Top 7 Websites To Order challenge coins In Bulk Quantity

Written by Robin Brown on June 22, 2022
Custom challenge coins have been for ages but have become very popular nowadays. Challenge coins represent appreciation and acknowledgment for a job well done or exceptional service. In addition to the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard, challenge coins are now incredibly popular among schools and colleges, sports and academic teams, corporations, and organizations. Custom Challenge Coins are a perfect gift for everything. 

From a unit's success award to a corporate marketing tool due to their highly unique design, you can use custom challenge coins pretty much everywhere. Lots of brands use personalized coins to endorse their brand or to show respect and appreciation to staff. Custom challenge coins can include the organization's logo, symbol, or motto.

Although there are many websites where you can find custom challenge coins, not all of them are reliable enough. It is why today we will be discussing the top 7 websites to order challenge coins in bulk quantity. 

1. Vivipins

Vivi.Pins logo image
Vivipins makes custom challenge coins in bulk quantity for special events, corporate events, and holidays at the cheapest price with the highest quality guaranteed. They have made it their goal to provide their clients with the finest quality, most engaging custom challenge coins possible. 

When you collaborate with Vivipins, you can expect rapid customer service, precise attention to detail, high-quality product, reasonable price, and many other features that guarantees your coin comes out just how you want it to. They specialize in making custom coins that receive amazing reviews and are in high demand at extremely low pricing. 

Coin type option
Here are some coin types available at Vivipins. 
Custom Challenge Coins
Ems Challenge Coins
Law Enforcement Challenge Coins
Marine Corps Challenge Coins
Masonic Challenge Coins
Military Coins
Police Challenge Coins
Airforce Challenge Coins

Design Options

Vivipins have a team of in-house designers who will do it all for you. If you have artwork, they will turn that into a digital mock-up of what the coin will look like. If you do not have artwork but only a concept, they will turn that concept into an attractive and engaging custom challenge coin. They will send you free digital proof that you will need to approve. They also offer unlimited free revision services. 

Order Size :Vivipins do not have a minimum order quantity. You can order 1 or 100 challenge coins at the most reasonable prices available. 

Online ordering:You can order challenge coins from Vivipins via their website. The process is pretty simple as all you have to do is select all the necessary details such as size, color, finish, and quantity and upload the artwork or let them know about the artwork concept. Then the designers will draw a digital proof for you. After you have approved the proof, they will start production right away. 

Pricing :The prices at Vivipins are extremely reasonable thanks to their one-of-a-kind factory. Since they do not have to import the coins from china and make them themselves, they can offer such low prices. They also offer a 30% discount as well. 

Turnaround Time:The turnaround time at Vivipins is only 7 to 10 days after the artwork has been approved by the client. 

Review:All the reviews about Vivipins challenge coins are very positive. Their website has many positive customer reviews. 


2. Wholesale Challenge Coins 

Wholesale Challenge Coins logo
Wholesale Challenge Coins wishes to supply the finest quality challenge coins to their clients at affordable wholesale pricing. They also ensure that you receive top-quality customer support from their customer representative team. 

Their promise is simple and clear: they will ensure that you are completely happy with every element of your challenge coin experience. From your initial contact with one of their customer service specialists, through the artwork and design process, to the timely delivery of your challenge coins, you will be completely satisfied with your challenge coin experience.

Coin type option
Here are some of the coin types available at Wholesale Challenge Coins.
Military challenge coins 
Air Force challenge coins 
Army challenge coins
Marine challenge coins 
Coastguard challenge coins
National guard challenge coins
Civil service challenge coins
Firefighter challenge coins
Police challenge coins
EMS challenge coins 
Memorial challenge coins

Design Options
The skilled and experienced designers at Wholesale Challenge Coins can turn your concept into beautiful coins. They will take your feedback and make a free digital proof of your design. They don't charge for artwork or revisions, so you can be certain that your design is precisely what you want before you pay.

Order Size:The minimum order quantity for custom challenge coins at Wholesale Challenge Coins is 50 pieces. 

Online ordering:Online ordering is available at Wholesale Challenge Coins. Their website is very easy to use as well. Filling out the quote form does not take a lot of time. Besides, they also take orders via emails and phone calls as well. 

Pricing:The prices at Wholesale Challenge Coins are relatively cheap and affordable. You can find out about your estimated expenses very fast. However, for orders less than 300 pieces you have to pay a mold fee. 

Turnaround Time:Wholesale Challenge Coins offers a turnaround time of 14 to 17 days. However, during the holidays the turnaround time can be slightly longer than this.

Review:There are no customer reviews available on their website. 


3. Alibaba 

Alibaba logo
Alibaba is one of the world's largest online retail platforms that connect customers and merchants on one platform.  Alibaba works as a middleman, allowing the transaction of products and services rather than keeping any stock.

When you're looking for suppliers for the first time, you don't have to rely on any other websites.  

Depending on your requirements, you could either order a single custom challenge coin from one seller from Alibaba or you can order in bulk at much lesser prices.

Coin type option
With Alibaba being one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the entire world, you will find lots of different coin types upon researching for a while. Here are some of the most common coin type options found in Alibaba:
Military challenge coins 
Air Force challenge coins 
Army challenge coins
Civil service challenge coins
Police challenge coins
EMS challenge coins 
Memorial challenge coins

Design Options

There are a lot of different vendors of custom challenge coins in Alibaba. Each of these sellers provides a different type of customization experience. However, all the top-rated custom challenge coins brands provide free design services. They all offer to convert your provided artwork into challenge coin artwork. They also offer services for those who have an idea but do not have artwork yet. They will send you a free digital proof over email and start production after you approve it. 

Order Size :The minimum quantity of orders for custom challenge coins can differ from one seller to another. While some top-rated sellers require at least 100 pieces, some only need 50 pieces. 

Online ordering:If you are ordering custom challenge coins from Alibaba then you will have to place the order via their app or their website. The ordering process, however, is a little trickier than ordering from a supplier’s website. 

Pricing :The prices for challenge coins vary from one supplier to another as well. However, the prices are not too far apart from each other. All the top-rated suppliers usually offer very cheap prices for challenge coins. The prices usually start from $.40 per piece only.
Turnaround Time:The delivery time depends on the supplier mostly. While Alibaba offers a 3 to 10 days turnaround time for shipping via air, many suppliers require 14 to 20 business days for custom challenge coins. 

Review:If you go to Alibaba and search for custom challenge coins, you will find a lot of top-rated suppliers. They all have positive reviews from authentic customers. Checking the reviews under the supplier is a great way to verify whether the seller is real or not. 


4. Linx Corp.

Linx Corp. logo
It's an absolute delight to see your design converted into a work of art, and then into a coin. And with Linx Corps custom challenge coins, you can experience that awesome feeling at a reasonable price!

With their very experience in custom die making distinguishes them from the competition, ensuring that their customers receive the greatest quality of challenge coins available in the market. If you are looking for a wholesale supplier for challenge coins then the reasonable prices at Linx Corps will surely benefit you. 

Coin type option
Here are some of the coin types available in Linx Corps. 
Military challenge coins 
Air Force challenge coins 
Army challenge coins
Marine challenge coins 
Civil service challenge coins
Police challenge coins
EMS challenge coins 

Design Options

Linx Corps offers free design and revision services for custom challenge coins. They will draw a free design if you don’t have an artwork ye. And if you have artwork then after receiving your artwork, they will create a proof for you within 24 business hours.
After getting your proof approval, a factory Sample will be provided to you within 5-10 business days. So, they will send both digital and physical proof, all for free!

Order Size :The minimum quantity of orders for custom challenge coins at Linx Corps is 100 pieces. However, they also take orders below minimum quantities but they will offer a custom quote for that. 

Online ordering:You can order online from their website. The website is quite easy to use. All you have to do is fill out the free quote form, upload your artwork, and approve the price estimate and the digital proof.  Then they will send a sample of the coin free of charge. After you have seen the sample, and given it your approval, they will start the production. 

Pricing :The pricing policy at Linx Corps is quite vague as their website does not mention prices. However, they will send you exact custom challenge coins price quotes within 24 business hours.
Turnaround Time:The turnaround time for custom challenge coins at Linx Corps is between 15 to 20 business days. However, that deadline starts after you have approved the physical sample. So if you have rush orders, it is better if you talk to a customer representative beforehand. 

Review:There are a lot of customer reviews on their website. All the reviews are very positive. Maximum reviews highlight the good service and fast turnaround time. 


5. Lapel Pins Plus 

Lapel Pins Plus logo
Custom challenge coins can help any brand that wants to advertise a product or service, honor those who serve, educate the public about their organization's goal, or commemorate a major milestone in their company's history. 

At Lapel Pins Plus, they ensure that the process of creating and using custom challenge coins is simple.  They believe that your experience should be enjoyable, straightforward, and effortless.

Their handcrafted challenge coins come in several finishes, offering you a broad range of customization possibilities.
Coin type option
Here are some coin types available at Lapel Pins Plus. 
Photo Printed Challenge Coins
Bottle Opener Challenge Coins
Custom Shaped Challenge Coins
Custom Cut Out Challenge Coins

Design Options

Lapel Pins Plus offers a variety of design services for custom challenge coins. If you have artwork or a previous copy you want to duplicate, upload it while filling out the quote form. If you don’t have artwork, then don’t sweat at all. You just have to tell them what you're looking for in a custom coin and they will provide you with a free design, rendering, and estimate within 24 business hours.

Order Size :There are no minimum quantities for custom challenge coins but the prices are very expensive. This is why they suggest ordering at least 100 pieces to keep the prices reasonable. 

Online ordering:You can order coins from Lapel Pins Plus via their website. The process is very easy and can be done within minutes. You just have to fill out the order form with important details, upload the artwork and wait for the digital proof. Once you have approved the digital proof, they will start production instantly. 

Pricing :The prices of custom coins at Lapel Pins Plus are comparatively higher than average. Their custom coins start from $4.87 per piece when the quantity is 50 pieces. The prices do decrease significantly when the quantity increases, but it is still quite more expensive than usual. You will also have to pay mold fees when you are ordering less than 300 pieces. So if you are planning on ordering challenge coins from Lapel Pins Plus, then ordering in bulk quantity will be better. 

Turnaround Time:Lapel Pins Plus aims to deliver your coins as fast as possible. Their turnaround time is only 7 to 10 days. 

Review:Lapel Pins Plus has 53 positive reviews on Trustpilot. But, if you check their website, you will not be able to find more reviews by their customers. 


6. All About Challenge Coins

All About Challenge Coins logo
All About Challenge Coins takes great delight in your coin project and what it means to you. They realize the significance of what your coins symbolize, and the team is dedicated to providing you with not just the highest quality, but also the greatest service in the market.

Many members of their staff are veterans or military family members. When they claim they understand challenge coins, they back it up with expertise and service. Trust the experts at All About Challenge Coins to handle your coin requirements, and we guarantee you will not be dissatisfied.

Coin type option
Here are some of the coin types available at All About Challenge Coins. 
Round Challenge Coins 
Custom Shape Challenge Coins 
Edge Numbering Challenge Coins
Sequential Challenge Coins
Cut-out Challenge Coins
Epoxy Dome Challenge Coins
Offset Printed Challenge Coins
Glow in the Dark Challenge Coins
Cloisonne Challenge Coins
Spinner Challenge Coins
Silk Screen Challenge Coins
3D Mold Challenge Coins

Design Options

If you already have artwork, the designers at All About Challenge Coins will turn it into a digital mock-up of the final result. If you just have an idea and no artwork, they will take your words and turn that into an interesting and captivating custom challenge coin. All About Challenge Coins will send you a free digital proof via email, that you can approve after verifying. They also provide unlimited free revisions of their digital proof.

Order Size :The minimum order quantity is 50 coins, but they usually recommend purchasing 100. Purchasing 100 coins is often just 20% more pricey than ordering 50 because of the quantity discount. 

Online ordering:Ordering online via their website is possible. Their website is very easy to use and the ordering process is quite straightforward as well. 

You have to fill out the order form with the necessary details, upload the artwork and wait for the digital proof. They will send the digital proof via email and wait for your approval. If you have any revisions they will do them right away. Once the digital proof has received your approval, they will start production instantly.

Pricing :All About Challenge Coins has a very transparent pricing policy. Their website has a price list that you can use to calculate your estimate before placing your order. They will also send you the accurate quote once you have requested it. Their coins usually start from $4.87 per piece for 50 pieces. The price lowers if you order more.

They also offer free UPS air shipping if you live inside the US or want to get your product delivered in the US. So you can save quite some money on shipping. 

Turnaround Time:All About Challenge Coins offers a turnaround estimate of 10 to 14 days. This also includes shipping, not just production. 

Review:All About Challenge Coins has 813 positive reviews on Trustpilot. All the reviews are very positive. 


7.  Made In China

Made in China is a complete service platform for foreign commerce. They focus on identifying business opportunities for Chinese suppliers and international customers, as well as offering one-stop services to enhance international trade between the two sides. has become one of the most reliable websites for international trade in recent years.

There are quite a few trustworthy challenge coin suppliers available on this website. Each seller offers different services and can cater to almost all of your needs, so if you are a reseller, searching for a reliable wholesale supplier for your challenge coins business, then Made In China is your answer. 

Coin type option
There are a lot of styles and types of challenge coins available in Made In China. Here are some:
Military challenge coins 
Air Force challenge coins 
Army challenge coins
Offset Printed Challenge Coins
Glow in the Dark Challenge Coins
Civil service challenge coins
Police challenge coins
EMS challenge coins 
Memorial challenge coins

Design Options
Made In China has a large number of wholesale suppliers selling challenge coins. Each of these sellers offers a great sort of customization experience. All the great custom challenge coin suppliers will undoubtedly provide free design services. They all offer to turn the artwork you submit into a challenge coin design. They will offer you free digital proof via email and will begin manufacturing after you have approved it.

Order Size :The minimum order quantity for custom coins varies from supplier to supplier. While some vendors need a minimum order quantity of at least 100 pieces, others just require 50. Some even require only 10. 

Online ordering:If you want to purchase challenge coins from Made In China, you can do it through their website. The ordering process is a little more difficult than ordering from a supplier's website. However, the order process is very similar to ordering from any regular e-commerce platform. So if you are used to ordering from various e-commerce platforms, then ordering from Made In China will not be difficult for you at all. 

Pricing :Prices for challenge coins differ from one seller to another. Any good supplier generally has very low pricing for challenge coins. Prices typically begin at $.30 per piece. However, custom coins with trickier designs can be quite expensive.

Turnaround Time:The average turnaround time for most challenge coin vendors at Made In China is 10 to 15 days. After the digital proof has been approved, they usually take 10 to 15 days to manufacture and ship your product.

Review:If you visit any custom challenge coins supplier in Made In China, you will be able to see a wide number of reviews. All the great and top-rated sellers have positive reviews from authentic customers. This means the seller is real and there is no chance of fraudulence.


Bottom Line

Custom challenge coins are the perfect way to communicate your company's motto with employees and customers. They can be used to show respect to Veterans or can be used as a promotional product as well.  These coins can be corporate, whimsical, subtle, or extravagant, it all depends on what you want!

Today, custom challenge coins serve both a creative and a commercial purpose. These unique metal keepsakes are a fantastic way to raise awareness. 

With the help of these top 7 websites to order challenge coins in bulk quantity, your custom challenge coins experience will now become much easier and more exciting.

Article written by Robin Brown
Robin Brown is part of the content team at Vivipins where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.
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