Glow in the dark pins

Glow in the dark pins1

Note:This design is copyrighted and not for sale.

What is Glow in The Dark Pin?

Glow in the dark pins is an amazing fashion element. What’s new in this? It is an amazing lapel pin because it glows in the dark. Have you seen anything shining on someone’s body during a night concert or Halloween and looking for it? If yes, then you are in the right place.
Vivipins has those pins that shine in the dark. It looks normal in daylight. When you go in the dark, you will see magic. It can catch people’s eye and surprise everyone with its feature. It will highlight your appearance and makes the whole thing fun. All sorts of people can use it. Kids will also love it.
It is mostly used for entertainment purposes such as late-night parties, concerts, Halloween, etc. You can also use it as a hatpin. These pins are durable and smooth and texture.
But how does it work? It is the magic of glow in the dark powder. It can be applied both in soft and hard enamel. We have huge collections in our store. There are varieties in colors. Not only color, but you can also select the metal according to your wish.

What Benefits Are We Offering?

As we have different enamel colors, you can give a custom design. We will make it too. Your job is to make a choice. The quality of our product is deadly.
You can also check the luminous effect of all colors in advance if you want. It will help you to pick the best one for you. We have a fast turnaround and provide special free shipping for your orders. So, what’s the delay? Order it now from Vivipins and be the king of darkness at the upcoming Halloween party.

As low as $1.9/pcs

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