Top 7 Websites to Order Neck gaiter In Bulk Quantity

Written by Robin Brown on June 22, 2022
A neck gaiter, also known as a bandana, is a cylindrical piece of fabric that wraps around your neck and can be extended to cover your nose. It is commonly worn during outdoor activities to provide protection against the elements.

The neck gaiter, sometimes referred to as a neck warmer, serves as a garment that keeps the neck warm. It is a closed tube of fabric that is slipped over the head and rests around the neck. Typically made from thick fleece, merino wool, synthetic wicking, or knit material, it offers insulation and shields against wind, sand, and other debris. By pulling it up over the mouth and nose, it can also serve as a barrier against these elements.

These lightweight gaiters are crafted from moisture-wicking polyester microfiber. They are designed to be breathable and comfortable, with just the right amount of elastic stretch to ensure a secure fit without being overly tight.

The versatility of neck gaiters allows them to be worn in various ways. They can be used as a face mask, with adjustable ear loops for a customized fit. They can also be transformed into headbands, do-rags, hoods, armbands, bracelets, scarves, or beanies, depending on personal preference.

Neck gaiters are particularly suitable for aerobic activities and outdoor labor. They excel in hot weather and can even be soaked with water to provide a cooling effect.

These items are excellent for shielding the face from the sun, cold, and wind throughout the year. Neck gaiters go by different names, such as tube scarves, neck chubs, face masks, or balaclavas. They are highly favored by hikers, skiers, bikers, and anyone who enjoys outdoor pursuits. Landscaping businesses often require specialized neck gaiters for their employees working outdoors, as they provide protection against the sun, wind, lawn debris, and dirt. The versatility of neck gaiters is a notable feature that contributes to their popularity.

Snowboarders and skiers have been using neck gaiters for years to cover their mouths and noses. These stretchy and adaptable tube-shaped scarves can be worn as scarves or headbands. They offer protection from the sun, insects, and the coronavirus, making tailored neck gaiters an affordable option that provides triple protection.

If you're interested in purchasing neck gaiters in bulk quantities, here are 7 recommended websites to consider.

1. Vivipins

Vivi.Pins logo image
Vivipins offers the opportunity to create custom, fashionable, and practical neck gaiters at a wholesale rate. Their team of skilled designers will bring your design or written instructions to life by crafting and printing personalized neck gaiters. Whether you want to showcase your company's logo or create a unique design, Vivipins ensures that you obtain the exact mask design you envision. The best part is that you can achieve this without breaking the bank or enduring long waiting times for your order to be delivered.

Available neck gaiters 
Custom Neck Gaiter 
Cooling Neck Gaiters 
Fishing Neck Gaiters 
Neck Warmer 
Seamless Bandana 
Tubular Bandanas 
Face Covering 

Design options 

Tired of disappointing neck gaiters with subpar designs or substandard materials? Look no further, as we offer you the opportunity to create custom neck gaiters with the highest quality designs on premium materials. With the growing demand for neck gaiters, designing your own unique masks can make a lasting impression on employees, prospects, customers, and more. Our prices are affordable, and there are no minimum order requirements. You can order personalized neck gaiters in any quantity you need.

Rest assured, our neck gaiters provide a comfortable fit and vibrant designs that are sure to satisfy. Our talented designers are skilled at bringing your ideas to life or creating designs that exceed your expectations.

Order size 

They have no minimum order quantity. You can order as much as you want. 

Online order process 

You can get unique neck gaiters from the ViviPins website with three simple steps. You'll submit your order, approve the digital proof, and they'll begin producing right away. 


The cost of neck gaiters can vary significantly, but at Vivipins, their pricing is reliable and reflective of the quality they offer. They prioritize using top-notch materials and employing the best techniques in the production of their neck gaiters. Their commitment lies in delivering high-quality neck gaiters at affordable prices to their customers. They maintain transparency and integrity by clearly displaying their prices whenever an order is placed.
Turnaround time 

They provide a very fast turnaround time, usually within ten days. 


They have so many reviews available on their website. They are real reviews given by actual people. 


2. Deco Slides 

Deco Slides LOGO
Deco Slides was born out of a casual conversation between founders Chase and Sam, who were discussing slides while enjoying a few drinks in a San Francisco apartment. They both agreed that high-quality slides seemed unreasonably expensive without any apparent justification.

However, Sam soon realized that he had the potential to develop a better approach to produce excellent slides at an affordable price. While the initial prototypes posed some unexpected challenges, Deco Slides came to life through extensive user research and the acquisition of a few patents.

Presently, all their slides are meticulously crafted to order in the United States, showcasing their unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional products and ensuring a fantastic customer experience.
Available neck gaiters 
Lightweight (breathable, moisture-wicking) 
Midweight (double ply moisture-wicking) 
Heavyweight (insulated winter performance) 
Design options 

You can custom design your neck gaiter on their website. They have the design option available on their website. 

Order size 

For all of their custom items, there is no minimum order quantity. Whether you're looking for one or a thousand, they've got you covered. However, they offer volume discounts starting at 3+ items, so ordering more can sometimes save you money. 

Online order process 

Ordering through their website is simple. Select or create your desired design, then place the order based on your required quantity. 


You can request a quote from them to get an idea about the price. Bulk price is determined entirely by the number of items in your order. You can mix and match sizes as much as you want. 

Turnaround time 

Within the United States, they provide free shipping on all orders over $50. Please keep in mind that production takes about three business days, and shipment takes another 3-to five business days. 

No third-party review is available on their site.

ORDER NOW 20% OFF logo provides an extensive selection of ready-to-wear neck gaiters in various styles, colors, and patterns. Additionally, they offer the option to create custom gaiters tailored to your group's unique style, personality, and personalized logo.

Their custom-made neck gaiters are a source of pride, backed by their commitment to high quality. They prioritize your satisfaction, even with custom prints. If you'd like to assess the quality before placing a large order, simply inform them, and they will gladly send you a complimentary sample.

Available neck gaiters 
Solid Color 
Stars and Stripes 
Digi Camo 
Jungle Camo 
Skull & Mustache 
Pepperoni Pizza 
Icy Snowboard 
Design options 

They provide free design assistantship for custom neck gaiters. If you have any design in mind you can ask them to customize it just the way you want. And if you don't have any idea, their sales team will help you with the design. they can print your logo on any background color you choose, as well as in a recurring pattern or as a single larger picture. 

Order size 

Their minimum order quantity is 25. 

Online order process 

Go through their website and choose the perfect neck gaiter according to your choice select the amount then place your order. 


They provide discount on bulk quantity. The price list varies depending on the custom neck gaiter. 

Turnaround time 

Custom orders take between 2 - 3 weeks to complete after payment and approval of the design, so contact them as soon as possible. 


They have a lot of pleasant reviews available on their website. Their customers are happy with their service. 


4. Free Sunshields

Free Sunshields logo
"Free" is not just a word, but a way of life embraced by Free Sunshields. As a company, they strive to embody this philosophy and extend it to their family, friends, and customers. With a deep appreciation for the outdoors and the liberating feeling it brings, their mission is to share this sense of freedom by offering products that enhance outdoor experiences and allow for shared moments.

Their core belief is that their offerings should be suitable for outdoor use, characterized by excellent quality, durability, and affordability. While their products may not be completely free, they are confident that you will struggle to find a better alternative at a more competitive price among their competitors.

Available neck gaiters 
Squatchin' Neck Gaiter 
Hypnotic Green Neck Gaiter 
Santa Claus Neck Gaiter 
Dark Forest Neck Gaiter 
Mountain Sunrise Neck Gaiter 
Neon Vortex Neck Gaiter 
Rolling Hills Neck Gaiter 
Going Bananas Neck Gaiter 
Good Vibes Neck Gaiter 
Navajo Sunset Neck Gaiter 
Design options
Customers who order at least 20 bespoke neck gaiters receive a FREE set of high-quality samples. Per organization, they only supply one high-quality sample. This sample will allow you to evaluate the quality of their neck gaiters. The high-quality sample isn't a one-of-a-kind item. It will, however, be of the same high quality as the product they will create specifically for you when you place your order.
Order size 

They offer minimum order quantity service.

Online order process 

You can place your order on their website once you have received your free sample and approved it. Their design team will begin working on a fantastic design for you at this time. Make sure to upload any design direction and logo(s)/artwork to the order page when placing your order. 

$3.99 each 
There are several pricing lists like this on their website. 

Turnaround time 

They'll put your order on their manufacturing schedule after it's been approved. The production and delivery time is usually 3-4 weeks.

They have positive reviews from their customers. Which implies their service is good. 


5. Bagmasters 

Bagmasters logo
Bagmasters specializes in offering custom printed bandanas that cater to various market needs while maintaining affordability and high quality. Their machine washable and reusable bandanas provide a simple and eco-friendly experience. Bandanas, renowned as the original headband, serve as versatile accessories that can be incorporated into hats, scarves, and more. They can be transformed into face masks, neck warmers, scarves, hair ties, and other creative uses.

Their inventory comprises traditional triangle bandanas, gaiters, and stretch bandanas, providing a range of style options. Wholesale bandanas make excellent giveaways for music festivals, fitness expos, outdoor events, and more. With options for sublimated printing or embroidery, these bandanas can be fully customized with your logo or design, ensuring vibrant and eye-catching visuals.

The roots of Bagmasters trace back to the 1920s in downtown Los Angeles when the founder's grandfather diligently saved every penny to acquire a tent and awning business to support his growing family. In the late 1980s, as the company's expertise in custom textile fabrication grew, clients began requesting special bags for conferences and events. Recognizing the increasing demand for personalized bags, the founder's grandson established Bagmasters as a dedicated branch of the business.

Since its inception, Bagmasters has been producing large quantities of registration bags for non-profit organizations and trade groups, in-store shopper totes for prominent companies like Kohl's and Sears, and security bags for major financial institutions such as Wells Fargo. Today, Bagmasters continues to serve a wide range of clients, both large and small, across various industries, offering custom printed promotional materials nationwide.

Available neck gaiters 
Design options 

For your use, they have carefully picked the best-customized bandanas. Bagmasters has unique collections of styles, colors, and materials to choose from. For high-quality results, choose from blank, embroidered, or sublimation for your decoration. To assist you, they'll assign you an account manager who will walk you through the various decoration options and assist you in deciding what will work best for you. 

After you place your purchase over the phone or online, their experts will double-check that your chosen method is the best for imprinting your design. Nothing will be decorated unless you accept an e-proof that includes a digital depiction of how your design will appear on the goods. 

Order size 

As stated throughout the website and catalogue, minimum quantities are required for all imprinted orders. On most orders, orders with less than the minimum quantity are accepted for an extra fee. For some goods, lower minimums are not available. 

Online order process 

You will receive an e-proof via email to confirm your order for final approval after placing an order and sending the artwork. 
Any delays in receiving signed clearance from the customer could lead to greater delivery costs or an inability to satisfy delivery deadlines. If you need to make any changes, please do so on the form or by email. The order cannot be cancelled once it has been approved. 


They provide discounts on bulk quantity. Their price list is visible in the website. 

Turnaround time
The majority of shipments have a 7-10 business day turnaround time. 


Customers left many good feedbacks on their website. Which implies their service is satisfactory. 


6. Alibaba 

Alibaba logo
If you're seeking a customized neck gaiter at an excellent wholesale price, look no further than ordering directly from Explore their extensive collection of fashionable neck and headwear options and find exactly what you need at a significantly reduced cost. offers a wide range of vendors providing even more choices at incredible wholesale prices, making it the ideal platform for those in search of affordable personalized neck gaiters. Whether you need them for your clothing or accessories retail business, purchasing from suppliers allows you to save on individual orders and acquire low-cost wholesale neck gaiter stock.

The classic square-shaped neck scarf has a rich history as a timeless fashion accessory, often worn as a kerchief. From farmers and sailors to cowboys, its simplicity and versatility have made it a staple throughout the years. Today, it has become an unofficial symbol in various counter-cultures and street fashion scenes, especially among bikers and music enthusiasts.

While the traditional red and white paisley design remains popular, modern options include stripes, dots, blocks of color, and a wide range of other colors, patterns, and prints. While the original construction featured cambric cotton, now you can order a custom neck gaiter made from silk, cotton, or polyester materials.

Available neck gaiters 
Wholesale custom tubular seamless tube bandana 
Wholesale various styles Seamless Face bandanas magic scarf neck gaiter 
Girls Custom Logo Outdoor Bandana Scarf Mens Face Cover Cooling Tube 
Custom sublimation Printing Style Neck Gaiter 35g Headband Multifunctional Seamless Tube Bandana 
High-Quality Custom Print Logo Sublimate Blank Ice Silk Polyester Cycling Fishing Face Mask Neck Gaiter 
Design options 

They have a lot of neck gaiter options available on their website. You can defiantly choose from them. 

Order size 

They have a minimum order quantity required for different neck gaiters. 

Online order process 

Ordering from their website is an easy process. Add your desired neck gaiters to the cart. Check out the price and place your order. 


Their price range is wide. From low to high, you will get different price offers. 

Turnaround time
It may take up to 60 days for delivery. 


They have customer reviews on their site. Those reviews may vary depending on the sellers. 


7.Bandanas Wholesale

Bandanas Wholesale logo
Bandanas wholesale offers wholesale pricing on a wide range of neck gaiters. They are available in different designs and materials. 
Available neck gaiters 
Red neck gaiter 
Blue neck gaiter 
pink neck gaiter 
Black neck gaiter 
White neck gaiter 
Yellow neck gaiter 
Green neck gaiter 

Design options
Customize your gaiter by uploading your own design or editing an existing one. 

Order size 

They provide no minimum order service. 

Online order process
You can browse through their website and select your preferred design to customize and order.  


Their price range varies depending on order size and design. 

Turnaround time 

It usually takes 4-6 business days.


They have 198 reviews on the trust pilot. And they are all positive reviews. 

So here it is! The top 7 custom neck gaiter websites. Hope you’ll find this helpful.
Article written by Robin Brown
Robin Brown is part of the content team at Vivipins where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.
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