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Top 7 Websites To Order Custom Dog Bandanas In Bulk Quantity


November 20, 2023

Pets are family. They are like little kids to us. And we love them with all our hearts. We can do almost anything for them. We want the best food, best doctors and best environment.


A dog bandana is an identity for a dog. It is a piece of clothing that sets them apart from other dogs in the park and now it’s a trendy thing for you to follow. Pet owners compete to make their pets look unique.


I remember my younger days when I used to take my Shiro out in the park with his superman bandana. His bandana made him look like a super dog. Anyone from a 20 km radius could tell its Shiro. It's not just the identification. There are plenty more reasons for you to buy custom dog bandanas. Here I am mentioning some of them.

Why does your dog need a bandana?

A dog bandana's primary function is to let other dog owners visually understand how they can interact with other dogs. Their hue should be easily noticed and symbolize diverse meanings, so that dog owners wouldn't have to go too close to convey a message.


Dog owners dress their dogs in various coloured bandanas to visually convey how they can interact with people and other canines. Dogs also wear bandanas as fashion items to ward off insects and relieve nervousness.


There are various uses for buying custom dog bandanas. Take the weather as an illustration. The bandana material can affect keeping your dog warm if it is winter or you reside in a cold location, and your dog isn't a Labrador with numerous coats. Your small dog can benefit from having a small tweed bandana wrapped around its neck and chest to keep it warm.

Which Companies Sell the Best Custom Dog Bandana?

To make your pup the best in the world, you must search for the best bandana sellers in your neighborhood for a wholesale purchase. If you don't find any, this world is your neighborhood in this age of the Internet.

So, I picked seven custom dog bandana manufacturers who will deliver lovely-looking bandanas to your doorstep. Let's start our list now.



Location: 1968 S. Coast Hwy #1153, Laguna Beach, CA 92651


Vivipin started its journey in 1993. They have made their name in the market.

Vivipins is a one-stop shop for all your creative design-based items. You can find lapel pins, medals, golf ball markers, neck gaiter and the perfect-looking custom dog bandana for your perfect-looking pup.


Vivipins is a master of designs. They have amazing designers always ready to deliver what you are asking for. The designers are interactive and friendly toward you.

You can check out their already in-stock products, and also, you can request your long wished beautiful design you want to see in your pooch.


You can find variety in the fabric material in vivipins. From knit to woven, they have all different kinds of fabric options.

Vivipins has a rich number of employees who are dedicated 24/7 to your service if you have any queries feel free to contact vivipins through emails or calls.

Minimum Order Quantity

Vivipins has a strong sense of market fairness. They have no minimum order quantity set for you.


However, you will enjoy a healthy discount if you are thinking of buying in bulk quantity. Because wholesale prices are always a good deal.

Turnaround Time

Vivipins can offer you speedy delivery. You can choose your delivery date while ordering your bandana.


It will take less than ten days for your delivery.

However, you can request urgent delivery.

Usually, Vivipins do not ask for any shipping money, but during urgent delivery, they have to pay their employees for overtime.


Vivipins is a well-reputed company for creative works. Their customer service is impeccable.

Vivipins offers you the best deals at a very reasonable price and ensures faster delivery, so your search may see the end if you are considering choosing Vivipins.



Location: 4 Ledson Road, Manchester, Uk


First I would like to suggest you visit the yappy website. They have found the best way to present their product. First, you need to name your dog and select its breed. The yappy website will show you a bandana with the dog's look.

So you can have the most interactive way to decorate your dog. You can see how the bandana is going to fit your doggy.

Yappy does not limit itself to the bandana. They sell all different dog-related accessories.

They are just a four-year-old company and right one of the market leaders.

They have products of all sizes, shapes and colours. Their fabrics have high quality and durable.

Minimum Order Quantity

Yappy does not have any minimum order quantity. You can order as low as one, and you'll not be frowned upon. You can check out their product with one sample and can return for some more.

Turnaround Time

Yappy will notify you once your product is dispatched. There is no fixed turnaround time for yappy. Turnaround differs from product to product.


You will be notified about the delivery charge before confirming the order.


Yappy has the most interactive website on the whole list. They are simply best with exactly getting you what you want.


Yappy has strong public support, and its product is well reputed in the market.

They can be a strong contender for your consideration.

Clive and Bacon
Clive and Bacon

Location: California, USA


A husband and wife started clive and bacon in 2015. Their vision was to provide customers with the best pet accessories.

And now Clive and bacon are one of the USA's best suppliers for custom dog bandanas.

Most of their products are handmade and work with a trusted group of vendors.

Uniqueness is a strong suit for Clive and Bacon. Their website directly takes you to the purchasing section. You can check out their offers as soon as you enter their site.

Clive and bacon also have a workshop in California. They create many different types of products there.

They have different types of fabrics like cotton and chambray. You can order your add-ons with your order.

Minimum Order Quantity

Minimum order is not measured with quantity. Its monetary value estimates it. You have to order at least 200 dollars equivalent product.

You can order in bulk quantity for a very reasonable price.

Turnaround Time

Clive and bacon make their items after order. So, usually, it takes two weeks to make your goods, and shipping will add 2 to 3 days. But time is not always the same for all deliveries.

Product type is the crucial factor for changing the delivery time.


Time of the year is also a big influencer for variable delivery time.


New year and Christmas are busy times of the year. You can expect your delivery in three weeks during these busy times.


For bulk orders, you can think about buying from clive and bacon. Clive and bacon have an outstanding network, and their workshop is a significant provider.


Clive and bacon have a versatile collection of custom dog bandanas. So you won't face a shortage of options.


You add one more shop to visit for your cute little pup.


Location: Florida, USA


Chewy is an online retailer shop. It first came into being 11 years ago.

When I first opened the chewy website, I was amazed at so many colours on the screen.

So you can already guess I am talking about their options. Chewy has many bandanas, from Mickey mouse to starry nights. You are finding it all chewy. So if you are browsing, you are bound to get lost in their collection fair.


Customer care is the stronghold for Chewy. You will find one of the best customer services from chewy employees.


Chewy offers you a 24/7 helpline ready to serve you. If you have any complaints or demands, you can feel free to contact chewy.


Chewy has tied up with more than 2000 brands. Chewy is the retail partner connecting you with all those brands.


They have 24 operating locations swarming with over Twenty thousand employees ready to serve you with the best product.

Minimum Order Quantity

Chewy is a retail shop. So you can guess that there is no minimum order quantity. While ordering, you must remember the purpose of your purchase.

If you are looking for one custom dog bandana, you can order one.

You will receive some juicy discounts if you want to buy in bulk quantity.

Turnaround Time

As a retail shop, Chewy does not make most of its products. If you choose from their catalogue, you can get your product in just two to three days.

This time may vary depending on the season and the brand selling it.


Chewy is a massive online retail company. So there is never a shortage of options. It is a great platform that connects so many buyers and sellers.

It's a vast network that keeps balance in the market.

Visit their website to learn more.


Lands' end

Lands' end

Location : Dodgeville, WI 53595,USA


Lands' is one of the oldest shops on this list. In 1963 they started their journey, and now it is their mission to serve everyone with the best comfies.

Your dog is your best friend. If you want him to put on some comfy custom dog bandana, Land's end definitely should come into consideration.

A retail shop like Chewy focuses mainly on soft but firm fabrics. Whether you want stretchable knits or durable wovens, you will find them on the Land's end.

If you think your puppy is unique and needs a special bandana, Land's end can also help.

You check out from an extensive set of options according to your budget. So whether you are budget customers or flagship enthusiasts, this shop has everything you need.

Lands' end customer care is very interactive. You will get the best help from professionals ready to serve you 24/7.

Minimum Order Quantity

There is no minimum order quantity. You can start your shopping with only one bandana. But if you are in regular need of bandanas, I will suggest you visit them for wholesale purchase also.

Turnaround Time

Turnaround time is not so different from other shops mentioned in this article.

You will get your product in hand 2 or 3 working days after dispatch.

You can unhesitantly contact their customer service if you want to know about the dispatch time.

As each product is unique, each design requires a different time.

You will get the right idea once you order something.


Lands' is a fantastic option for you to look at. They have tons of experience selling this stuff.

You will get your order pretty fast once you place an order.


Their customer service is one of the best. It may not solely sell pet accessories, but each product brings absolute comfort around your puppy's neck.

Quality Imprint
Quality Imprint

Location: Diamond Bar, California, USA


Quality imprint is a versatile shop for custom dog bandanas. You can find almost every type of bandana for different dogs.

As its name suggests, Quality Imprint focuses mainly on product quality. They sell quality products for reasonable market prices.

Quality Imprint is mainly focused on the business to the business deal. So you don't have much luck buying from them if you are not a business owner. So, if you are looking for promotional bandanas with your company logo, Quality Imprint maybe your company.

They have a straightforward user interface on their website. All you got to do is pick a product, ask for its price and mockup, select quantity and place your order.

Easy and simple.

Quality imprint has a rich clientele like PGA Tour, Starbucks, Tugo, Arrow Pharmacy, US Bank Etc. So you can have a vague idea about their clientele, and having a company name along with those is bound to take your company to the next level.

Minimum Order Quantity

Quality Imprint mainly focuses on B2B. So you have to buy a minimum amount of bandanas if you want to. This number is not the same for every product. For your idea, I can give you some products and figures.


You must buy at least 100 pieces for a reflective pet bandana.

For small bandanas, you can order starting from 75 pieces.

Turnaround Time

This is not a fixed figure either. Shipping time varies depending on the colour used on the bandana.

You may get your product in 5 to 6 days if you want one colour bandana.

But more colour requires more time. If your bandana design asks for more colour, you must allow more than ten days for the shipment.


Quality imprint is mainly B2B type. If you are looking to partner up, you can put it into your consideration.


Quality Imprint gives you low MOQs and faster shipment.

It is effortless to order from quality imprints.


The quality imprint is highly recommended if you want to extend your business. They are one of the best wholesalers.


Location: Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Petphoria is a famous shop started by Grace. Grace began this fantastic shop with her pet Beni.

Grace was unsatisfied with the regular dog accessories she found in the market. She started this unique shop with fabulous accessories for many beni's.

They started their shop under "Beni's Golden Barkday" on 7 December 2020.

Now it is a full-fledged lifestyle shop for all the cute little puppies. Petphoria has a massive collection of various custom bandanas. Each of these bandanas is designed by highly skilled designers.

High-quality bandanas that can withstand some rough play. Bow ties are kept upright by solid elastic loops that are simple to fasten to the collar.

Petphoria handcraft hair scrunchies to match their best-selling dog accessories to make humans almost as adorable as their furbabies.

Minimum order quantity

There is no minimum order. You can purchase it easily on their website, starting from one bandana.

If you order in bulk quantity, you will get some Healthy discounts.

Turnaround Time

Every order is handled in three business days.

At checkout, shipping costs and estimated delivery times are calculated and shown.

When the product has arrived, you will receive a shipment confirmation and tracking number via the email address you provided during checkout.


Petphoria is a very passionate pet accessory maker. All their product's time reflects that passion.


Petphoria products are high-quality goods at a very reasonable price.

You can enjoy a speedy turnaround time.


So I would recommend you to check out their website for your consideration.

Bottom Line


Considering all the facts I have given over there, you are the one to decide which pet shop to go for.


If you are looking for an overall evaluation, I suggest you vivipins.


Vivipins is the one in all packages. In the same shop, you are going to get quality and quantity.

Vivipins ensures you free delivery to any corner of the world. Not only that, you don't need to buy tons of samples to understand their quality because there is no minimum order quantity for your order. So what are you waiting for? Grab your phone and order your bandana now.



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