Stand out with Custom Lanyards To Promote Your Company Logo

Written by Robin Brown on October 6, 2022
Admit it. You must have forgotten your keys, badges or necessary id card before leaving for someplace. We all do it. A lanyard is a perfect solution for your forgetful habits.

Suppose you are responsible for providing lanyards for your employees. In that case, you must consider custom-making your lanyards with the company logo.

It does not only work as a good tool for forgetful employees but also does a fantastic job showing off your cool office logo.

What exactly is a lanyard?

A lanyard is a soft textile necklace composed of polyester, plastic, or cotton. It contains a bottom clip or attachment meant to retain keys, ID badges, and other small objects such as USB drives and torches.

What Is the Purpose of a Lanyard?

Lanyards are handy for various reasons, including the necessity to carry an ID or vehicle keys. They're instrumental in the following situations:

1. Medical

Nurses and physicians must be able to swiftly visit any hospital wing, which is why they should wear retractable badges on lanyards. There's no rummaging through pockets when your patients need you right now.


Students and professors are always on the go, dashing from their dorms or workplaces to class. Lanyards are commonly encountered in academics since they require easy access to their IDs or keys. Lanyards are purchased in bookstores or as free promotional gifts on orientation day.
The last thing you want is a stranger to stroll into your office. Set up badge scanners to keep your building safe. Your staff may lanyard their access cards and keep them in their car or work bag.

4. Conventions and Trade Shows

A trade exhibition or conference can have over a thousand people present at any time, including personnel, exhibitors, and guests. Attach name tags on complementing lanyards to identify who's who quickly.

5. Military

The military uses lanyards to give a quick and easy means to access equipment. The Coast Guard, for example, connects compasses to their lanyards to avoid losing them while on the ocean.

6. Health Clubs and Gyms

Do you go to the YMCA or a gym after work every day? Put your membership card on a lanyard so you can pull it out of your bag and scan it when you go to the gym, perform cardio, or attend a yoga session.

7. Concerts

Congratulations, you've just won VIP tickets to a forthcoming show! You have privileged access that other fans do not, so you should wear your pass on a lanyard around your neck. Lanyards are frequently worn by security and roadies as confirmation that they belong backstage.

8. Automobile Dealerships

Purchasing a new automobile is a significant transaction. Your dealership should go above and beyond to put impressions on clients. Give them their new keys on a lanyard so they can drive away in style.

9. Sports

Referees and coaches commonly wear whistles on lanyards. It's a quick option to halt play on the field or court if they need to make a play call or call a penalty.

10. Lifeguards

Every lifeguard on duty must wear a lanyard with an attached whistle, whether at a community pool or a water park. If space allows, a little bottle of sunscreen should be attached to the end.

What Can You Put on a Lanyard?

A lanyard is intended for small, lightweight goods that you wish to keep close at hand. Any of the following may be included:
Keys IDs
Wallets and face masks
Sanitiser for the hands
Mobile phones
Lip gloss
Sharpies or ballpoint pens
USB pen drives


A lanyard allows you to keep your house and car keys close at hand. Please keep in mind that removing your car keys from the lanyard before you start driving poses less of a safety concern.


Your driver's license, student ID, or job badge should be easily accessible. If you attach it to a lanyard, you won't have to worry about it dropping out of your purse or pocket.

Face Masks

Face masks were needed in public places during the COVID-19 epidemic. Some folks hung them on lanyards to quickly put them on and take them off during the day.


Because your credit card is buried in your backpack, it's taking you forever to discover it. A wearable neck wallet is a better option, especially if you're going shopping or traversing a crowded airport on your way to a holiday.


Are you going camping or hiking? For your nocturnal walks, use a keychain flashlight on a lanyard. It's the ideal technique to be safe on the trails and will also be useful for ghost stories around the campfire afterward.


Whistles are worn around the necks of lifeguards, coaches, police officers, and many other professionals. When it comes to campus safety, a whistle on a lanyard is also an excellent accessory for college students.

Hand Sanitiser

Germs in hand sanitizer are everywhere! Wear a small hand sanitizer on a lanyard to stay sanitary on a busy day. Attach either spray or gel hand sanitizer in little carrying sleeves.


People with impaired vision appear to misplace their glasses at least once a week. Wear your glasses on a lanyard to avoid this issue. This also applies to sunglasses.

Mobile phones

Lanyards that are robust enough to hold cell phones are available. Keep your cellphone in the little plastic pouch to easily access it for social media updates, messages, and photos!

Lips Balm

Lips appear to dry out faster in very heat or cold temperatures. By attaching it to your favorite lanyard, you never leave home without your lip balm.

Sharpies or ballpoint pens

If you have a long day of writing ahead of you, attaching a ballpoint pen or Sharpie to your lanyard is a good idea. Take it from around your neck, remove the cap, and you're ready to go.

USB Pen Drive

Did you spend the entire day working on an essay? Make a backup of your work on a USB drive. You won't have to worry about leaving the flash drive at home if you keep it on a lanyard.

What Are the Various Types of Lanyards?

Lanyards may appear to be one-size-fits-all, but there are numerous different kinds to pick from. Lanyards come in a variety of styles, including:

Lanyards that detach

The most popular form of a lanyard is a breakaway lanyard. If you don't want to slide the lanyard over your head, it features a little buckle at the top that you may clasp and unlatch.

Lanyards by Designer

Lanyards have gone from everyday wear to fashion statements thanks to designers like Kate Spade, Prada, and Gucci. You can get contemporary lanyards that complement your style.

Lanyards with Beads

Lanyards with Beads image
A beaded lanyard will make you feel like you're wearing a piece of jewelry. It's composed of metal rather than cotton, which may be more comfortable for extended usage.

Lanyards with two ends

Lanyards with two ends image
Assume you want to attach your ID and a pen to your lanyard. A double-ended design offers two hooks, providing additional capacity for everything you need.

Pocket Lanyards

Pocket Lanyards image
Lanyards are often worn around the neck, but you can also find those that connect to your belt loop with the assistance of a carabiner. You may then tuck your ID or keys into your pocket. These lanyards are much smaller and less conspicuous than standard lanyards.

Lanyards with Tubular Ends

Lanyards with Tubular Ends image
Tubular lanyards resemble shoelaces wrapped around your neck. They are often smaller and lighter in design than other lanyards. As a result, they are exceptionally comfortable to wear all day.

Lanyards in Full Color

Lanyards in Full Color image
Shop for full-colour or sublimated lanyards to wear a rainbow. You may use as many ink colours as you wish in the printed design without paying additional fees.

Lanyards, Woven

Lanyards Woven image
Instead of being printed with ink, bespoke text or pictures are stitched onto woven lanyards. As a result, the design will last indefinitely.

What Are the Different Lanyard Clips?

A lanyard is just a textile necklace without an end attachment. The lanyard comes with a variety of clips, rings, and hooks, which are all detailed in the infographic below!

What Are the Different Lanyard Clips?

Lanyard clip styles include:

Bulldog Clip: A metal clip with a grooved "tooth" that grabs an object.
Crocodile Clip: A bulldog clip that is longer and has "teeth" that bite down on the thing.
Swivel Clip — A tiny wire clip with a 360-degree rotation.
O-Shaped Ring — A straightforward, spherical keychain attachment.
D-Shaped Ring: An essential keychain attachment generally tucked into the top of the lanyard to form a "D" shape.
J-Hook — A non-rotating narrow "J" shaped clip.
Oval Clip: An oval-shaped clip that is often longer on the sides.
Lobster Clip — A metal clip designed like a lobster claw, with a push-down button for latching and unlatching.
Snap Button – A clear plastic button that snaps onto ID badges


Your backpack or pocket may fill up quickly, and sometimes you want the most important items within easy reach. That is the function of a lanyard. It's intended to provide instant access to everything you need, whether it's an ID badge or vehicle keys.

You must have at least one lanyard, primarily if you work in school, healthcare, or an office building.

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Article written by Robin Brown
Robin Brown is part of the content team at Vivipins where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.
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