Top 7 Websites To Order Stickers In Bulk Quantity

Written by Robin Brown on October 20, 2022
Custom sticker printing is a new technique for engaging with people and harnessing the different benefits of promotional mixtures. It may assist firms and people in making the most of advertising, sales promotion, and Guerrilla marketing. It boosts visibility and client interaction. Furthermore, it may aid in marketing one's products and services online and offline.

Nowadays, the great majority of corporate behemoths and SMEs (small and medium-sized organizations) smartly produce personalized stickers encapsulating the company's nature, goods, services, core values, missions, visions, and so on. They employ them to increase brand engagement and loyalty.

Suppose your customers are entirely delighted with your products and services. In that case, custom sticker printing is undoubtedly the most versatile and cost-effective way of developing a significant brand identity and, as a result, a very excellent brand image and brand loyalty. Recognizing its significance, numerous respected printing and design firms have begun publishing these stickers. They are committed to fulfilling a wide range of standard and specialized demands.

Today I will suggest seven wholesale partners who can provide you with stickers in bulk quantity.


vivipins 3
Location: 1968 S. Coast Hwy #1153, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

I am starting with the best website on this list. Vivipins has been in business for quite a while now. They understand what you need and provide precisely the same result. Vivipins shines at making custom products, and custom stickers are one of their best-selling services.

Vivipins has a skilled design team ready to assist you in every possible way. This highly experienced team is interactive and provides you with the best design-related services.
They can choose from their website's top, medium or low budget tier. 
Vivipins has two factories dedicated to online services. They have sold over 600k+ pins and hold on to over 5000+ repeat customers. 

Vivipins gives you the best service for the lowest possible charge. Their interaction and facilities are second to none. So if you are thinking of ordering in bulk, Vivipins can be a perfect choice for wholesale buying custom stickers. 

Minimum Order Quantity
This is the best thing about vivipins. Vivipins do not impose any minimum order quantity on you. You can start with only one custom sticker. Their quality is so good that you will regret buying just one. 

Turnaround time
In 7 to 14 days, you will have your product at hand. Vivipins do not charge you any single penny for custom stickers. Their products move around the world for free. But if you need it urgently, you need to contact them through their email. Flash delivery will cost you some money as Vivipins have to pay for overtime for their employees.

Vivipins excel at pricing. All their products provide high quality at a very moderate price. Their free delivery ought to save you money. Moreover, they have 20% off on all their products. 

Vivipins is the best custom sticker for you. They have features that are second to none. All their products are cost-friendly. 
Nowhere else will you find the combination of 1 minimum order quantity and free delivery charge. 
What puts vivipins above others is their extraordinary customer-friendly behavior and top-notch product quality.



Locations: 10930 Santa Monica Blvd. West Los Angeles, CA 90025

With its distinct vision and fast approach to assisting small companies in growing,, a prominent socially responsible digital printing, marketing, and technology organization, has established itself as a significant player in the sector. It fulfills thousands of on-demand retail and graphic orders online daily, employing high-quality press printing and a comprehensive yet simple and easy online ordering system, resulting in premium printing services and dependable colour printing at low prices. has established client loyalty with its unique user-friendly internet interface by providing more customized offset printing, digital printing, and meaningful format printing choices than other online printers. The organization is well-known for its Free File Review, a free proofreading service that needs no initial investment. also provides simple marketing services like print design, bespoke online printing estimates, and direct mailing to assist small and medium-sized businesses to grow. is dedicated to social responsibility and eco-friendly printing projects that benefit non-profit organizations and the environment. This printer, which has been online since 2000, is a good alternative if you need Los Angeles printing or even printing in Puerto Rico; its headquarters and facilities are in Van Nuys, CA.

Minimum Order Quantity
Uprinting has a minimum quantity of just 25 pieces. You can get discounts for more orders. You can print a maximum of 100000 units at once.

Turnaround Time 
Depending on your demand, turnaround time can vary. Turnaround time depends on order type, order design and client's requirement.
Uprinting is famous for its flashy deliveries.

Pricing is not a fixed parameter. It may vary with quantity and design time. The wholesale price is far less than the retail price. 

Uprinting is a well-known player in the market. They are a well-experienced, well-organized organization ready to deliver what you want.

They have a very convenient turnaround time. They have a low minimum order quantity of just 25. 

Their 22 years of experience comes in handy when handling complicated designs.


Zazzle logo
Location: Redwood City, California

Zazzle is a global marketplace for connecting consumers and buyers of creative goods. Zazzle has helped many small to large businesses with its promotional tools. Stickers are one of their best-selling products. 

Everything from wedding stickers with lovely flowers or monograms to laptop stickers to remind you of your favourite saying every day, attractive water bottle stickers to motivate you during your daily workout, and much more.

On the Zazzle website, you can design your custom stickers. All their stickers are of high quality and affordable. 

They have fantastic customer reviews. You can check out their website to understand details about their products and the reaction of their customers for credibility. 
Zazzle has collaborated with several businesses to accumulate a library of digital pictures from organizations such as Disney, Warner Brothers, and NCAA sports teams. Zazzle claims to have more than 300 million distinct goods on its website.

Zazzle was founded in 2005 by Robert, Bobby, and Jeffrey Beaver out of their garage. The firm got a US$16 million investment in July 2005 from Google investors John Doerr and Ram Shriram, followed by a US$30 million investment in October 2007.

The site was named the "best business model" in 2007 by TechCrunch in its inaugural Crunchies awards, and it has been praised by industry professionals such as B. Joseph Pine for its user-friendly technology.

Minimum Order Quantity
There is no minimum order quantity at Zazzle. You can start with only one sheet. But you will get a healthy discount for a bulk quantity. 

Turnaround Time
Makers' average manufacturing time frames on Zazzle range from 24 to 3 days. Even if you can define your manufacturing times, remember that a shorter production time often leads to more sales. Delivery might add one more week for distant deliveries. For a close distance, it might be 1 to 3 days. 

Price differs for different products depending on design, quantity and colour. A plain yellow sticker will cost you around 8 dollars for six sheets of stickers.

Zazzle is a market leader backed by many giants. They have a speedy turnaround time. Their minimum order quantity is not fixed for the products they sell. 

The price at Zazzle is not suitable for all types of companies. Some smaller companies might find it hard to afford their custom stickers. 

Zazzle has a fantastic design-making interactive interface. Creativity is always welcomed at Zazzle. 


Location: 107 Atlantic Ave (Suite 203) Toronto, ON M6K 1Y2

Jukebox is a global printing firm pushing the boundaries of creativity and is not frightened of a challenge. They promote creativity and seek to inspire people worldwide with one-of-a-kind and cutting-edge personalized stickers that create a lasting impression.

Jukebox creates beautiful goods at reasonable pricing, assisting the lively design community turns their ideas into fantastic actual objects. Outstanding personalized stickers with a touch of creativity.

Quality is the heart of any custom sticker business. Jukebox puts a particular eye on delicate materials. They have an energetic team ready to serve anytime. Their products are supplied to over 100 countries from their Canadian headquarters.

Jukebox is a boundary pusher. They always took the risk of doing things out of the box, and that's what allowed them to make this list. 

They have the vision to spread their business all over the world, and they are pretty close to doing so.

Minimum Order Quantity
The minimum order quantity is not fixed for jukebox print. Different custom stickers have different MOQs. 

Turnaround Time
Before you go to Checkout, the approximate turnaround time for your order will be presented. Our response times are always estimates and subject to vary. Different goods may have varying turnaround times.

Before you go to Checkout, the approximate turnaround time for your order will be presented. 

Jukebox response times are always estimates and subject to vary. Different goods may have varying turnaround times.

Jukebox recommends putting the item in your basket and going to Checkout before payment for the most precise turnaround since the anticipated turnaround time will be displayed. The following are approximate printing turnaround times:

4 Business Days for Digital Output.
8-10 Business Days for Offset Output.
8 Business Days for Letterpress.

The quote will include the turnaround times.

There is no fixed cost for any stickers. You can ask for a quote via their mail. Price will decrease with bulk orders.

Jukebox Print is a very enthusiastic custom sticker partner for you. They take their job very seriously.

They have varying prices, delivery times and MOQs (Minimum order quantity) for different products.

Customized Stickers logo
Location: 430 Communipaw Ave #3b, Jersey City, NJ 07304, a family-owned business, has earned a reputation as a leading designer, printer, and maker of high-quality, low-cost custom printed stickers.
Customized Stickers is based in Jersey City, New Jersey, and they print all their goods in the United States. They have printed millions of stickers for a dedicated customer base. Custom printed magnets may also be found on our sister site,

Customized Stickers is a group of pleasant, knowledgeable customer service professionals, creative graphic designers, marketing and product development experts, and printing artisans who delight in manufacturing high-quality stickers and other promotional goods for its clients.

Minimum Order Quantity
The smallest quantity displayed for each product is the minimum purchase. Depending on the product, the minimum is usually 125 to 250 stickers. They are unable to produce amounts less than the minimum.

Turnaround Time
The majority of items are sent within 5 to 7 business days. Many goods are available with expedited shipping.

With increased order price gets decreased for per unit stickers. Some products cost higher than others depending upon quality, quantity and design. You do not have to pay any charge for the artwork. 

CS is a reputed family-owned company. They are dedicated to meeting your custom sticker needs. They have relatively higher MOQs than other companies I have listed above. 
CS ensures fast delivery time.

6.Standout Stickers

Standout Stickers logo
Location: 2991 Interstate Pkwy, Brunswick, OH 44212, USA

StandOut Stickers is a bespoke sticker printing firm created in 2009 by the same individuals that run the world's number one button manufacturer, Their pursuit of the best printing technique and materials allows their product to speak for itself. It's no surprise that we're trusted by some of the world's top businesses, artists, and designers.

Standout Stickers is continually reinvesting itself to provide the most satisfactory service and highest quality custom stickers. They have top-of-the-line machinery and only use the best vinyl and materials.
Standout sticker customer service is impeccable. With live chat available on our website throughout office hours, you may get any questions answered immediately.

Die cut vinyl stickers, custom bumper stickers, oval stickers, circle stickers, square stickers, rectangle stickers, kiss cut sticker sheets, and custom sticker packs are all available. Vinyl decals are also available through their sticker printing services.

Minimum Order Quantity
For all die-cut and standard forms of custom stickers, the minimum quantity is 75 stickers per design. Square Stickers, Rectangle Stickers, Circle Stickers, and Oval Stickers are examples of "Standard Shapes." Standout Sticker provides a minimum run of 75 full-color stickers with such a quick turnaround and at such a low cost.

Turnaround Time
UPS Ground ships standout stickers to addresses in the United States. Shipping time ranges from 1 to 5 business days, depending on where you live in the state. AK/HI locations are also available for UPS ground rates. However, the cost of these shipments is generally lower at the 2-day rate. Check out the many prices available at Checkout to get the best option for you.

Pricing is moderate for Standout Stickers. A regular 2-inch round shape sticker costs only 26.25 dollars per 75 pieces. However, this price is not fixed at all. This price will vary with the changed parameters. 

From the dawn of their business, standout stickers have been gaining a position in the market. They offer relatively low-priced goods with a much faster turnaround time. Overall I can say you must go for this company if you are comfortable with their policies. Check out their website for more information.  

7.Wall Monkeys

Wall Monkeys logo
Locations: 2021 St. Augustine Road East Jacksonville, FL 32207

WallMonkeys began in Maryland and developed from a modest start-up to a thriving eCommerce business in ten years.

WallMonkeys joined the HCBrands Family of personalized product businesses in the autumn of 2019 and relocated to Jacksonville, Florida, with the crew.

HCBrands has been in business for 65 years, beginning as a rubber stamp firm in 1954. From then, the firm grew to become a market leader in the custom business and customized gift arena, providing everything from rubber stamps, name tags, custom signage, promotional materials, and personalized presents.

Minimum Order Quantity
There are no minimum order requirements at all monkeys. You can start ordering with one unit. But the wholesale price of custom stickers is far less than the retail price. Bulk quantity purchases will save you a lot of money. 

Turnaround Time
Unless an urgent order is requested, all orders are handled within 1-3 business days. Rush orders will incur additional fees.

A regular die-cut sticker will cost you around 4 dollars. But this is not the final price. The pricing is highly variable on many different parameters. Bulk quantity orders will reduce the price to almost half of the one unit value. 

Wall monkey is another market-leading company you can check out. They provide you with a fast turnaround time. The quality of their goods is very competitive. There is no minimum order quantity, so you can buy samples to understand their qualities and later buy them in bulk.

Bottom Line

You must be confused with all these companies on this list. To select a company, you need to keep some things in mind.
Quality: Quality is something you should never compromise. You should always choose the best quality.
Minimum Order quantity: Minimum order quantity is something that will help you understand the quality. Companies that have low MOQs give you the option to first try some stickers by yourself. 

Customer service: This should be one of the major things to consider. Bad customer service means you will be in big trouble when something goes wrong. Remember, this is not a one-time thing. You need to build a proper partnership with the supplier. To build that partnership, customer service has to be top-notch.

Pricing: Last but definitely not the least is pricing. Perhaps the main criteria for most of the businesses out there. Pricey products do not always mean good products. That's why you should properly check any supplier you choose and not judge their quality based on the price.

So which company will fulfill all the requirements out there?

The answer is Vivipins. Vivipins has the quality of being the best supplier for you. They will provide you with the best service at a bare minimum cost. You can check out their website to learn about their design options. 

What are you waiting for?

Contact Vivipins now!!

Unless an urgent order is requested, all orders are handled within 1-3 business days. Rush orders will incur additional fees.

Article written by Robin Brown
Robin Brown is part of the content team at Vivipins where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.
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