Top 7 Custom Wristband Manufacturers in Australia

Written by Robin Brown on November 3, 2022
A trendy and socially acceptable personalized wristband is one of the best ways to get your message out to the public. This has been recognized by many individuals, corporations, and philanthropic groups. They're taking advantage of it by creating personalized wristbands.
With technical advances, it is surprising that these once-required, single-coloured bespoke wristbands may now be custom-made to match virtually any colour palette, even swirling the hues around one another in a marble-like pattern. Many Canadian firms utilize custom wristbands to take their marketing to the next level.
The key to generating a wristband uniquely tailored to your or your company's needs while remaining sellable and wearable does not rest just in the bracelet's colour.
Let's look at the top seven custom wristband companies in Australia.


vivipins 3
Location: 1968 S. Coast Hwy #1153, Laguna Beach CA 92651

Let me begin with the most successful business on the list. Vivipins is a big promotional item producer. They know precisely what you want and provide it to you. Custom wristbands are one of Vivipins' most popular services due to their ability to make one-of-a-kind items.

Vivipins has a professional design team eager to help you in every way possible. This highly competent company is fun to work with and offers the most outstanding design services accessible.

You may pick between high, medium, and low-budget categories for their website.

Vivipins has two factories that specialize in online services. They have sold over 600,000 pins and have over 5000 returning customers.

Vivipins provides the most excellent service at the cheapest pricing. Their participation and amenities are unparalleled. Vivipins is a perfect place to start if you're searching for wholesale, customized wristbands in quantity.

Minimum Order Quantity
This is Vivipins' most enticing feature. Vivipins have no minimum order quantity. Begin with a single customised wristband. Their quality is so excellent that you'll be dissatisfied if you just obtain one.

Turnaround Time
This is Vivipins' most enticing feature. Vivipins have no minimum order quantity. Begin with a single customised bracelet. Their quality is so excellent that you'll be dissatisfied if you only acquire one.
Vivipins are pricing specialists. Their whole product line is of good quality and affordably priced. With their free shipping, you should save money. They also provide a 20% discount on all orders.



AAC logo
Location: 8 Millennium Circuit, Helensvale, QLD, 4212, Australia

AAC manufactures some of the world's greatest wristbands, lanyards, tickets, tokens, and other items. They are Australia's leading worldwide manufacturer and provider of event and venue identification wearables and crowd control systems. AAC was founded in 1997 as a part of Australian Amusements Consulting. The company specializes in operational, risk, and technical project management in the amusement, leisure, and recreation sectors.

AAC proactively repositioned itself to become a pioneer and diverse provider of ID wearables and crowd control solutions in the Australian market after identifying an opportunity to disrupt the wristband industry and challenge how it had previously functioned.

With the debut of its entirely Australian-made Tyvek wristbands in 2008, AAC extended its product offering through company diversification into pre-press production and manufacturing.

AAC was the first of its type in the market, and it continues to be the sole maker of Australian-made Tyvek wristbands shipped worldwide.

The popularity and strong demand for AAC's Tyvek wristbands result from a quality management system committed to employing high-quality materials, refining production methods, and researching ways to improve product quality.

Minimum Order Quantity
The minimum purchase quantity for all our classic and custom printed ranges is 100 wristbands. You can get wristbands for a cheaper price in bulk orders.

Turnaround Time
Air Freight Express.
Most AAC Event Specialist's orders are shipped through StarTrack Express in a 1kg, 3kg, or 5kg satchel. This provides a trackable door-to-door service, with delivery durations averaging overnight to metro areas, two days to outside metro areas, and 3+ days to outlying regions.
Road transport.
Larger AAC orders are shipped through TFM road freight, which takes longer than air freight, especially to WA and NT. Allow up to two days for delivery to Sydney, three days for Melbourne, and seven days for Perth.
AAC publications are Monday through Friday, between 1 pm and 3 pm, with pickup from our warehouse at roughly 3.30 pm.

Pricing varies with product type, quality and quantity. You can ask for a suitable quote on their website. Price will significantly decrease in case of bulk order.

3. Wristband Factory

Wristband Factory logo
Location: PO Box 5647, Port Macquarie, NSW 2444

Wristband Factory is Australia's exclusive supplier of wristbands and other promotional items, including lanyards, stress balls, ID cards, patches, badge holders, shot glasses, etc. They've been with the organization for a decade and have achieved several milestones.

Their team works diligently to ensure that everything runs well. Their sole goal is to give exceptional customer service by offering promotional things at a fair price, and they stick to this idea. Don't be concerned about the price, since it is one of the most reasonable on the market.

Minimum Order Quantity
Each item in Wristband Factory has a different minimum order amount. You must choose the type of custom wristband you want. The website specifies the minimum order quantity.

Turnaround Time
Orders, such as Australia Post and Couriers, are subject to third-party timescales and delivery method selection. Monday through Friday, they post or courier orders.

They intend to ship as quickly as possible. In most cases, they will ship within 24 hours after receiving payment.

Depending on product quality, quantity prices will vary. If you choose premium quality product, you have to pay more than the regular one. Check out the website for details.

4.  Dynamic Gift

Dynamicgift logo image
Location: 13 Dee Cres, Tuncurry NSW 2428, Australia

Since 2008, Dynamic Gift has been creating and distributing a wide range of imprinted marketing materials to businesses across Canada. Their comprehensive selection is available at the best prices in Canada, and they provide artwork services and quick turnaround options for customers on a tight schedule.

Prospective customers should not leave an event without anything decorated with your company's name to remind them of your product or service. They understand the importance of getting your company's name out there.

Minimum Order Quantity
The minimum order amount varies for each item in a dynamic gift. You must select the sort of custom wristband you like. The minimum order quantity is listed on the website.

Turnaround Time
They have a large selection of things that may be designed, manufactured, and delivered in 3, 5, or 7 days.

Pricing varies according to product type. If you buy in volume, you can receive a considerably better deal. Some quality items are more expensive.

Wholesale Wristband Australia logo
Location: Melbourne, Australia

Wholesale Wristbands Australia has been in the events sector for almost ten years. During this period, they have provided event entry solutions and custom-printed clothes to hundreds of satisfied customers.

They currently provide Tyvek wristbands, silicone wristbands, lanyards, and clothing to a diverse range of sectors.

Customers continue to pick Wholesale Wristbands Australia as their chosen supplier because of their cheap rates and competent customer service.

Minimum Order Quantity
Minimum Order quantity for is different for different type of product. Tyvek Plain-100, Tyvek Custom-100, Silicone-100, Plastic Clip Plain-100, Plastic Clip Custom-100, Woven-500, and Slap-1000 is the minimum order quantity.

Turnaround Time
If you check the website, you will find detailed plan about the turnaround time. Your product can be delivered in the same day or it could take up to 16 days.

To get idea about the pricing you have to choose first. You have to select design or custom your design and ask for a quote. You will get the email from them as soon as possible.

6.Tyvek Wristband

Tyvek Wristband logo
Location: 6/25 Easey Street Collingwood, VIC 3066

Tyvek has been in the events sector for over 10 years and understands the importance of tyvek wristbands for your event.
Clients return because of the good quality tyvek wristbands, trustworthy service, and cheap rates. This is also why Tyvek is Australia's fastest growing wristband manufacturer. In order to fulfill your deadline, they will express ship anywhere in Australia.

Minimum Order Quantity
Each item in a dynamic gift has a different minimum order quantity. You must choose the type of personalized bracelet you want. The website specifies the minimum order quantity.

Turnaround Time
They have a wide range of products that can be created, manufactured, and delivered in three, five, or seven days.

Pricing varies depending on the product type. When you buy in bulk, you can get a much better value. Some high-quality things are more costly.

Hand Band logo
Location: PO Box 741 Cremorne Junction NSW 2090 Australia

Handband has been producing wristbands in various shapes and colours for multiple causes and businesses and organizations seeking a potent advertising tool.

They utilize entirely non-toxic silicone rubber, and the ability to print your message is a thrilling surprise for many. They are popular among children because they are excellent. Companies adore them because they are long-lasting.

They like them because they help individuals start businesses, causes keep connected, and children learn.

Minimum Order Quantity
You can purchase as few as seven wristbands or as many as 200 if the number is a multiple of 10. You can, for example, buy 200 Yellow Handbands, 210 Blue Handbands, and 250 Red Handbands. All sizes and colours must be ordered in multiples of ten, with a minimum purchase of 200. As a result, Handband can offer you one of the lowest minimums on the market at a very reasonable price.

Turnaround Time
Handband promises that all customized orders shipped via Handband® Standard Shipping will arrive in 12-14 business days, and Handband® Express Shipping will arrive in 10-12 business days.
If your order solely contains In-Stock Wristbands, they will be sent through Australia Post within 2-4 business days. Custom Products and/or more customized choices may extend manufacturing times by a few days. All delivery dates are contingent on payment verification.

Quantity costs will vary depending on product quality. Premium grade products cost more than standard quality products. For further information, see the website.

Bottom Line

You must be perplexed after reading all this about which business to visit. You should ask yourself several questions before deciding on a store.

What are your product specifications?
How much money do you want to spend?
What kind of design do you prefer?
How much money can you afford to spend on a custom wristband?
This should alleviate some of your strain.

You should choose your provider based on all of these factors. If you want my recommendation, I will go with Vivipins. Vivipins has the experience and competence to provide you with what you want. Vivipin has no minimum order amount and offers free shipping worldwide.

You don't have to; believe me, you can give it a shot. You can not find anything better than vivipins.

Article written by Robin Brown
Robin Brown is part of the content team at Vivipins where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.
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