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Q1. Are neck gaiters effective against stopping virus spread?

Neck gaiters made of cotton are highly effective in stopping the spread of germs and viruses. Thus, they will work both as protective gear and a fashion statement.

Q2. How can you use neck gaiters?

You can use our custom manufactured custom neck gaiters for multiple purposes. These include:

  • They act as a neck warmer providing a high degree of insulation during winters.
  • You can make a fashion statement by adding the neck gaiter to your everyday fashion.
  • Also, it keeps you from swallowing insects and dust while riding a bike or motorcycle.
  • The neck gaiter provides a layer of protection from harmful UV rays of the sun.
  • Most importantly, one can also use our neck gaiters as an alternative to face masks to protect themselves from catching any virus.
Q3. What kind of fabric and materials are neck gaiters made from?

Neck gaiters can get designed from a number of materials and fabrics, but it depends on your individual use case for which fabric you opt for. Stretchy synthetic fabrics with fast-drying and moisture-wicking properties are suitable for summers, while materials like wool and fleece are better for winters. You can also opt for light-weight and eco-friendly fabrics like cotton.

Q4. In what sizes are neck gaiters made?

Neck gaiters come in one-size-fits-all design so that anyone can wear them. The design is stretchable, allowing users of different height, body structure, and weight can wear them. Nevertheless, we manufacture custom neck gaiters in two sizes - 8 inches and 10 inches to match different customer requirements. When you order wholesale or bulk quantity, mention the size you want to prevent any future issues.

Q5. Are there any differences in neck gaiters for men and women?

Usually, bulk neck gaiters are universal in design, and any gender can wear them. But we mostly see that women opt for simpler designs while men prefer abstract ones. You can get whatever pattern and print you wish with our custom neck gaiters that have a fast turnaround.

Q6. Who are your biggest buyers?

We have contracts with independent online sellers and e-commerce sites that sell neck gaiters for a wide selection of customers. Our custom touch makes it expandable to an even bigger community. Generally, we get orders from clients who are in the following industries:

  • Winter sports
  • Army
  • Hunting
  • Fishing
  • Cycling
  • Traveling
  • Running and sprinting equipment dealers
  • Campers and hikers
Q7. Can you wear neck gaiters in summers?

You can definitely wear neck gaiters in summers to soak in the excessive sweat and protect your neck from the sun’s UV rays. But remember to opt for a lighter fabric, or your skin will end up in bad condition.

Q8. How to find the perfect neck gaiter?

You should first decide the weather in which you want to wear the neck gaiter. According to that, you can pick the material. Then you can select the size, provide your custom design, and you will get our perfect wholesale neck gaiters.

Q9. Why are neck gaiters better than scarves?

Scarves can be challenging to handle due to their open ends. Plus, they don’t provide proper protection. Contrastingly, neck gaiters fit nicely on your neck and face for appropriate safety.

Q10. Why get custom neck gaiters?

Custom neck gaiters have the benefit of showcasing your brand’s logo or your personal design in front of everyone.

Q11. Can you use custom neck gaiters for personal gifting?

You can get our neck gaiters customized in your preferred design. Therefore, you can use it to gift your friends and family by adding a personalized touch to it.

Q12. How many days does the delivery of the order shipment take?

A few factors that can affect our wholesale or bulk custom neck gaiters’ delivery are your design requirements and location. But in all cases, we try to maintain a fast turnaround time with the delivery made within 7-14 days of your order.

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