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Rock Stars & Bikers Make the
Skull Pin Popular … Again!

It may surprise you to learn that skull jewelry, which is so popular today, isn’t some new creation – skull rings, skull pins, and other skull-related items have been widely popular at various times throughout ancient history.

For example, in classical Greece, Herodotus and Plato were among those who claimed the skull as a symbol of power.

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Later, in the 15th century, people widely wore skull jewelry to remind them of their mortality. The whole movement was known as “memento mori” and it included skull items, like skull pins, as well as skeleton-related items.

It has been reported that as that movement progressed Queen Victoria took to wearing skulls as a memorial to her loved ones who had died. This sparked a new trend for skull pins and skull rings – as memorial wear.

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When that trend began to slow down, skull pins kept a relatively low profile until the 1960s when rock stars such as Keith Richards brought it roaring back.

Richards was known to not only wear a skull pin but also skull rings on every finger. As more and more rock stars embraced wearing skulls the fashion statement crossed over into the biker culture.

In fact, skull pins are now often referred to as biker pins. Motorcycle riders, or bikers, began wearing skull pins on their jackets, shirt collars, belts and hats among other items.

Today, biker pins are probably the most popular form of skull-based jewelry. Bikers wear jeweled skulls, evil-looking skulls, happy skulls, skulls and crossbones and many more variations.

There are many reasons why skull pins have become popular among bikers and others. One reason is that skull pins remind us of our mortality. Another reason is that biker pins just plain look cool. Wearing a skull pin is a great way to add toughness or an edginess to a look.

The latest trend of wearing skull pins can be traced back to the 1960s – that’s over 50 years ago. Despite the long nature of this trend, it shows no signs of letting up.

Wearing a skull pin is as popular today as it was back in the 1960s and 1970s. Many fashion experts think the skull pin will never go out of style again – thanks to the coolness factor it gets from rock stars and bikers.

Another reason the trend is remaining strong is that it is now much easier to get a custom biker pin thanks to the convenience of the Internet.

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