Top 6 Custom Golf Ball Marker Companies in Canada

Written by Robin Brown on April 30, 2022
Are you a golfer looking for the ultimate custom golf ball marker? Are you feeling lost in the process? Choosing the right company for your custom golf ball marker isn't that easy. But worry not! We got you. Vivipins experts searched for the best golf ball marker companies where you can get your custom ball markers from. Now, let's look at the Top 6 companies we have listed below who are best at producing custom golf ball markers in Canada. 

Let's get started! 

1. Custom Made Golf Events 

Custom Made Golf Events
Custom Made Golf Events have over 40 years of experience producing custom golf ball markers. This online-based shop is unique in its service. They have a reputation for customizing their products and shipping them in 3 to 8 business days worldwide, right at your doorstep. Moreover, you can create your custom golf ball markers and fixers with your logo. Plus, free setup, Free Virtual Proof, and fast production make your golf ball marker customization experience amazing and satisfying. 

2. Zazzle 

When talking about Zazzle, you can say four core values drive them: Creativity, Heart, Integrity, and Amaze! They are 16 years and growing in the business and have 16 domains. They operate with an easy design tool, and you can have your own customized design of your golf ball maker in countless ways.  
Before delivery, the markers will be subjected to a thorough quality inspection, and there will be no major issues if you use them as directed. Their constructed product range, cost-effective pricing, and quick deliveries have earned them a reputation in the business. 


1 1 is headquartered in Charlottetown, Canada. They came into the business in 1999. In 2016, they upgraded their packaging with features like an attractive information card and reusable packaging, making the product names easily recognizable. The most astonishing feature they have is that they will magnetize any name marker in 20 seconds! They also fit their Personalized Magnetized Markers for you into a line of Heavy-Duty Divot Repair Tools and Hat Clips. You will be amazed to learn that they package their products with their magnetic markers into a beautiful, reusable package of gift boxes for a terrific gift-giving experience.  

Their Golf Markers are professionally designed with Custom Cushion Backs, with a Legal Size of 25mm diameter and 100% Lead-free Pewter. Not only that, but you also get to choose 3 Name Markers in attractive reusable packaging. They have free shipping facilities within Canada, and you can order unlimited quantities. 

4. Foretera 

Operating from Georgetown, CA, Foretra is run by a bunch of golfers. To ensure that their Unique Custom created ball markers operate at their best, they only use the highest quality materials in the production. They have around 40,000+ satisfied customers around the globe, so far have won 20 awards, and have 24 years of experience. Their golf ball markers consist of a size of 24.4 mm (0.96") in diameter. Also, they are placed 129th in Amazon's Best Sellers Rank in the 'Golf Ball Markers' Category.  
Their ball markers are custom designed for you and Double Sided Metallic. It consists of a unique "Putt for Dough" / "Money Maker" Design, and what makes it more exclusive is the high-quality colorful soft enamel finish. The best part is that when the poker chip is in your playing partner's line, the little ball marker may be readily removed to indicate your spot! 
Other items in the Golf Covers category include Driver Covers, Putter Covers, Alignment Stick Covers, Fairway Covers, and Hybrid Covers, as well as Training Aids and On-Course Accessories, and more. They provide free shipping on orders over $75, but only within Canada and the United States.  

5. Flamingo Creek (Colloco Enterprises Inc.)  

Flamingo Creek Colloco Enterprises Inc.
Flamingo Creek offers unique and out of the box golf ball markers for you. They have two categories of design: Wine Glass Design and Crystal Design. Their 'NINE AND WINE GOLF BALL MARKERS' are the ideal golf accessory for golfers who also enjoy a sip of wine! They also come with two ladies' golf ball markers: one enameled crystal golf ball marker and another enameled golf ball marker with glitter that has a perfectly smooth epoxy finish. 

Keeping your variation of ball marker choices in mind, they have also introduced a bling golf ball marker dotted with 20 imitation crystals and a glitter golf ball marker with a wonderfully smooth surface. They have created Quality Hat Clips, which are golf gift packages that comprise a strong magnetic hat clip. But don't worry! You won't lose it on the golf course since it will stay put from the fairway to the putting green.  

What is most intriguing about them is that their golf ball markers are hand-crafted, engraved with imitation crystals, and precisely polished. For your ultimate user experience, they make their markers very specifically. For uncompromised quality, each golf ball marker is individually inspected and carefully wrapped with expertise. You will also receive a matching flat marker made of polished metal that's only 1mm thick so that you can keep track of your golf ball in a fun yet playable way.  Rather than selling in bulk, they currently sell individual ball marker sets on Amazon, where they are placed 12th in the 'Golf Ball Markers' category on Amazon Best Sellers Rank.  

6. Vivipins

Vivi.Pins logo image
If you are looking for a vast selection of customization options for your golf ball marker, then is your eventual destination. Their variety of Golf Ball Markers types includes Logo Ball Marker, Ball Marker Coins, Ball Markers, Hat Clips, Magnetic Golf Ball Markers, and much more. 
The classic golf ball maker is the stand-alone magnetic golf ball marker that most people are familiar with. A simple coin serves as a golf ball marker in the stand-alone golf ball maker. On the front of these markers, usually, there is some custom logo printed on it. Hard enamel and soft enamel pins with magnetic backing can be used to build stand-alone golf ball manufacturers. 
You can personalize your golf ball marker with the brand golf ball markers to never get perplexed again. Most importantly, if you are planning to order custom logo golf ball markers in bulk, they will be the best place to get them. They offer very low prices depending on the size of your order. The larger the order, the lower the price.  
In addition to that, they have a unique service procedure. Firstly, they'll submit a sketch of your order and get your approval. Afterwards, you'll receive your order. They offer Full-Color Options, Superior Design Freedom, Heap to Produce, and, most importantly, free shipping on all orders!  
So, here you have it! The best custom golf ball marker companies in Canada. This list summarizes all the information you were searching for regarding custom golf ball markers. So, you don't need to wait any longer. You can start designing your own customized golf ball markers right now and partner with these companies without worrying about the qualities!
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Article written by Robin Brown
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