The List of the Rare Military Challenge Coins

Written by Robin Brown on May 25, 2023
Service unit tokens have a special place in army culture. They're a symbol of partnership, bravery, and a sense of being part of army personnel. These tokens are commonly distributed within army units.

But there exists a fascinating world of rare and sought-after military challenge coins. They have a rich history. And they carry a rich meaning. It often represents prestigious units, spec ops forces, or memorable events.

The list of rare tokens encompasses a diverse range of designs. Each has its story to tell. Some examples include tokens awarded to:

- Army leaders.
- Commemorating pivotal missions.
- Honoring fallen heroes.

Our article explores a curated selection of rare military challenge coins. We will delve into their significance and origins. Join us on a journey through these remarkable tokens that pay tribute to the courage and dedication of army personnel worldwide.

A Brief History of Military Challenge Coins

We can trace the origins of tokens back to age-old times. There they're used as tokens of honor and recognition. But, the modern tradition of tokens within the army can be attributed to the early 20th century.

One popular account dates back to World War I, when a wealthy USAAS lieutenant had bronze medallions struck with the squadron's emblem to distribute among his unit members. One pilot carried the medallion in a small pouch around his neck. And when shot down behind enemy lines, it saved his life as it identified him as an ally. This event solidified the significance of unique challenge coins and sparked their popularity.

Over the years, rare military challenge coins became symbols of affiliation. And they were a means to promote partnership and morale among army personnel. The act of presenting and accepting a token became a ceremonial tradition. It's often accompanied by a handshake or a "token check" challenge.

Today, the history of military unique challenge coins has changed. Now, collectors, veterans, and army enthusiasts worldwide cherish these tokens. They continue to symbolize pride, loyalty, and the shared experiences of those who have served in the armed forces.
military challenge coins ranking

Military Challenge Coins Ranking

Ranking tokens is a fascinating endeavor. It involves considering various principles and factors. Each token carries its historical significance, design intricacies, and rarity. Establishing a ranking military challenge coins system helps collectors appreciate the value and importance of medallions.

When evaluating tokens, several key principles are typically considered:

1. Firstly, historical significance plays a crucial role. Tokens for legendary units, notable leaders, or significant events hold a higher rank. It's due to their historical and cultural importance.
2. Secondly, the design and craftsmanship of the token are important when ranking military challenge coins. Intricate details, vibrant colors, and high-quality materials enhance a visual appeal. It also contributes to ranking. Tokens with unique or innovative designs often garner greater attention.
3. Additionally, the rarity and exclusivity factors are important when ranking military challenge coins. Limited production, restricted distribution, or coins awarded only to specific individuals elevate desirability. And this affects the value among collectors.
4. Lastly, a sentimental connection for individuals also influences its ranking. Those that evoke strong emotions hold a special place within the ranking system.

Rare Military Challenge Coins: US Army Diver Token

This token is highly sought-after. It holds a special place in the hearts of army divers. This rare and prestigious token is awarded to divers who:

- Have completed extensive training.
- Demonstrated exceptional skills in the field of underwater operations.

The front side features a magnificent design. It depicts an intricately detailed Army diver in full gear. It symbolizes bravery, resilience, and dedication to duty.

On the reverse side, the token showcases the words "Deep Sea Diver." They’re boldly displayed, emphasizing the diver's affiliation. The emblem of a token is a symbol of strength and unity. It represents the Corps' commitment to excellence and service.

Friday the 13th

The Friday the 13th unique challenge coin is intriguing and unique. It holds significance for those who:

Embrace superstitions.
Have a penchant for the unconventional.

This token is inspired by the superstition surrounding Friday the 13th. It's a day considered by many to be unlucky.

The front side of the unique challenge coin showcases a visually striking design. It features USN triple anchors. And it has USA flags on the sides.

On the reverse side, the token presents a big green mask of Jason Voorhees, the main character of Friday the 13th. Also, this side has a big sign “Accepted by the mess”

The Poker Chip

This one of the highest-ranking challenge coins is playful and lighthearted. It resonates with poker enthusiasts and army members alike. This token brings together the spirit of partnership and the thrill of the game.

The front side of the token features a vibrant poker chip design. It is complete with card suit symbols and a detailed engraving of a royal flush hand. The words "Poker Chip" are prominently displayed, adding to the playful aesthetic.

The token showcases an engraved image of crossed rifles on the reverse side. It represents the army’s connection to the token. This symbolism exemplifies shared experiences among members who enjoy the game.

The Poker Chip medallion reminds soldiers of the moments of relaxation and partnership that soldiers experience during downtime, fostering morale and a sense of community within army units.

Aggressive POW-MIA

The Aggressive POW-MIA token is a powerful tribute to:

- Prisoners of war (POWs).
- Those missing in action (MIA).

This one of the highest-ranking challenge coins reminds us of the sacrifices made by people who:

- Have been captured.
- Gone missing while serving their country.

The front side of the token features a captivating design. It captures the essence of strength and resilience. It portrays an American bald eagle. Its talons clutches a barbed wire fence. It symbolizes the captivity and struggle faced by POWs. The words "Aggressive POW-MIA" are boldly displayed. It reflects the determination to seek justice and bring these individuals home.

On the reverse side, the token showcases the iconic silhouette of a soldier. The soldier bows before a battlefield cross, which represents the fallen. The soldier's bowed posture and the poignant setting evoke a sense of honor.

Medal of Honor Token

This one of the highest-ranking challenge coins is a prestigious and revered token. It pays homage to the Medal of Honor recipients, the highest army decoration awarded for acts of bravery. This one symbolizes extraordinary courage and selflessness in the face of danger.

The front side of the medallion features an elegant design. It depicts the Medal of Honor, with its iconic blue ribbon and star-shaped medallion. The words “Medal of Honor” are inscribed. It highlights the significance of this esteemed award.

On the reverse side, the token showcases the emblem of the Department of Defense. It signifies the collective efforts and dedication of all branches of the army. The emblem symbolizes unity and serves as a reminder of the commitment to protect and defend the nation.
unique challenge coins

Bottom Line

In case you want to create custom rare military challenge coins, consider vivipins. With us, you will truly celebrate your unique achievements. With our expertise and dedication to craftsmanship, you can design personalized challenge tokens. They will embody your:

Special event.

Our skilled artisans use high-quality materials and precision techniques. It helps to bring your vision to life. Whether you want intricate designs, specific emblems, or personalized engravings, we offer a wide range of customization options.


How can I find a list of rare military challenge coins?

There are several ways to find a list of rare military challenge coins. You can search online forums and websites dedicated to military coin collecting. Also, you can visit military museums or attend coin shows and conventions.

What factors make military challenge coins rare?

The limited production quantity is a primary factor. Some coins are in small numbers, making them more difficult to find. The significance of the event or achievement influences the rarity. Coins associated with historically important events or awarded to high-ranking officials are rare. Also, the age of the coin, condition, and demand among collectors can affect its rarity and value.

How can I determine the value of a rare military challenge coin?

You should consider several factors:
- Rarity.
- Production quantity.
- Historical significance.
- Demand.
- The condition.
Article written by Robin Brown
Robin Brown is part of the content team at Vivipins where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.
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