11 Valuable Social Media Statistics You Should Know in 2019

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Social media has grown exponentially since its advent in 2004. And for good reason. Social media platforms open the traditional boundaries of communication and countless marketing opportunities.

As social media platforms continue to diversify, it is important to get with the program. Learning these latest statistics can help you better plan out your marketing strategy for the future.

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Of all the digital technology in the world, social media usage is continuously increasing.  According to a 2019 study, there are 3.2 billion worldwide, but that number is still growing. As a matter of fact, social media still has yet to reach its peak popularity.

One of the primary reasons social media usage is on the rise is because of constant innovation. As social media becomes more popular, companies are constantly improving their mobile possibilities.

Social media’s popularity demands that it is constantly improved and made simpler and faster. As such, you will find that most platforms are optimized for mobile use. This increased accessibility means more people can access social media more often throughout the day.

That being said, social media is easily a lucrative field to invest in. if no one is talking about your brand on social media, you have to rethink your marketing strategy.

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Majority of social media usage comes from millenials. Following millenials, 77.5% of Generation X and 48.2% of Baby Boomers are active social media users.

Millenials gained access to social media around the prime time of developing their personal and professional life. Thus, it makes sense why they use it the most.

Considered optimistic and digital pioneers, millenials have the inherent need to share their lives online. According to PostBeyond, millenials are influenced by their peers. More than that, they are driven by the Fear of Missing Out.

This particular statistic will help you determine which social platforms are useful to you. The variety of social platforms out there cater to different demographics. As such, you want to ensure you are accessing the right target audience through the right platform.

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Facebook is the leading platform that is shaping the landscape of social media. According to PewInternet, 68% or two-thirds of U.S. adults are Facebook users. Moreover, Facebook was the first social media platform to surpass 1 billion active users.

Facebook has managed to stay this ahead of the game due to its constant improvement. As social media diversified, Facebook evolved to meet its consumer’s needs.

For example, Facebook no longer caters to just personal communication. It also caters to small businesses, non-profits, shopping and more.

Understanding this statistic is key to making the most out of your social media marketing plan. If Facebook is leading the social media charge, you have to know how your content will perform. Moreover, it will show you how to optimize your reach on Facebook.

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Like we mentioned before, the reach of social media is growing more varied. Now, more brands recognize social media as a more effective way to connect with their audience. On the other hand, more buyer is turning to social media to research products and determine their purchases.

However, just being on social media does not always spell success. Consumers expect a certain quality of engagement in order to elevate your brand engagement.

For example, Sprout Social found that 83% to 86% of people preferred brands that were honest and friendly. When it comes to marketing on social media, people seek a personal connection.

You need to pay attention to how you conduct your brand on social media. Remember, social media can improve brand visibility, and it can drive your sales. You need to adjust your strategy to appeal to people, so they are motivated to make a purchase.

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A huge part of maintaining a strong relationship with customers on social media is providing exceptional customer service. While you manage your content, you must also keep in contact with your audience. Good customer service could mean the difference between building a following and losing favor with your customers.

63% of customers expect brands to have some means for customer service on social media. Moreover, quality customer service is a sure-fire way to get customers to recommend your brand to others.

That being said, it is important to be active on every front of your social media profiles. This includes replying to comments, mentions and messages on a consistent basis. You might want to consider desginating someone on your team to manage this information.

Maintaining consistent contact is how you show customers you care. Be as timely as possible and you improve your chances for building positive customer relationships.

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Influencer marketing is one of the most profitable industries out there. As a matter of fact, the influence industry is projected to be worth $10 billion by 2020. The growing power of influencers adds a whole new level to connecting customers with brands on social media.

Now, buyers are not just looking at brands through social media. Buyers are using influencers and their content to inform their own purchasing decisions.

As such, it is important to incorporate influencers into your marketing strategy. Influencers have the ability to be more engaging than a traditional celebrity. By investing in influencers, you gain the chance to expand your social media reach to new heights.

Moreover, it is not something you can avoid. According to Social Media Today, 65% of marketers are going to increase their influencer budget. So, get on board with influencer culture as soon as you can!

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Visual content is essential for any successful social media marketing campaign. With billions of contents in existence, you have to find a way to grab people’s attention. More importantly, you have to find out how to keep it.

Visual content is key to keeping people engaged. People are visual creatures and can process visuals faster than text.

Additionally, people tend to engage with social media in short bursts of time. This means your content has to be quick and easy to absorb.

This means that you have to figure out clever ways to use visual content to your advantage. You have to adapt your brand’s messaging to be told in a shorter, but more efficient way. It’s a delicate balance that you have to learn.

The bright side is that visual content will grow exponentially in views.

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At first, Instagram stories did not quite make the splash they were looking for. After all, Snapchat was essentially doing the same thing. However, Instagram’s larger and more diversified user base ensured greater success for Insta Stories.

Instagram stories relieved the pressure of the high expectations of a quality Instagram feed. For users, it allows a more casual and relaxed approach to Instagram.

Moreover, Insta Stories made Instagram more engaging. With its fun variety of tools, Insta Story allowed people to be more creative and spontaneous than before. The same can apply to brands and marketers.

If you are looking to connect more with customers, utilize Insta Story. Aside from its many personalization tools, they are videos of more personal content that disappears in 24 hours. As such, your followers feel like they are getting a more personal and informal look at your brand.

As much as our society is social media driven, it is also driven by our mobile devices. According to Lyfemarketing, 91% of all social media users access social platforms on mobile devices. Evidently, the need for mobile-friendly content is at a high.

As smartphones and tablets continue to advance, your mobile optimization strategy should evolve too. Having a mobile-friendly, responsive design is key to holding your consumer’s interest. People’s attention spans are extremely short, and few people can tolerate content that is not mobile-friendly.

Additionally, next to wallets, smartphones go everywhere with people. As such, simple and easy accessibility is the goal.

Having mobile-friendly content is an easy way to keep people engaged and interested. It also improves your credibility and trustworthiness to potential customers. Remember, dysfunctional, messy content reflects poorly on your brand.

The more responsive your content, the more likely you are to incite action from your consumers.

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For optimal reach, it is important to have several accounts on different platforms. Granted, you should definitely aim to have profiles on sites that cater to your target audience.

Here are is a breakdown of daily usage on different social platforms:


  • 74% use Facebook
  • 63% use Snapchat
  • 60% use Instagram
  • 46% use Twitter
  • 45% use Youtube


Again, having multiple profiles across multiple platforms can help your business. Done properly, utilizing different platforms diversifies your audience and your reach. Moreover, it strengthens your social media presence and personality.

Additionally, your brand will have increased search ratings. This works particularly well if you are present on high ranking platforms, like Facebook and Instagram.

Additionally, multiple profiles allow you to have more control over your customer service quality. You will have more opportunities to monitor what is being said about your brand.

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Although it is not on the list of most used social platforms, Pinterest is the dark horse of social media. Pinterest is quickly becoming a great promotional asset to brands.

In particular, Pinterests ability to curate for lifestyle tips and ideas makes it a great environment for brands. Here, brands are able to educate themselves on their audience. They can learn more about niche interests, like enamel pins custom, and how to cater to them.

Additionally, Pinterests offers brands the ability to become specialized. It allows them to develop their creativity and really show off what makes them unique. Moreover, a pin on Pinterest has more viability than a tweet.


In short, the social media landscape is constantly changing. However, if there is one thing that’s certain, it is that social media is growing rapidly.

To overlook social media would be a grave mistake on any marketer’s part. No matter how seasoned a brand is, overlooking social media means overlooking a wealth of potential consumers.

Used properly, social media can transform your brand’s performance in a number of ways. Social media can expand and optimize your brand’s teach to new audiences. Social media can teach you new, creative ways to engage with your audience.

Hopefully, these statistics and tips will help you in your future marketing strategies. Do you know any other social media statistics that could be helpful? Let us know!

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