16 Characteristic Traits Aspiring/ Successful Entrepreneurs Need In 2019

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Characteristic traits are essential when becoming an entrepreneur because they assist in overcoming the inherent challenges. Entrepreneurship is one of the hallmarks of capitalism alone, but there are many challenges to said hallmark. It is especially daunting when you are all by yourself in a world that does not care.

It is because of that startling realization that we are here to provide Sixteen short tips for entrepreneurs. We want to explain ideas that any aspiring entrepreneur or business-person should consider honing to maximize success chances. Regardless, here are sixteen different character traits that aspiring entrepreneurs should have in 2019.  

1. You Are Going To Need A Sense Of Passion In Your Heart

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Starting with an obvious, but a necessary one here; but you need passion in your heart to succeed. You cannot become a successful entrepreneur if you do not have passion for your product or yourself. You need to have conviction and belief in your product and yourself to sell to your would-be consumers.

That is my first piece of advice for this long list of ours. It is vital to have passion for yourself and your product to succeed in this capitalistic society. Else you risk running into problems.

2. You Are Going To Need A Sense Of Preservation In Your Heart

Another piece of advice I feel I should divulge is the idea of preservation in your heart. You will need to be able to handle situations swiftly and accordingly. You gotta be willing to preserve and aspire to greater heights at the same time.

It is not enough to get to the end of the day; you got to go further. You got to be at the forefront of every situation, no matter how impossible they might be. If you want to be a very successful entrepreneur, you gotta be willing to preserve yourself.

3. You Are Going To Need A Sense Of Resourcefulness Too

You Must Know How to Delegate

Of course, if you intend to be a businessman or woman, you need to be resourceful. You should know how to turn a bad situation into a positive one. You also should be willing to network with other individuals.

If you intend to flourish as an entrepreneur, you have to be resourceful in every aspect there is. However, once you understand what is needed, it becomes easier to handle at times. All it takes is a bit of forward-thinking and resourcefulness to be successful.

4. You Are Going To Need To Know How To Network

As someone who went to university for a degree in the Arts, I heard this term very often.  However, it was for a good reason; networking is an essential part of business, regardless of industry. You will need to learn how to make a network of allies if you wish to succeed.

These allies can range from material suppliers to internal employees and friends. There are many ways to network in this world; you just have to be willing to expand. Especially since there are no rules to networking, so get out there and start making contact.

5. You Are Going To Need A Sense Of  Leadership

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Another trait that I feel all Entrepreneurs need, in some sense is leadership. Regardless if you are alone or with a team of friends, leadership is essential. You have to be willing to lead yourself and others to victory at all times.

Yes, it can be a daunting process; it is one that is necessary. Additionally, people respect individuals who can show that they can lead even in troubled times. That is why leadership is on this list because every business needs a capable leader.

6. Inspiring And Motivating Yourself And Your Team

Another hallmark of an inspiring leader is the ability to inspire those around you. Even if you are by yourself, inspiring and motivating others is still vital as an entrepreneur. By inspiring others, you give them the courage needed to follow you wherever you want to go.

7. Create A Vision Of A Truly Glorious Future For Your Company

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This step might fall on the boastful spectrum side, but it never hurts to envision your future. When it comes to business, creating a realistic and sensible vision is vital to attracting allies. Make a compelling narrative to those around you and sell it to them without hesitation.  

8. Go About This World With A Serious Tone On Your Face

It is great to have fun doing what it is you like doing in life, that is great. However, when becoming a person of business, you should learn to balance fun and seriousness at all times. That is why I recommend having a serious tone when going about proper business at all times.  

Seriousness conveys a sense of professionalism and competence. You want those around you to think that about you at all times. So, for my eighth tip, try to balance seriousness and fun evenly with one another. That is another characteristic of a budding entrepreneur.

9. You Also Got To Be Willing To Work Hard

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This tip stems back with the previous tips in this shortlist of ours. While, yes, this one is another tip that is more-or-less self-evident, it is still vital. You will not get anywhere as an entrepreneur by putting only ten-percent of energy into your work.

By working hard, you can achieve quite a lot in life, including when it comes to business. It is self-evident and something we teach to children, but I find it essential to remember this truth. If you cannot put your energy into this project, you will not get desirable results in life.

That is why I wrote this section to act as a bit of a reminder to both myself and the readers. To remember that we all need to work hard in life to achieve the impossible in life.  

10. Remember That You Are Going To Make Mistakes

We are only ever as good as we currently are; as such, we will make mistakes. While mistakes can be costly and cause devastating problems for people, they still happen even to the best. For our tenth tip, please understand that it is okay to make mistakes, especially when becoming an entrepreneur.

We are only human after all; as such, mistakes are bound to happen, but that is okay. Flaws are what make us human; they bring us down so that we can rise above them. If we did not mistakes, life would be boring because we would be perfect then.

11. Learning From Our Mistakes

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However, even though it is natural to make mistakes, learning from them is just as important. Growing up, I was taught that making mistakes is okay, but learning from them is more important. Moreover, that is just part of the learning experience as a whole.

We make mistakes, but we learn and move past them. That is life for everyone.  

12.  Utilizing And Mastering The Technologies Of Today

Technology is continuously improving with every generation, as such, using it for your business is vital. No matter what industry or business you want to set-up, technology has to play a role in it. I say this because your would-be competitors are most likely using it to their advantage, as well.

When it comes to parts such as marketing and distribution, everything works through technologies like the internet. Everyone is connected to the world-wide-web now, including would-be entrepreneurs. Not to mention falling behind or refusing to use current-day technology can lead to a disaster immediately.  

These disasters can range from becoming irrelevant to the eyes of the general public. To losing massively to your would-be entrepreneurial rivals. To just straight-up going out of business because everyone has surpassed you.

13. Think About Getting Involved With Your Community

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Getting emotionally and financially involved with your community is an excellent idea for aspiring entrepreneurs. Getting involved with your local community can result in you spreading news about your business to the populace.

Additionally, not only do you build up awareness of your brand but you also build up positive PR of your brand. Supporting local groups and organizations (especially if it involves education) can only be positive.  Even better, you earn money by getting involved; it is a win-win situation here.

14. Learn To Become A Master Negotiator

Of course, you are running a business of some kind out there in the world. As such, you will need to negotiate with your clients and patrons. Sure, some might scoff and say it is as simple as talking to the client, but not really.

Talking is easy, but getting the client to agree to your terms and condition is another matter entirely.  You do not want to become overbearing that they become annoyed and leave. However, you do not wish to frighten them off with dollar signs and contract plans.

It is a delicate line to straddle at all time, and one I still struggle with even today. However, you will be happy to learn this valuable skill as an entrepreneur now, rather than later. This is how the world of business operates, at least to my general knowledge on the subject.

15. Let The World Know That You Are An Expert

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Let the whole world know that you are a valuable expert in your field. Being able to show the world that you are a vaulted expert in your industry is paramount. You can show the world this fact about yourself in a myriad of different and unique ways friends.  

One way is by, you guessed it, getting involved with your community extensively. Another way is by hopping onto social media and spreading your name through related circles and groups. Heck, start a blog to go in tandem with your professional-looking website at the same time.

There are plenty of ways to appear professional even if you are just starting as an entrepreneur. The goal is to perform and look professional to the discerning eye; then sweet talk them into staying. That includes businesses such as enamel pin customs.

16. Understand That It Will Take Time To See Success

Success is not something that blossoms over a single night or weekend, no. It is something that can often take years to come to fruition at times. However, that is part of the fun, knowing there is a prospective journey ahead of everyone involved.

My last bit of advice for this article is this: do not get discouraged, my friends. Do not give up if you fail or fall down the first few times. Even the most prominent figures throughout history have failed before.

I know not everyone likes hearing such thoughts, but it is the truth. Success is not a short-wave plan; no, it can be the opposite at times. However, it matters not because it is you who are moving forward in life, no one else.  


When it comes to being an entrepreneur in 2019, there are no set rules or ideas to follow. Every aspiring individual who dreams of being their own boss has the right to go their own way. They have the right to choose for themselves on how they want to govern their business and affairs.

At the same time, I do hope this list provides some level of assistance to everyone. Did we miss something anything that you feel should be here? Please let us know what by leaving your thoughts and opinions down below.

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