Top 6 Custom Patches Manufacturers In San Diego

Written by Robin Brown on May 2, 2022
Custom Patches are a great way to let the world know who you are as a person. These batches speak about who you are as an individual. Custom patches make great gifts for a community. 

You can wear the same badges, patches, or pins with your community to show solidarity. For the six best custom patches San Diego manufacturers, keep on reading.

1. Team Phun

Team Phun
Location - 5026 Cass St #B, San Diego, CA 92109

Team Phun is a creative design powerhouse and a company that thinks about what's coming next and where you can buy promotional products from. Their team is made up of designers, engineers, and product specialists who invest in education, technology, and current trends to make sure they provide the best service and products in the industry. 

They have four types of patches: woven patches, embroidered patches, sublimated patches, and leather and faux leather patches. Each type has a different look. A unique patch is made by digitally printing the design instead of sewing it on with thread. If you want to add leather patches with your own designs, you can either deboss or embossed them too.

2. Printology

Location - 330 Highland Ave, National City, CA 91950

Printology is a company that does screen printing and embroidery in San Diego, CA, since 2018. They have expanded their business to Las Vegas, NV, and they are still providing service to customers all over the country and the world. Printology wants to make sure their customers get high-quality patches at fair prices, and they want the customers to be 100% happy with their purchases. They use UPS and FedEx to make sure that your package gets to you quickly and on time, always. 

Were you looking for a way to spice up your brand? Order some Custom Patches from Printology and see how they make your brand stand out in a whole new way, like never before! The Velcro or iron-on backing on the patches makes it easy to put them on the clothing. You no longer need to stress because their skilled Graphic Design Team will make sure your artwork is ready for custom patches that look great. They offer embroidered patches, Woven Patches, Dye Sublimated Patches, PVC Patches, and other types of patches, too. They use well-known and reliable technology, which means they can surely provide you with high-quality products. They use the best materials, which means your design will look good and last for a long time. Your patch order will be done on time, every time.

3. Pacific Sportswear & Emblem Company

Pacific Sportswear Emblem Company
Location - 1277 North Cuyamaca Building A-B, El Cajon, CA 92020

Pacific Sportswear and Emblem Company is an innovative manufacturer and importer of Custom Headwear, Patches, and Accessories for customers across the country and around the world. They have been a big hit with the business since 1985. Custom patches are what they do best. They can make a custom patch for you, no matter what style you want. This company is truly ahead of the game when it comes to serious custom Patches and Emblems. 

They are the company that came up with the Laser CUT Patch in 1989. A lot of companies have tried to copy them, but not many have succeeded. If you need your clothing or promotional materials "patched up," let them do it for you on time and budget. They offer Merrowed, Laser CUT, Reflective, Glow, and more types of custom patches. People are more and more interested in precision-cut rubber patches, and they are one of the best at making them. They make Leather, PVC, glitter, Liquid-filled, Rhinestone, Woven, Reflective Patches that are made according to your needs.

4. Peiyork Emblem

Peiyork Emblem
Location - San Diego, CA

Peiyork Emblem specializes in custom embroidered patches of all kinds. Peiyork is known for providing unique personal care to each client, order, and patch. You're working with the best when you work with them. Peiyork, which was founded in 1982 on the beautiful island of Taiwan, has established a reputation for producing high-quality items and excellent customer service. Peiyork established a US office in San Diego, California, in 1983, to provide customers with a more convenient point of contact as well as a more cost-effective delivery service. 

Their embroidered patches are made using high-quality threads to ensure that they are vivid, bright, and long-lasting. Every order and patch can be customized to your liking. The company helps its customers build their businesses in the garment, uniform, promotional, and novelty markets by offering a diverse product portfolio.

5. Howling Embroidery

Howling Embroidery
Location - Chula Vista, CA.

Howlin' Embroidery is a family-run custom embroidery company in Chula Vista, California. They offer professional embroidery services that specialize in headwear, patches, and other types of clothing. They make high-quality custom products for people who want nothing but the best. When you visit their website, there are "request a quote" forms that are the fastest and easiest way to get a quote for their service. After you fill out the form, you will get an email in the next 48 hours that asks if you want to go through with it. Then they will process your order and send you a digital sample by email. 

They start making your project as soon as you give them the go-ahead. People who work there do all the work in-house, which allows them to keep an eye on the quality of their work. However, if your order is very big or complicated, they may not be able to speed things up. Finally, they let you know when your order is done and send it right to you! If you buy something from them, you can get it delivered anywhere in the world.

6. Vivipins

Vivi.Pins logo image
Location - 1968 S. Coast Hwy #1153, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

At Vivipins, there is a team of capable people who are waiting to actualize all your custom patch dreams. The team works together to make sure you get the high-quality custom patches at a great, low price from them. They are a family here – a family that wants to make the best custom patches at the best prices. To join their family, you just have to order from them. And with that, you get the best care and the best products delivered right to you as quickly as possible. When it comes to getting your very own custom patches, there is no better company than them to choose from. 

Because they have everything you could want in a patch supplier. At ViviPins, you can get the exact design and size that you want. They are known for making embroidered that stand out and get a lot of positive attention and reviews. They also do all of this at a very low price. They also don't have any minimums, which might be the best thing of all. In this case, you'll be able to order as many or few patches as you want.


Custom patches are a unique way to elevate the look of a jacket, shirt pants, or even bags. You can use embroidered patches to express yourself any way you want. They are also a great way to add a unique and different touch to your small business. 

If you live near San Diego, and cannot find a great manufacturer for your needs, then don’t worry. We have got you covered. With this guide for custom patches San Diego, you can choose the best manufacturer, and order everything you need. 

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Article written by Robin Brown
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