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Starting a blog is a very personal, passion-fueled process. It is simple to make decisions. Now comes the tough part. What do you do?

Take a look below and decide if starting a blog is right for you. You may be wondering if it is too good to be true, but yes, you can start a blog in under ten steps.

That is, make it your own. Just make it easy to locate it online. Also, when you do name it, I would not recommend wordplay either. It can be confusing for readers and difficult to find your blog.

There are too many out there to begin to name. It is a must because it will keep your files protected. You also want to make sure you don’t have trouble with upload speeds, either.


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There are free options available online, and you will be able to have more control. There are sites out there that you can pay for that will help with your design and content as well. Just look at what is best for you.

Write your blog. Make the words you say count. People are busy and do not like to keep scrolling. They want the point of the article quickly.

Pick your poison. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. How you make money on your blog is going to depend on the audience you want. Figure out who you want to reach and go to where they are.


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Do you want this blog to be short or long term? What is the ultimate reason you are doing this? Do you want a weekly, daily, or monthly blog?

When you decide how often you are going to post, do it. Give your readers something to look forward to. Leave the cliffhangers so they will be waiting on you to post, and not you waiting on readers to read.

There are tons of free picture websites out there. Use them. Or use your own photos. It is all you, so make it your own and make it shine.


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Once you have decided what you are going to write about, do it. If you decide that you want to incorporate a blog into your sales site, do it. Below I have provided a website all about enamel pins. It is a custom site where you, as a consumer, can design, order, and pay for pins for yourself or coworkers.

  ● The owner of the website has found its niche. They like to create something that makes a statement. Same with a blog. You could do a whole article weekly on enamel pins and how to market them and design them.

  ● A site like this would be great for a new blogger to partner with to make money. You can start out writing for a website like this while getting your message across. Maybe a pin has a precise meaning to someone, or there is a story. If there is, tell it. People love human interest.

  ● Profile the owner. Is the owner a veteran? Is there a purpose behind their business?  Why are enamel pins interesting to this person? Tell their story. All the while, you are getting yourself out there to a broad audience.

  ● As a blogger, if you decide you don’t want to just stick to enamel pins, move on to other online retailers that do interesting or off the wall crafts. It will help get your name out there and generate advertising for the business. Both parties have the ability to make money.

  ● Decide if you want to do this long or short term. The owner of this company has built a life around pins. Who would have thought? But then again, pins are a big deal. In the military, government agencies, and retail companies. This business owner took an idea and ran with it.

As a blogger, you can decide how you want to write and who for and what about. In this world, a blog about how a small company sending pins all over the world can be exciting.

As a writer, you have the power to make people stop in their tracks with your words. Make them think. It is how you will define your passion.

As you can see above, I picked a web site you can look at and how you can develop a whole career around something as simple as a lapel pin. You have the power to make people care with your words. The question is, are you ready?

I am not going to tell you which web hosting company to use because that is going to be a location logistical decision. I know there are sites out there that will charge money to get your blog online and running.

It is up to you if you want to pay money or find a free format. Research this because you want to make sure they have good reviews and the ability to protect your files. Make sure they are easy to work with.


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So, you have found your passion. Now you have to decide on your name. Make What do you want to say? Do you want your blog to be a light and easy to read? Do you want to make a difference with your words or entertain? Set the tone for your blog in your name.

Make it short and catchy. Make it so people will have an idea of what you are writing about when they see the name. If you decide you want to be serious, remember, less is more. Do not box yourself in either.

If you want to write about different people or things, be vague but specific — a good example for an enamel pin blog: Heart of the Pin. Here you can talk about the pin origin, who it’s going, the designer, and the why.

You can use a free WordPress site or pay for that as well. You should try to use anything that is free. It gives you the control as a writer that you will need for your content.

It is a personal preference and a decision you should make on your own. You can decide how and what you want to do on your terms.

Take your thoughts out for a spin. Pour your heart into it. Make your message meaningful in as few words as you can. Grab people’s attention with your thoughts.

Make people feel compelled to do what you advise them to do in your blog. If you decide you want to write about the enamel pins, make them want to but a dozen. Make the reader want to design their own pin.

Compelling others to do what you want with your words is powerful. Make sure you are reaching the people you want to reach. If you want to focus on people who create the enamel pins, make your readers care.

Make the reader want to have the designer you featured design them a pin. It is what writing is all about. Put a piece of you into the blog. Make people care about you as well. Make your readers know you care about them too. Then, hit that publish button.


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You have written, now time to advertise. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. They are just a few to list. Figure out who you want to reach. If you want to reach people who like enamel pins, go to those places: fire departments, military groups, EMS.

You are your own biggest advertiser. Make people aware that you are present. The difference between millions of readers and thousands of readers is reaching a wide range of people. Pins mark any occasion.

So, if you decide to write the back story about pins, approach those companies. Maybe the owner wants to strike a deal with a blogger.

You make money, and you help them make money. Hashtag your blog wherever you can. Make yourself a trend. How big you get is up to you.

It is your business plan. Your goals. How long do you want to write for? Do you want to work long term or short term? Part-time or full time? Write these goals down. Figure out if you want to have just one blog or more than one. Decide if you want to have writers featured on your blog.

The point is, make a goal and list the steps to achieve that goal. It is easy to want it but visualize it. Hang it above where you work every day so you can see it. Have the discipline to do what needs to be done to make sure you reach your goals.

Make the Commitment

Decide and commit. Writing can be easy or hard. If you want to blog about something that you are an expert in, then maybe you can do a weekly blog. This way, you will be able to keep your readers engaged.

Make it enjoyable so that you want to know what happens next. Always give the reader a snippet to make them want the next article. Make your readers excited about your post. A lot of companies will do monthly blogs.

It gives people an overview of projects completed, and things to look forward to. Be proactive here. Draw the readers in like you want to be drawn in. Be their finally Friday moment. Give them something to look forward to.

Make your readers as excited about your words as you are. You are doing all this because you have a passion. You have an idea. You have thoughts. Make your readers excited to know what your next thoughts are going to be.

Make It Pretty

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Literally, do what it says. There are tons of websites that have photos to upload for free. People like to read, but they love seeing it as well. Make them feel like they are taking part in your vision.

If you write a blog about an enamel pin designed for a hero, show that hero wearing that pin. Show a picture of the designer working on the pin. As you tell your story in words, make your readers feel like they are there with you and your subjects.

If you write about beaches, show them the beaches. Make them feel like they are dipping their toes in the water with you. Pictures on a blog site enhance the experience. They make your readers care more. Best of all, if you are doing a photography blog, use your pictures.

Let your readers know you. If you are writing about a weight loss journey, or an awakening, show yourself going through it. It will make your readers invested in your outcome, as well. They will care and will be looking forward to your “next” chapter.

Follow Up

It is not a “step” per se in blog writing. It is just a commonsense point. Everyone wants to know the end of the story.

Make sure that if you are sharing a journey or telling someone else’s story, follow up. Always check your facts. Include keywords such as exclusive, only here, etc. Grab the reader’s attention.

Let them know they can learn something with your blog that they cannot get elsewhere. It will draw people in. If you are doing a blog about our beloved enamel pins and you feature a child or some other person with a great story, keep in touch.

Follow human-interest subjects. People love to know after all the pomp and circumstance that there was a good ending. You can keep people interested because you stay interested.

You can bring new readers in because you have “exclusive” content about an old story that no one else has. There was a guy on the radio, Paul Harvey; he did what would be a podcast these days. It was called the rest of the story.

Even as a kid, I would strain to listen every day to “the rest of the story.” I assure you people love this concept.

Your blog can be as popular as a TV show if you word your hashtags right and reach your audience. People love thinking they know something others don’t. Blogging can be straight gossip. Just make sure you have “exclusive” or “fresh” gossip.


To sum this up, the technical part of the blog is not hard. Webhosting and whether or not free WordPress format is good for you does not matter. A blog can become huge. You can start out as a blogger and end up on TV with a half-hour of your own every day.

It all depends on you. How much do you care about your success? Do you believe in what you are blogging about?

Trust me; people can tell if you care about what you’re writing about. You have to draw them in and make them want more. Make them search you out on whatever platform you are on.

Give them a place to leave comments and ask questions. Be interactive with your readers. Show them you are as committed to them as they to you.

Let them know you are available. A blog can be someone’s lifeline. Maybe the information you share will help them through a crisis.

Most of All, Have Fun!!! Enjoy Sharing Your Ideas!! Make Connections with New and Exciting People. That, my friends, is how to start a blog in under ten steps.

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