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What to Look for When Selecting
a Lapel Pin Manufacturer

Thanks to the Internet the number of pin makers that potential customers have access to has soared.

No longer are you limited to seeking out a company that is located near you? Now you can easily do business with a company located far away thanks to the Internet and modern-day shipping.

This improved access to custom pin makers has made the decision of who to hire very difficult. It can be hard telling the quality lapel pin manufacturers from the poor quality ones.

Customers can then give away the school pins to foster school pride or to recognize academic achievement or they could sell them for profit!

Here are some questions to ask when making your decision:

  • How long has the company been in business?
  • What is the company’s current reputation (via testimonials, etc)?
  • What types of pins does the company make?
  • Is the company an enamel pin maker?
  • Is the company a metal pin maker?
  • Is the company a custom pin maker?
  • What is the company’s shipping policy?
  • How much does the company charge?
  • Are there any hidden fees?
  • Does the company have order minimums?

In Analyzing the Custom Pin Maker Market One Company That Stands Out is Vivipins

Vivipins is a leading provider of personalized pins to customers around the world.

The company’s answers, advice, and solutions allow it to create unique custom lapel pins that fit the specific needs of its customers. 

Vivipins has also quickly gained a reputation for assisting customers so that they get the exact custom design enamel pins they desire. For example, company officials are able to reproduce AI source files and also will patiently explain the differences in materials, designs and more to ensure customers are able to place custom orders to their exact specifications.

More About Vivipins & Why It is Among
the Top Lapel Pin Manufacturers

Vivipins is not just a customized pins and coins supplier. With years of business experience in many fields, the company’s staff understands that a lapel pin is a simple method of communication. Staff members also understand branding; they respect logos; and they listen to what customers say and respond in a personal and professional manner to questions.

The company’s answers, advice and solutions to creating unique custom lapel pins that fit specific needs are strictly customer focused. The company promises not to waste customer time and to provide them with a visual image in 12 hours that they will be 100% satisfied with.

Company officials stress that Vivipins has been built on honesty, on quality, on individual customer service and above all on a foundation of offering the best overall value on the market. For 30 pins to 10,000 pins, the company approaches each client’s needs the same way – with respect.

Vivipins is committed to every order, to saving customers’ time and to making jewelry quality and non-toxic products.

This lapel pin manufacturer is also open to special requests or special quantities, all a customer has to do is contact them by email and they will respond within 8 hours.

What Types of Custom Pins Does Vivipins Make?

3D Cast Lapel Pins –
This type of pin offers a level of detail and depth not available in a standard 2D die struck lapel pin. This pin creates a 3 dimensional look through the use of multiple surface levels at multiple angles. These pins are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes as well as plating options or finishes. To build these pins, we use a rubber mold that accepts molten metal. We spin the mold at a high revolution rate (sometimes called centrifugal casting). After that, we polish each pin to remove burs, spurs and surface defects. If enamel is being used in your design we will hand apply it at this stage. The pin is then plated in the chosen metal finish and the selected attachment is applied. Finally, we inspect each pin and package them individually for shipment.

Cloisonne’ Hard Enamel Pins –  

Cloisonné is an ancient metalworking technique developed centuries ago in China during the Ming dynasty. Creating these pins requires a multi-step enamel process that produces truly jewelry grade products. To make these pins we make a die with your design in it. Then we use that die to strike your design in a copper or brass base metal. The outside shape of the lapel pin is then cut out of the base with a trim tool. The art of Cloisonné relies on  “Frit” (glass crushed to a powder and mixed with water to create a paste) to fill the recessed areas in your design. When recessed areas are filled, we bake the pin at 1600 degrees. After cooling, the pin is ground with stones and polished to a smooth finish. We then coat the exposed metal, add the chosen attachment and package for shipment.

Die Struck Pins –  

This type of pin is noted for both its simplicity and understated elegance. To create this pin, a soft brass or copper base metal to achieve high quality stamping. Customers may select from many plating plating choices and design options. To make these pins, a die is created with your design in it. A trim tool is then used to cut the design from the base copper or brass metal. If needed, we can sand blast the pin to create texture. We then polish the raised surface of the pin to create a mirror like finish while keeping the background textured – this gives this pin its distinctive look. We then apply the chosen attachment and package for shipment.

Die Struck Soft Enamel Pins –

These pins offer a traditional look and good quality for a terrific price. To make these pins, we make a die with your design in it and then use the die to strike the design into a copper or iron base. We can sand blast the pin to create a textured background. Next, stage enamel colors are applied to recessed areas. We use a syringe filled with enamel paint to apply colors to any wells created by the stamping process. Pins are then baked at 350 degrees to cure the enamel. We then use a trim tool to cut the outside shape of the pin. Next we polish the surface, add your attachment and package for shipping.

Printed Pins –  

This type of pin is good for complex designs featuring things like multiple colors or color blends or photo reproductions. The Offset Printing process used to create these pins is the same process used for printing photographs and other complex images. Silk screen printing is used for solid colors and that is the same process that is used to print signs and banners. We offer 3 base metals for printed pins – brass, stainless steel and aluminum. Brass must be used when bright gold or silver plating has been selected. Stainless steel is noted for being durable but can’t be plated gold. Aluminum is the most cost effective and lightest base metal but it can’t plated at all (it has a brushed silver look). To make these pins, printing plates are used for offset printed lapel pin designs and silk screens are used for silk screened lapel pins. Colors are then applied to the selected metal base and baked at 350 degrees. We coat each pin in a non-yellowing epoxy varnish to protect the finish. We then add the attachment and package for shipping.

Real-Life Case Study:

Case #1: Recently, Vivipins received an order from a client that wanted to make a badge pin of a photo featuring her and her dog.


Hello Jennifer
Thanks for your order very much!
I only found the hoto in the attachment. Can you tell me your request?
Could you please provide me with your another artwork? And then we will design for you.
Looking forward to your reply.


Hello Stan,

Thank you for your email. I was hoping that you could transform the photos into cartoon-like soft enamel pictures. I would like you to take the dog’s face and the person’s face and make one pin with both of them on it.
Does that help?
Please let me know if more information is needed.

Since the pin would be made from a real photo, the company’s experienced designer suggested an Offset Printed badge pin so that the photo could be directly printed on the badge pin. Soon after, our designer sent the design draft to the client. 

It turns out the client had another design in mind. She provided sample images that she liked.


The designer got the idea and knew what to do right after. So, the designer “cartoonized” the photo. After 8 hours of designing and editing, the second and third draft was sent to the client.

Second draft (Not Approved)

Final Draft (Pass)

Hey Stan,

This looks great. Thank you for your work. Please proceed with production. When will they be done? They are for graduation so hopefully before May 6.

10 days after that the badge pin was finished and delivered to the client. And, Vivipins also did not charge for the extra conversion work from a real photo to a cartoon image because the company produces free AI source files for clients.

So Why Choose Vivipins to be
Your Custom Pin Maker?

The company offers:

A Rich Customization Experience  

As one of the best jewelry quality lapel pins and challenge coins suppliers in the world, Vivipins is proud to be able to customize products for over 10,000 customers every year. Those customers include Fortune 500 companies, various organizations and associations as well as individual clients. In any given week, the company routinely ships out hundreds of orders to clients located all over the world.

Always Confidential and Copyrighted   

The graphic designers who create the final look for your custom lapel pin or coin work hard to deliver precisely the artwork you want. To honor that effort we put a legal copyright on all designs. That means your design is yours alone and other customers will never have access to it or permission to use it unless you personally give them permission in writing. Every design is unique and protected!

Quick and Easy Ordering Process  

It doesn’t matter if you order just 30 pins or over 100,000, you can expect to receive the utmost care and attention. We value every customer and provide the same customer service, attentive help, and quality design options to each. It only takes one minute to purchase your unique design through our intuitive ordering system. A professional designer then delivers personal service to create a truly unique and effective piece of artwork for you.

Best Quality Control   

We are committed to delivering the highest quality pins. You can expect us to provide quality control that prevents printing blurs, color that don’t match and more. We will send a visual image to you for your checking before production. Most importantly, all products will be double checked with the original visual image before delivery.

Here are Answers to the Most Common Customer Questions That Vivipins Receives

Can you replicate my logo and text exactly?

Yes. For all intensive purposes, we are able to replicate just about any logo. Our buttons/pins are printed through a CMYK 4-color process, which allows for unlimited Pantone-match colors (PMS) and color gradients. Text sizes can also be printed as small as required — even smaller than is legible to the human eye.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

Our minimum order quantity is 30 pins. However, we’re happy to discuss pricing and quantity options for special orders.

Is there a final quality check?

Yes. After your pins have been manufactured, they are checked at the factory and double-checked at our distribution center to ensure design fidelity and quality. If there are any issues, we will notify you and work together to address any issues.

Can you make custom shaped buttons/pins?

Yes, we can. Custom shaped pins do require us to first manufacture a custom mold for your specific shape and size.

Customer Satisfaction is Important to Vivipins!

Not only do company representatives closely work with clients to ensure they get the pins they desire but they are also available to answer questions and alleviate concerns.

That’s because customer satisfaction is vitally important to the company. The company understands what potential customers are looking for in an enamel pin maker or pin manufacturer and strive hard to deliver on all counts.

When you work with Vivipins, a representative can work with you on your design and will make sure you receive a proof and can explain the differences in pin styles so that you get exactly what you need.

It’s vitally important to Vivipins that you are satisfied with your custom lapel pins. To achieve that goal, your representative will ask you the right questions and offer helpful design assistance.

The end result is you get custom lapel pins that you will be proud to wear and to hand out to other pin collectors.

Remember, it doesn’t matter if you have a small order or a large one, Vivipins has the staff and resources to satisfy that order in the most timely and cost-effectivener possible.

 Visit to learn more about the company or to place a custom lapel pin order today.

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