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Top 6 Custom Patches Manufacturers in San Diego


February 02, 2024

Do you need to add some personality to your image to pass a message without saying so? Custom patches can be an ideal way of doing so. These beautiful stitches are more than just decorations; they can also add a sense of community identity.

San Diego, a city teeming with life and wonder, requires its citizens always to be vigilant, from its motto: “Semper Vigilans.” If you live by its maxim, you will want a custom patch that makes you stand out.

We have detailed the six top custom patch manufacturers in San Diego that offer patches that will make you and your brand stand out.


Team Phun

Unleash your brand's personality with Team Phun, a design powerhouse; it is all you need in a non-stop shop for promotional products, plus more.

Their team comprises distinguished designers, product prose, and engineers ready to bring your designs to life. As a dynamic team, versed with the latest trends, they stay ahead of the curve, ensuring you get the latest design ideas before they become commonplace.


They offer patches of four distinct types:

  • Woven patches: for a timeless elegance with a touch of refined texture. It is excellent if you want text clarity, minor details, and color blends.

  • Embroidered patches: intricate color designs with a pop of color. Wanting fewer details, larger text, durability, and dimension is best.

  • Sublimated patches: A photorealistic look with a smooth transition and detailed color gradients. Great if you want detailed artwork and lots of colors

  • Leather and faux leather patches: Genuine leather that comes with sophistication. For more personalization, you can opt for a debossed or embossed design to deliver a truly unique design.

By using Team Phun's services, you will be getting cutting-edge digital printing techniques that can stand out and enable you to deliver your brand voice confidently.

Where to find them: 5026 Cass St #B, San Diego, CA 92109



Established in 2018 and now servicing San Diego and Las Vegas, Printology has proven its mettle for high-quality screen printing and embroidery. Running on its core mission of providing exceptional value and world-class patches at an affordable price while offering a satisfaction guarantee, Printology is deeply committed to having happy customers.

If your goal is to take your brand to the next level, Printology custom patches will be a great allay on this quest, backed by a team of highly experienced graphic designers.

With convenient Velcro or iron-on backing, they are easy to attach to any garment.

By partnering with proven delivery partners such as FedEx and UPS, they ensure you get your patches safely and as per agreed timelines.


Some of the patches they can make include:

  • Embroidered Patches: they offer a classic look and feel while maintaining the intricate details and vibrant colors

  • Woven patches: Delivers a timeless, elegant feel with a touch of texture. Great for patches requiring outstanding details.

  • Dye sublimated patches: delivers a photo-realistic look, stunning colors, and smooth transitions.

  • PVC patches: Great if you are looking for durability. It has a crisp look and feel.


The minimum order requirement is 50 pieces with a 12-17-day turnaround. Ready to take your re-energize your brand today? Visit Printology today and start your custom patch design journey.


Where to find them: 330 Highland Ave, National City, CA 91950


Pacific Sportswear & Emblem Company

Disappointed by run-of-the-mill patch manufacturers that don’t live upto to their billing? If yes, Pacific Sportswear & Emblem company delivers more than just satisfaction; with over three decades in operation, they have delivered quality custom headwear, accessories, and patches.


What makes them stand out?

  • Expertise You Can Trust: Over time, they have attracted top-notch talent that can bring your intricate design details into stunning realities.

  • Innovation Hall of Famers: In 1989, when neon and leg warmers were the in-thing, Pacific Sportswear & Emblem Company revolutionized the industry with Laser CUT Patch. This is a feat that many competitors still struggle with.

  • A wide array of Patches: they have a wide array of patching ranging from promotional or clothing materials.

  • Quality and efficiency: A combination that has made them an ideal choice. From the use of fine material to breakthrough technology that ensures that your patches are stunning.


Customer patches on offer:

  • Merrowed patches: The epitome of classic with their smooth, finished edges.

  • Laser CUT patches: Razor-sharp precision meets intricate designs for a head-turning impact.

  • Reflective patches: Stay safe and shine bright with patches that light up the night.

  • Glow patches: Let your inner glow radiate with patches that pack a luminous punch.

  • And the list goes on! From precision-cut rubber for outdoor adventures to luxurious leather, eye-catching PVC, and dazzling rhinestones, they have the materials to match your design needs.

Where to find them: 1277: North Cuyamaca Building A-B, El Cajon, CA 92020


Peiyork Emblem

Peiyork Emblem was founded on respect, teamwork, integrity, and Innovation. Since 1982, they have lived true to these principles, creating custom-designed gems that have elevated many brands, making them one of the preferred patch manufacturers.


What makes them stand out?

  • Unmatched experience: whether your goal is to get classic elegance or intricate details, Peiyork's skilled team is at hand to create your ideas with dedication. This design process is built on collaboration, ensuring that you are aware at every step of creating your customizable embroidered patches.

  • A Global Reach: With roots in Taiwan, Peiyork established a US office in San Diego in 1983 to offer a convenient point of contact and cost-effective delivery. With factories worldwide, this global outlook means that lessons learned elsewhere can be forged into the design process to create uniqueness and meet various requirements.

  • Beyond Beauty, Built to Last: Peiyork uses only the finest threads and cutting-edge techniques, ensuring your patches boast vibrant colors, enduring brilliance, and long-lasting durability. They're not just pretty faces; they're built to withstand the test of time.

  • Personalized Perfection: With Peiyork Emblem, you're not just a customer but a valued partner. They take immense pride in delivering precision and excellence that adds to a personal touch.

  • Quick turnaround: the typical order takes two to four weeks to deliver.

Where to find them: San Diego, CA


Howling Embroidery

Howling Embroidery, a family-run entrepreneur based in Chula Vista, California, specializes in custom embroidery services, delivering unmatched quality and personalized touch to your custom headwear, patches, and various types of apparel.


What makes them stand out?

  • Crafted with Care: With an in-house dedicated team, they are well-equipped to handle orders, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and the highest quality standards possible. Unlike many custom patches, they don’t outsource their designs.

  • Easy to use “request a quote" forms: Their online quote request form is easy to fill out and get pricing estimates. Within 48 hours of ordering, you’ll receive a confirmation email and a digital sample of your patch's appearance.

  • Having Big Orders? No Problem: Howling Embroidery tackles even the most complex and large projects. Whereas this might take longer than the usual turnaround time, you will be informed.

  • Worldwide Shipping: Regardless of location, your embroidered masterpiece will be shipped to your address conveniently and within the appropriate duration.

Where to find them: Chula Vista, CA.



Looking for custom patches that ooz your personality and ethos? If so, Vivipins is your ideal partner. With a highly experienced team and eagerness to collaborate and make your patches into reality at an affordable price, they are just what your brand requires.


What makes them an ideal partner?

  • Emphasis on Family, Not Factory: Vivipins understands personalization, and you'll experience a warm, family-like atmosphere in designing exceptional custom patches. Vivipins firmly believes that you are not just an item on the custom order but a partner we are ready to work with to create high-quality products to make your design needs come true.

  • Patches Tailored to You: If you aim to make patches that precisely match your needs, Vivipins offers endless customization options, from design and size to quantity. Whether you want to make a bold statement through your embroidered masterpieces or a small batch of personalized flair, your dream will come true.

  • Affordability Meets Quality: Looking for value for money matched by quality designs? Vivipins delivers exceptional quality at budget-friendly prices. Moreover, with no minimum order requirements, you can order a few custom-made patches perfect for testing waters before fully committing.

Where to find them: 1968 S. Coast Hwy #1153, Laguna Beach, CA 92651


Bottom line

We all have some semblance of design element, but we might only sometimes get the platform to bring this to actualization. This is where a trusted partner comes into the picture. Moreover, custom patches offer the perfect platform to fully bring your self-expression to life.


If you reside in San Diego and this speaks to you, worry no more about finding the perfect partner. Explore one of the options above and deliver a perfectly stitched patch.

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