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8 Best Sites To Buy Lapel Pins | Exclusive Guide


March 27, 2024

Lapel pins are experiencing a resurgence in popularity. Men and women of all ages use these small pieces to express their unique views and personalities. 


But, with hundreds of pin makers, which one do you choose?


Many websites offer exceptional designs and options to suit your preferences. These platforms boast extensive lapel pins in various shapes, sizes, and designs. Shifting through all the options available can be overwhelming and take a lot of time. 

8 Websites to Buy Lapel Pins

Are you tired of looking for a place to purchase the perfect lapel pins? Look no further; we have compiled a list of the top 8 websites where you can buy lapel pins that match your preferences and needs.




Source Etsy

Etsy specializes in crafting unique and meaningful lapel pins you won't find elsewhere. Their collection offers an array of exclusive designs that exude a touch of magic. When browsing their website, you'll notice that the price per pin can vary, ranging from $0.50 to $18.50.


Most designs on Etsy have a maximum order limit of around 700-800 pins. Therefore, seeking an alternative pin maker may be necessary if you require a larger quantity of lapel pins exceeding 1000 units.

When is it ideal to use Etsy? 

Etsy is an excellent platform for getting handmade and unique lapel pins. However, maximum order limits and longer turnaround times might be a challenge.


If you need to make a positive change in small businesses, Etsy is the place to impact a community of small businesses positively. 

Challenges with Ordering from Etsy

  • Etsy's product selection may be limited compared to other more significant online marketplaces due to its focus on unique handmade items. 

  • Buyers may find returning defective products on Etsy challenging without a standard return policy for all sellers. 

  • Many sellers on Etsy implement a made-to-order policy, potentially leading to a longer turnaround time for buyers.

  • Etsy's pricing for individual pins is often fixed, so there are limited opportunities for bulk discounts. 



Source Pinmart


Pinmart has established a reputable presence in the lapel pin industry. With over two million lapel pins in stock, they are ready to ship high-quality, low-cost products to help you accessorize. 


With over 2 million lapel pins in stock, Pinmart offers a large inventory of ready-to-ship lapel pins. However, a high minimum order - on non-stock items - is the main drawback.

When is it ideal to use Pinmart?

Do you need an experienced pair of hands to source your lapel pins? Pinmart has 25 years of pioneering experience in modern design and cutting-edge technology. 

Advantages of Ordering from Pinmart


  • They offer a wide range of custom pins if the lapel pins in stock do not fit the customer’s requirements. They provide countless ways to make custom pins unique to meet the specific requirements of their customers.

  • Pinmart does not have minimum order requirements for in-stock items. 

  • If dissatisfied with your in-stock product, you can return it in its original packaging for a full refund within 30 days of the order delivery date. The refund does not include delivery fees. This applies to all typically priced products, not close-outs, personalized, or special-order items.

  • One notable aspect of Pinmart is their promise of a production lead time of 5 days, which applies to specific lapel pin designs. Given their location in the US, they ship in as little as three days for local customers.

Disadvantages of Ordering from Pinmart


  • Items not in stock require a high minimum order requirement.

  • Bulk purchases are not available; all prices are for individual units.  

  • Once an order is placed, customers cannot remove items from it on the website; they must contact customer service.




Source PinTreasures


Pintreasures is a reliable and convenient choice for purchasing lapel pins in bulk.

When is it ideal to use PinTreasures?

When looking for rare lapel pins that are in limited supply, PinTreasures is your go-to place, as all orders are subject to availability and quality limitations. 

Advantage of Ordering from Pintreasures


  •  Their website boasts an impressive selection of over 10,000 stocked lapel pins available for sale. 

  • Navigating through their extensive design catalog is made simple with their user-friendly interface.

  • They have no minimum order quantity (MOQ), allowing you to order any desired amount of lapel pins. 

  • They are flexible regarding order quantities.  However, it's important to note that the prices of their lapel pins are slightly higher than anticipated. 


The only drawback to ordering on PinTreasures is that they do not offer any discounts for bulk orders. 



Source eBay


eBay is a popular e-commerce platform that offers a wide range of products, including lapel pins. 


Why Order from eBay?


  • On eBay, you can find an extensive collection of lapel pins from various sellers, allowing you to choose the ones that meet your needs.

  • eBay sells lapel pins at various pricing rates. You may find pins for less than $1, typically with free shipping. 

  • eBay offers a money-back guarantee for added buyer safety.


It's important to note that while eBay offers a warranty, individual pin makers may have their policies. 


It's advisable to check the specific return and shipping details provided by each seller.


Additionally, eBay allows you to review the seller's ratings and customer feedback before purchasing. 


Lapel pins from eBay are generally shipped within 15 days of payment, but this timeframe may vary depending on the seller.

When is it ideal to use eBay?

Are you a collector of lapel pin memorabilia? eBay is a popular platform for a diverse range of sellers offering vintage or discontinued items that are not available elsewhere.

Disadvantages of ordering from eBay:


  • They lack personalized customer care, limiting communication between the seller and the buyer.

  • Their limited buyer protection may result in disputes with the seller not reaching a satisfactory resolution. 

  • Buyers risk encountering unreliable sellers with inaccurate item descriptions, potentially causing losses.




Source Amazon


Amazon offers many products, including lapel pins. The site features a variety of pin producers, giving you a broad selection and reviews to assist you in making an informed decision and finding the best value for your preferred lapel pins.

Why Select from Amazon Offering?

  • Amazon offers competitive pricing for lapel pins. 

  • Shipping fees and overall costs are included in the final product price.


Remembering that different pin makers on the platform may have different shipping policies and fees is crucial. Some sellers may offer free or discounted shipping, while others may charge higher shipping fees due to various factors such as location, packaging, or handling.

When is it ideal to use Amazon?

Amazon offers efficient, reliable, and on-time shipping worldwide. They ship directly to the customer and offer item security, making sure the items arrive in good condition.

Drawbacks of Ordering from Amazon

Some drawbacks of buying from Amazon include

  • Some customers may perceive their shipping fee as significantly higher than other websites offering free shipping.

  • The abundance of vendors may pose a challenge regarding the quality of specific lapel pins.

  • Amazon's website gathers extensive user data, which raises concerns about customer privacy.

  • Customers face a risk of encountering counterfeit products from third-party sellers.




Source Ties.com


Ties.com offers high-end and luxurious lapel pins to enhance your formal attire for special events. 

Why order from Ties?


  • Their website showcases sophisticated designs, including classy floral patterns and elegant motifs.


  • Regarding pricing, they offer lapel pins starting at $12, except for their themed pin, which is priced at $5. The costliest pin available on the website is $20. 

  • They provide free shipping and returns within the United States, ensuring customers a convenient and hassle-free shopping experience.

  • Once an order is placed, they pack and ship by the next business day. If, however, the order is placed before noon Pacific Standard Time, they will ship the order on the same day. If the order is placed on a weekend, it will be packed and ready for pickup on the next business day. 

  • The time to receive your package will depend on the location and the delivery service option selected to deliver your product. 

  • If the order is unsatisfactory, the product can be returned within 30 days for a full refund or within 60 days for store credit. They do not reimburse shipping and handling fees. 

When is it ideal to buy from Ties.com?

When looking for lapel pins that every detail is paid attention to and packed by hand, Ties.com is the place to order from. They believe in the human touch in their products. 

Disadvantages of Ordering Lapel Pins from Ties

Some disadvantages of ordering from ties.com include

  • The company does not offer weekend delivery.  

  • Customers cannot physically examine the product before ordering, potentially resulting in the order not meeting their expectations.




Source Oota.com


Oota.com is a platform offering exquisite lapel pins catering to individuals looking for sophisticated accessories for elegant events. 

When is it ideal to buy from Oota.com?

If you want to order a lapel pin and have a community connection, Oota.com has embraced the power of collaboration and community engagement. 

Advantages of ordering from Oota


  • They focus on providing outstanding designs that add a touch of class to your ensemble.


  • On Oota.com, you can explore various lapel pin options, ranging from $12 for the more affordable selections to $35 for the higher-end designs. 

  • Their lapel pin designs feature exotic motifs such as foxes and horses, adding a unique and distinctive flair to your attire.

  • They offer free shipping within the United States for orders that exceed a specific threshold. 

  • Customers can enjoy free shipping within 2-4 business days if their order total exceeds $150. 


Disadvantages of ordering from Oota


  • Different shipping requirements may apply for international orders

  • The threshold for free shipping may be higher.




Source ViviPins


If you are looking for something extra, a partner can guide you through the process and deliver custom-made lapel pins that you can resell for a profit.
If yes, ViviPins is the perfect partner for you.


When is it ideal to buy from ViviPins?

If you need a personalized lapel pin at a cost-effective price, Vivipins, being a manufacturer as well, gives you the advantage of working closely with their in-house design team to create a product tailored to meet your requirements.

Why choose Vivipins?


  • State-of-the-art production facility for quality custom lapel pins

  • Latest production techniques to save time and money

  • Customized option with a mockup ready within 12 hours

  • No minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirement

  • 100% money-back guarantee


Disadvantages of Ordering from Vivipins

  • They do not offer a sample before production. 

  • Customers cannot make design changes for free during the production of the order. 

Bottom Line


In conclusion, whether you are a collector or a fashion enthusiast who prefers elegant and refined lapel pins, the above platforms offer a wide range of options for finding the correct lapel pin. 


Explore and adorn yourself with these tiny masterpieces to stand out wherever you go. 


We strongly recommend ViviPins if your goal is to work with a partner who takes your input in the design process, offers a mock-up before the design process, and offers a timely delivery.


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