of the Bourbon in the world? This barrel shaped metal Kentucky Bourbon is a nod to this great feat. This will make a great addition to your collection, undoubtedly.



Do you think that golf has plenty of trophies and jackets, but not enough championship belts? Who wouldn’t love a belt that says they are a champion golfer! This championship belt golf ball marker is the perfect gift for anybody on any occasion.



This lone star golf ball marker is a great way to flaunt your Texan roots. Even if you are not a Texan, you can carry the true spirit of Texas with this lone star metal golf ball marker. 



Palm trees remind us of summer, and all the greatness like summery drinks, and summer hangouts at the bar. Just like palm trees, golf is a great way to enjoy summer too. So why not combine both with this palm tree golf ball marker!



This Pineapple golf ball marker represents warmth and friendliness and reminds us of pleasant summer days we all appreciate. Your collection deserves this one of a kind design!



Everyone loves tacos. It is the ultimate Mexican delicacy. With this taco engraved golf ball marker, every day on the course will be just as fun and exciting as taco Tuesdays. 



This air Jordan enamel golf ball marker is undoubtedly a one of a kind and exquisite in taste marker. The red will definitely look stunning in the green and adding it to your collection will enhance it in the best ways possible.


Game of Thrones is arguably one of the greatest fantasy shows ever made. This Viking metal golf ball marker is inspired by the royalty and knights of this iconic show. If you are a big fan, then don’t wait and add this to your collection right now!



Many say that when you are playing golf, you should be the ball. Only then you will be able to play a winning shot. And this “Be The Ball” metal golf ball marker is the perfect way to represent that thought when you are playing a game. 


Are you a big fan of both baseball and golf? Then this baseball shaped golf ball marker will be your perfect companion to the next game. This baseball golf ball marker is plain yet classy and pinning it on your hat will surely elevate your look. 


Who does not appreciate a pint of a cold beer after a good game? This pint of beer enamel golf ball marker is the perfect way to bring your beer, figuratively, to the course. It will certainly get your playmates buzzing. It can also be a great gift for anyone. 


Lots of people use poker chips as golf ball markers because it is tiny and does not interrupt the course of another player. But poker chips don’t look professional or elegant on a golf course. With this poker chip metal golf ball marker, you can have the best of both worlds!


If you are loyal to a particular golf club, then creating a golf ball marker with their logo is a great way to show that. This right here is a great example of how you can achieve that. You can create a bunch and share those with your playmates as well. 


Using your name as a golf ball marker is definitely a unique idea. But the options available to do so are not so unique all the time. This golf ball marker is definitely a unique and one of a kind golf ball marker. You can customize your name or gift this to anybody, men or women.


Who doesn’t love spring and all the beautiful flowers blooming during the season! This enamel daisy golf ball marker is the perfect way to add spring to your collection. Embellished stones and light blue canvas give it the elegant touch it needs. 

Marking your golf ball is becoming a popular way to represent your personality as a golfer. Golfers are quite picky about how they mark their golf balls, and some may use a specific line that will help them while putting. 


There is no correct or incorrect way to mark your golf ball. The best golf ball marker ideas are influenced more by personal taste and preference than anything else. When it comes to marking your ball on the green, always come up with a system that works for you while not interfering with another player's enjoyment of their round. With these 37 golf ball marker designs, you can start or enhance your own collections.


Contact ViviPins right now and we will customize your golf ball markers just the way you want!


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