Top 7 Websites to Order Embroidered Patch in Bulk Quantity

Written by Robin Brown on June 22, 2022
A cloth badge, also known as an embroidered patch, is a piece of embroidery made with a fabric background and thread. Making embroidered patches is an old craft that was once done entirely by hand. They were commonly embroidered on a schiffli embroidery machine in the first half of the twentieth century. A clothing design created by overlapping thread stitches is known as an embroidered patch. 

From ornate royalty patterns to military emblems, these motifs are diverse. Embroidery patches are a popular addition to a variety of garment items. These patches were traditionally only created by hand. Computerized systems are now being used to create unique pieces of art. Embroidery patches can replace direct embroidery. For starters, they are more adaptable. Unlike direct embroidery, embroidery patches do not need to be sewn to the fabric. Instead, ironing or sewing is used to secure them to the material.
As a result, these patches are easy to remove and replace. In addition, embroidery patches are often less expensive than straight embroidery. These custom patches are less expensive because they are produced more quickly and effectively.  

Embroidered patches are now used by government organizations (including military uniforms, emergency services uniforms, and other specialized workers), sports teams, and private sector firms to identify rank, job, specific position, or specialized unit. Patches are typically made with chain, satin, and hemming stitches, and machine work requires numerous threads. Thanks to advanced technology, virtually any pattern may be replicated in the thread on an embroidered patch. 

Below we have listed 7 best websites to order embroidered patches from.

1. Vivipins

Vivi.Pins logo image
There is no better place to go than Vivipins to get your own customized patches. How? They provide you with everything you could possibly want in a patch supplier. To begin with, their patches are custom manufactured, allowing you to have the exact design you like. They're known for making "thread masterpieces" that stand out and receive positive feedback. They also do it all at a shockingly low price. And, maybe most importantly, there are no minimums! 

As a result, you can order as many or as few patches as you wish. To summarize, you will receive eye-catching, professionally made customized patches of the greatest quality and exceptional customer service. 

Available patches  
Custom Patches 
Bullion Patches 
Military Patches 
Embroidered Patches 
Morale Patches 
Motorcycle Patches 
Patches For Jackets 
Velcro Patches 

Design options 

With Vivipins, you can make your own personalized patches for coats, trousers, shirts, and more. They made the entire procedure very simple! They're a patch shop that specializes in custom designs at wholesale costs. Simply submit your design sketch or suggestions through their system, and their skilled designers will set to work making your design ideas a reality. Bright colors, high-quality materials, and patches will attract attention and make you stand out. Make your own clothing designs. 

Order size :Vivipins offers no minimum order quantity. That means you can order as much as you can from 1 to as much as you want.
Online order process :You may get custom embroidered patches from the ViviPins website with three simple steps. You'll place your request, review the digital proof, and they'll get right to work on it. 

Pricing:On its website, ViviPins believes in clearly displaying pricing. Since making an order with them is so simple and clear, calculating the exact price of your order is also simple. Choose the order option on their website to receive an accurate price right away. If you order from vivipins, you can save 30%. 
Turnaround time :Vivipins offer super-fast turnaround time. You can get your order delivered within 10 days. 

Review:On their website, they have a number of client reviews that you may look at. All of the customer reviews are positive, and they are pleased with their custom embroidery service. They are constantly working to improve their service. They can assure you that your needs will be satisfied at all costs. 


2. logo, founded in 1999, is a Veteran-owned and managed family business situated in Ocala, Florida. They've been setting records for over a decade by providing limitless options for custom embroidered patches. 

Not only do they pay attention to detail, but each of their custom-designed embroidered patches is guaranteed to be of the highest quality. That is just one of the numerous ways they go above and beyond for you, their consumers. If you check about, you could find that their costs are competitive simply because they offer volume discounts, the lowest prices, no hidden fees, in-house digitizing, quick response, professional quality, and no middlemen. They do, in fact, own their manufacturing plants. 

Available patches  
Custom embroidered military patches   
Girls scout custom embroidered patches   
Boy scout custom embroidered patches  
Unit patches 
Martial art patches 

Design options 

Whether you provide them with your design or enable their highly creative and professional design team to assist you with your own design for free, creating embroidered patches will be a pleasure. They'll make designing and making your own custom embroidered patch a simple and enjoyable process. their design team will assist you in turning your ideas into high-quality embroidered patches. they provide a free design with unlimited modifications to ensure that the patch is exactly what you want. their expert designers will use any samples or inspiration you supply to produce an effective and appealing custom design. It doesn't really matter if you have a finished, detailed design or only a rough draft when you come to them. 

Order size:20 patches per design is the minimum order quantity. The term "design" refers to the use of the same color scheme over and over again. 

Online order process :Choose or submit your patch design, get proof, approve the proof, select quantity and place your order. 

Pricing :Their pricing is based on the design or color scheme. There is a price chart provided on the website. 

Turnaround time :In most cases, your patches will arrive in 7 to 10 days. However, depending on the time of year and quantity, some orders can take up to 14 days. If you have a specific deadline in mind, please let them know and they will do their best to meet it. 

Review :You can get a lot of genuine reviews from verified purchasers on their websites. The buyers all gave favorable feedback, indicating that their "100% satisfaction guaranteed" claim was genuine. 

ORDER NOW 20% OFF logo
Their mission at is to deliver the greatest quality embroidered patches at wholesale costs with excellent customer service. they are your greatest resource for amazing quality patches at reasonable prices, whether you need unique wholesale patches for your military unit, business, team, club, or another group. they have all of the styles, sizes, colors, and backings you'll need to make sure your patches are flawless! 

Available patches  
Military patches 
Police patches 
Fire department patches 
Sports patches 
Scout patches 
Soccer patches 
Custom Iron on patches 
Motorcycle patches 

Design options 

You can select the size, pattern, colors, shape, and backing type for your patches. their creative and experienced graphic artists will be delighted to assist you with designing patches for your club, business, school, sport, or other organization.  

Order size :Minimum order 10 pieces per design. 

Online order process :They make ordering wholesale patches quick, simple, and enjoyable. Step 1: Lay the foundations of your custom patch and submit it along with any artwork or photos you want to include. Step 2: Before placing your order, their expert team of graphic artists will develop a digital proof of your design for you to inspect and alter. Step 3: Once you've approved the artwork, they'll take the proof to make your custom embroidered patches exactly how you want them. 

Pricing:The pricing of the patches depends on a lot of factors. They have provided their price chart according to the design factors. 

Turnaround time :Their turnaround time is around 10 days. 

Review :They don't have any third-party reviews available on their site. 


4. 24hourwristbands

24hourwristbands logo
Their goal has been to provide the finest price, quality, and service in the business since 2006. They've grown into one of America's fastest-growing promotional product manufacturers because of their wonderful customers and commitment to offering high-quality products. 
Their dedication has driven them to use cutting-edge technology and equipment to improve traditional manufacturing methods. This path has enabled them to upgrade their methods and reach out to a global audience. they have dedicated over 150,000 Sqft of space to creating the highest quality promotional items, in addition to their incredibly talented employees. 
Don't be deceived by competing websites that claim to have quick turnaround times. Unfortunately, many of their competitors outsource all of their orders to Chinese manufacturers, leaving you to foot the tab. 

Available patches  
Iron On Custom Patches 
Sew On Custom Patches 
Peel n Stick Custom Patches 
Velcro Custom Patches 
Police & Security Patches 
Naval Patches 
Fire EMS Patches 
Design options 

You can print your artwork on personalized patches and sell them online if you're an artist. You can create various designs that will appeal to a wide range of people's tastes and then use your custom embroidered patches to assist them in dressing up their clothes. Printed patches with your band's logo or name might add a new dimension to your look. 

Because they are so fashionable, people are always looking for new designs to attach to their apparel. You should make sure your design stands out and properly portrays your band's style, as this will help you attract more customers. Custom patches are not only important for gaining a client's trust, but they also serve as efficient promotion and marketing tools. 

Order size :They have a minimum order quantity depending on their product type. 

Online order process:Ordering through their website is simple. Get your preferred design, approve them and place your order. 

Pricing:Their online design studio will generate a live quote based on the style, quantity, and artwork you supply. Please contact their sales team if you require price assistance for something that is not listed on their website. 

Turnaround time :Their turnaround time is around two weeks.
Review :There are many positive reviews given by actual customers on their website. And most of them are satisfactory.



DHgate is the world's largest online wholesale marketplace for Chinese goods, connecting international shoppers with Chinese wholesalers that offer the same high-quality products at a fraction of the price. DHgate has over 30 million products in categories such as Apparel & Accessories, Computers & Networking, Consumer Electronics, Toys & Hobbies, Health & Beauty, Bags & Jewelry, Home, Auto, and others. 

Top-selling items such as bridal gowns, tablet computers, and cell phones are available at low prices. DHgate is dedicated to provide businesses and consumers around the world with a fast, easy, and safe shopping experience. It offers a buyer protection plan, a secure refund policy, speedy delivery, and package tracking.

Available patches  
Custom Left Chest Embroidery Veteran Navy Patch 
Skateboard Skull Embroidered Patches
Cool Appliques Iron-On patches
Custom Logo Patches Iron on Embroidered Patch Sew Badges 
Customize Patches
BAND DIY Clothe Embroidery PUNK MUSIC Patch 
Design options 

They have a variety of design options available on their website. You can choose from them. 

Order size:They have different types of minimum order quantities for different items.
Online order process :Browse through their website. If you happen to like something, you can select the quantity and place your order. 

Pricing :Their pricing starts from very low. They display the prices of their products on their website. 

Turnaround time :Usually, it is around 3 to 15 working days
Review :They have customers review on their website depending on the sellers. Their reviews vary. 



PatchStop logo
PatchStop is a developer of biker traditions, memories, and favorite past-times for both old and new riders and a portal to them. 
PatchStop, based in Daytona Beach, Florida, home of the world-famous Daytona Beach Bike Week, is more than simply a patch website. they are a well-known national merchant and manufacturer of embroidered patches, motorcycle event goods, biker leather, and motorcycle accessories. 
PatchStop members travel from coast to coast all year, putting up state-of-the-art shops and stores at America's greatest motorcycle rallies and selling and sewing on biker patches. PatchStop is a sponsor of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota, the Laconia Motorcycle Week in New Hampshire, and the Myrtle Beach Bike Week in South Carolina, to mention a few. 

Available patches  
Back Patches 
Rocker Patches 
Motorcycle Brands 
Clubs & Ranks 
Biker Sayings 
Other Biker Patches 
Sayings & One-Liners 
Patches For Kids 
Gambling & Cards 
Guns & Weapons 
Vulgar & Dirty 
Other Novelties 
American Flags 
2nd Amendment 
9-11 Remembered 
50 States & Major Cities 
Travel & Souvenirs 
Law Enforcement 
Health & Medical 
Religious & Christian 
Native American 
Fraternal Organizations 
PatchStop Patches 
Puerto Rico 
American Flags 
Latin America 
Other Countries 
Military Sayings 
Other Military Branches 
POW & Fallen Hero 
Support their Troops 
Military Rockers 
Other Military Patches 
Design options 

You've come to the perfect place if you have your own design and want to have it turned into an embroidered patch. PatchStop can provide custom embroidered patches with your corporate logo, motorcycle club, music group, charity event, motorcycle exhibition, and other designs. 

Order size:They have no minimum order quantity for retail customers. 

Online order process:Request for a quote. Then You simply need to pay a 50% down payment to reserve and place the order once you receive your price quote and they have received the order data. You can order over the phone online or by email. 

Pricing:Every order for custom patches has a different price. The size, quantity, embroidery coverage, and design detail of your order will all have an impact on the price. When requesting a custom patch quote, please make sure to provide these details. 
Turnaround time:2-3 weeks from the time of ordering. 

Review:They don't have third party reviews available on their website. 


7. Oh my Print Solutions 

ob my print solutions
In lovely Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Oh my Print Solutions is a fun and inventive big format and digital print supplier brokerage. 

They provide FREE SHIPPING EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD, including Canada, the United States, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, and pretty much everywhere else. Every day, they ship across North America, with several orders going to every continent per week. They've sent to more than 50 countries thus far, and the list keeps expanding! 

Available patches  
Custom Iron on Patches  
Velcro patches.  
Sew On patches. 
Adhesive patches 
Chenille Patches 
Design options 

First Choose a backing Then choose a border 
Next choose what kind of finish you'd like. 

Order size:There is no minimum order, and the most cost-effective per piece is when ordering bulk quantity.

Online order process:You can place your order through a call or their website. 

Pricing:You can request a quote for a pricing idea.
Turnaround time:In most cases, including production and air transportation, it takes one week. The manufacture of some products can take up to two weeks. The shipping time is usually between 3 and 5 days. It may take longer in some isolated cities or nations. 

Review :They don't have any third-party reviews available on their website. 

There you have it! The best 7 websites to order your custom embroidered patches from. Hope this list will help you out.
Article written by Robin Brown
Robin Brown is part of the content team at Vivipins where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.
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