Top 7 Websites to Order Lanyards in Bulk Quantity

Written by Robin Brown on October 4, 2022
It is tough to imagine a company or organization without lanyards hanging on the neck of the employees. Lanyards have made quite a formidable place in any company or organization. They save much time and the awkward moment of finding who and who is in charge of a specific task. That's just one benefit of using lanyards

Lanyards are a fantastic method to encourage compatibility and uniformity in the workplace. Additionally, they save your personnel from having to ask consumers for their names. Lanyards are a simple and economical solution to improve professionalism and brand recognition. So, if you have a company or organization with many people working, lanyards are unavoidable. Having lanyards for every worker and personnel with a company or organization's identity is crucial. Bulk production of lanyards for the task can help have a similar product while saving a lot of time.

When you want to find a manufacturer whom you can entrust for bulk custom lanyards, it's a guarantee that you will be confused. But you have come to the right place searching online for the top lanyards manufacturers to order lanyards in bulk quantity.

We've listed the top 7 websites to order lanyards in bulk, so you don't have to stress around on the internet to find a trustworthy one.


vivipins 3
1968 S. Coast Hwy #1153,
Laguna Beach CA 92651
Vivipins have a reputation for making a lot of detailed custom products. Manufacturing bulk production of lanyards and Vivipins takes the whole task from you and ensures you get the best product.
Vivipins has been manufacturing bulk production for over five years. They have always come up with innovative ideas to improve the top-notch quality, fantastic design, fair price, and fast delivery of their products.

Lanyards type option
Vivipins offers vast options of different kinds of custom lanyards. Including
Custom lanyards
Nylon lanyards
Woven lanyards
Sublimation lanyards
Polyester lanyards
Tubular lanyards
Lanyards with card holder

Design option
Vivipins has a flexible design option for their customers. If you have any design fixed beforehand, they will turn it into lanyards. They will design and turn it suitable for lanyards if you have a fixed artwork.
What if you have no fixed artwork and have only an idea or no idea? Vivipins have thought about it too. With a house designer, you can design your desired design for your lanyards. They have a free design with unlimited revisions.

Order size
There is no minimum quantity required to order in Vivipins. They allow their customers complete freedom when ordering, Even if you are ordering many or a few lanyards. And there is no exception for custom lanyards.

Online Ordering
Vivipins lets you order from their website. It's simple and takes three steps. After you fill out all the necessary details, such as size, type, and quantity, and submit the order with artwork, they'll send you a digital proof. They'll start production as soon as you approve it.

Vivian's pricing is a great way to guarantee you will get the best possible fair price. They provide an overall discount for all orders while you can save more than 30%.

Turnaround time
Vivipins has its factory, so production time is shorter than average. Their turnaround time is quite fast as well. They will deliver your order within 7-14 days or less.

Special offers
Vivipins is offering free shipment. and they are also offering customizing products with 20% off.

Visiting their website, you will see how the people who took their services appreciate it. Vivipins have made sure all their customers feel satisfied ordering from them.


2. IDWholesaler

IDWholesaler logo image
ID Wholesaler North 7003 West Lake St., Ste. 400 St. Louis Park, MN 55426

With over 18 years of experience with IDWholesaler, it was launched with simple goals: to provide those looking for a genuinely expert approach to photo identification. They claim to have a "tell-your-neighbors" type of customer service. They take pride in having friendly non'-scripted customer service.

ID Wholesaler's mission and vision guide every decision and initiative we undertake. As a trusted partner, they strive for excellence for the customer.

They tend to have the vision to provide seamless identity solutions to our valued customers.

Lanyards type option
IDWholesaler has three printing options when you are ordering lanyards.
Silkscreen on microwave
Dye sublimation on Ultra weave
Woven on polyester

And there also give you a choice to have desired attachment options such as:
Bulldog clip
Metal swivel hook
Split ring
Swivel badge clip

Design option
They offer custom lanyards based on the printing method and lanyard color. Send them the logo and other preferred requirements so they will quickly fulfill your order. IDWholesaler doesn't seem to have an in-house designer, so you have to make the necessary design beforehand.

Order size
IDWholesaler minimum takes 100 lanyards orders. They don't allow quantities below 100.

Online Ordering
IDWholesaler has a great system to take orders online. They have a built-in lanyard builder on their website, which helps you choose your custom lanyard easily with less time. The lanyard builder allows you to
select the printing method.
select the size
Choose Color
Add closure
Add text or images
Select attachment type
Select a finishing type.

After inputting all the necessary information, and quantity, the builder, will calculate the total price.

The pricing system decreases when the quantity is large. The maximum price for a custom lanyard with 100 to 249 quantities is 1.96$. It reduces to 0.84$ when you are ordering 5,000+.

Turnaround time
For having a large in-stock inventory, they claimed to be able to ship 90% of orders within 24 business hours (besides holidays and weekends).

If you want it faster, they have next-day and 2-day air delivery.

Special offers
They offer a limited time of waiving a $240 one-time setup fee if you order customized lanyards from them.

The reviews of IDWholesaler are excellent. People loved how they had dependable customer service. The customers always have a good experience and rely on them.


IDC logo image
5028 Lena Road, Bradenton, nr Sarasota, Florida.

Having served thousands of global events, hotels, and brands across 100 different countries, they are confident in their services. They know how their reliability, product quality, and value for money. With over 27 years of running, they have a pretty fantastic reputation.

Lanyards type option
They have the following lanyard-type options.
Blank stock polyester
Screen printed on polyester
Dye-sublimated on polyester
Dye-sublimated on eco-friendly material

They also give you the options on clip attachments. such as:
Dog clip
Tension clip
Split ring
Crocodile clip
Lobster clip
Double dog clip

Design option
ID&C has its lanyard designer. They offer complete freedom to design your lanyard, and even they would design them for you. And they do the designing part for free. All you have to do is to send them the artwork, and they will do the rest.

Order size
ID&C has a minimum quantity, but they are different on different types of lanyards.
The Full-color dye sublimated lanyards require at least 50pcs,
The screen-printed custom lanyards 25pcs,
The recycled one-color printed lanyard 250pcs and
The eco-friendly biodegradable Bamboo Lanyard 100pcs

They offer personalized lanyards in small amounts of just 25 or bulk wholesale requirements of 100,000.

Online Ordering
You can order lanyards online easily on their website. You can customize it on their website or email them your artwork to design the lanyard for you. Whichever them made sure it easy for the visitor to make orders online.

Different types of lanyards cost different. There are
The Full-color dye sublimated lanyards costs 0.73$
The screen-printed custom lanyards costs 0.69$
The recycled one-color printed lanyard costs 0.85$
The eco-friendly biodegradable Bamboo Lanyard costs 0.80$

Turnaround time
ID&C offers rush custom lanyards with fast turnaround available. The rush order customized lanyards take 3-5 business days.

Special offers
They offer free shipping. (Over $100)

The people who were served were satisfied, judging by the reviews. There are 1,436 reviews in total, and it is rated 4.8 out of 5.


4inLanyards® logo image
1968 S. Coast Hwy #289 Laguna Beach CA 92651

Intending to become the global leader in the promotional products industry, 4inlanyards is one of the leading professional companies. They are dedicated to the invention and expansion of eco-friendly lanyards. They made their lanyards customized with a lot of options for the customers to choose from.

Lanyards type option
With the freedom to have their customer's desired lanyards, they have any type of lanyards in their inventory. such as:
Sublimation lanyard
Flat polyester lanyard
Tubular lanyard
Nylon lanyard
Woven lanyard
Blank polyester lanyard
Blank tubular lanyard
Blank nylon lanyard

There also offer lanyard clips and additional lanyard upgrades.

Design option
4inlanyards offers any solid color choice for custom lanyards. In addition to that, it also has some designs.

You can customize your lanyard imprint too. In this section, one can enter text, and select font, color, and imprint options. With these options, you can add your desired logo and print it on the lanyard.

Order size
4inlanyards has no minimum quantity. The customer is free to choose how much they need.

Online Ordering
Their website has a quite dynamic online ordering system. The website will guide a customer through the process, which is easy, and calculates how much it will cost them for their custom lanyard.

The price chart is shown on the website where you put your custom lanyards order. They offer custom lanyards for only $179.1 for 100 pcs. The price chart has three different sizes of lanyards, and the price differs according to the sizes.

For 5/8 inch,
One-piece costs 29.99$ per piece.
Fifty pieces cost 2.89$ per piece.
Three thousand pieces cost 0.42$ per piece.
Thirty thousand pieces cost 0.38$ per piece.

For 3/4 inch,
One-piece costs 29.99$ per piece.
Fifty pieces cost 3.05$ per piece.
Three thousand pieces cost 0.62$ per piece.
Thirty thousand pieces cost 0.53$ per piece.

For 1 inch,
One-piece costs 29.99$ per piece.
Fifty pieces cost 3.12$ per piece.
Three thousand pieces cost 0.63$ per piece.
Thirty thousand pieces cost 0.54$ per piece.

Turnaround time
4inlanyards have 3-5 days rush lanyard order. So you can have your products on time.

Special offers
they have no tax and custom fee. Sometimes they offer some percentage off on some particular day.

4inlanyards has more than 6000+ reviews overall. Which makes them trusted and guaranteed.

iPromo logo image
1st Floor | 25 N High Street | Canal Winchester, OH 43110

iPromo takes pride in helping their customer decide and find the best promos and ideas. iPromo LLC is a promotional product company that has helped over 45,000 people since 1999.

In addition to Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom, iPromo LLC can provide its services globally. They manufacture their products and partner with 3rd parties. They can guarantee quality products with excellent customer service.

Lanyards type option
They give their customers quite many options for lanyards.
Lanyard with bulldog clip
Hang in there lanyard
Hang in there lanyard plus.
Reflective stitch lanyard.
Lumi light up logo lanyard
Full color 1" Lanyard with hook
Full color 7/8" ribbon lanyard with clip
Mask lanyard
Lanyard USB flash drive
Full-color imprint smooth dye sublimation lanyard - 3/4" x 36"
Design option
iPromo gives vast options of colors; where do you want your design and upload the artwork to print on the lanyards.
Buying custom lanyards in bulk from them can help you design lanyards with your logo with the iPromo design team. Depending on the width of the lanyard and the print capacity, you can do full-color sublimation ultra-vibrant printing. Or you can simply pick your color lanyard and print the logo on a repeated pattern or your desired location on the lanyard.

Order size
iPromo has a minimum quantity, but the minimum quantity differs based on the type of lanyard you buy.
Lanyard with bulldog clip - minimum quantity 500 pcs
Hang in there lanyard - minimum quantity 400 pcs
Hang in there lanyard plus - minimum quantity 300 pcs
Reflective stitch lanyard - minimum quantity 300 pcs
Lumi light up logo lanyard - minimum quantity 100 pcs
Full color 1" Lanyard with hook - minimum quantity 250 pcs
Full color 7/8" ribbon lanyard with clip - minimum quantity 250 pcs
Mask lanyard - minimum quantity 250 pcs
Lanyard USB flash drive - minimum quantity 100 pcs
Full-color imprint smooth dye sublimation lanyard - 3/4" x 36" - minimum quantity 250 pcs

Online Ordering
You can order online on their website, which has a dynamic and smooth ordering process.
The order process will guide you in a step-by-step process with your desired lanyard.

The pricing is dynamic. The more your quantity, the more you save from each lanyard. Each type of lanyard price change differently, but when you have a bulk order, all types of lanyard price drops per piece.

Turn around time
They claim they offer 24-hour rush service on almost all types of custom lanyards in bulk.

Special offers
They have a system that when you give a bulk production, it will save some percentage in that production.

They have an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5. About 97% of customers give them a 4–5-star rating. They all share how flawless and outstanding their experience was.


MARCOPromos logo image
522 West 17th Avenue Oshkosh, WI 54902USA.
A family business was founded in 1964 with an excellent reputation for providing a full selection of top-notch quality custom printed marketing items and ID solutions with supplies backed by superior service.
MARCOPromos has excellent customer-oriented services where they offer and think a lot for their customers.

Lanyards type option
MARCOPromos offer a vast option of custom lanyards for bulk production. They have about 48 types of lanyards in their inventory. some of them are given below:
3/4" cotton lanyard with retractable badge reel
7/8" super value polyester lanyard with 3" x4" badge holder combo
1/2" no flip cotton lanyard with double swivel snap hook
1/2" breakaway cotton lanyard with standard O-ring
1" full-color heavyweight satin lanyard
3/4" neoprene lanyard with plastic snap buckle release and standard O-Ring

Beaded Lanyard
7/8" satin ribbon lanyard with split ring
3/8" elastic dye sublimated lanyard with O-ring
and many more. We suggest you visit their website and check out their vast inventory.

Design option
As they have any type of lanyard options, they also offer vast design categories for their customer. They offer several imprint locations, imprint location, imprint method, imprint type, and breakaway type, and you can also upload your logo or art file to them.

With that, you can also send them special art instructions, which will be carried out accordingly. Additionally, you will get a free digital mock-up of your art on your chosen item within 1-2 business hours after you submit your order. Point to note that the production will start after you approve the mock-up.

Order size
They have a minimum order size of 100 for each type of lanyard.

Online Ordering
MARCOPromos allows its customers to order bulk production of the lanyard. The process of ordering is easy too. Choose your preferred lanyard and the quantity; they will estimate your price.

Then click "Next", and you'll have a tab where you can customize your lanyard freely. After taking all the necessary information, the website will provide you with a product summary.

Each type of lanyard is priced differently. Mainly for the material, it is used to make the lanyard. There are many styles of lanyards available in MARCOPromos. They have a clear pricing policy that is easy to understand. Bulk production will cost less than average.

Turnaround time
MARCOPromos have more than 98% of its imprinted products open for immediate shipment. Rush order is also available. They suggest to call them and let them know so you can save up to 35%. It happens because of their factory's direct "Plan Ahead & Save" program. Some products have a free 24-hour rush offer.

Special offers
MARCOPromos think about their customers a lot. So, they offer the first-time buyer to save up to $120.

On MARCOPromos' website, you will find many customer reviews with similar satisfaction. All the reviews are genuine, and they are happy with the company's service.

7.Lanyard UK

Lanyard UK logo image
Nasmyth Building, Nasmyth Avenue, Scottish Enterprise Technology Park East Kilbridge, South Lanarkshire, G75 0QR, UK.
Lanyard UK is the UK's top supplier of plain, pre-printed, and custom-printed lanyards that have been serving for over a decade. They also serve with blank and printed ID cards and inserts and a wide range of accessories to go with lanyards, including clips, PVC wallets, retractable reels, and ID card holders. They focus on selling bulk production.

Lanyard UK is a part of the Acoo review group of branded products websites trading as promos central.

Lanyards type option
Lanyard UK has a lot of lanyard options in its inventory. All of them are divided into three types.
Bulk custom lanyards
Bulk plain lanyards
Bulk pre-printed lanyards

the custom lanyards include 22 different styles to find the perfect one. Each style is different from the others. The plain lanyards are perfect for everyday use. They have stripes, patterns, and prints and have the option to pair your lanyards with a matching ID card holder.

The last option, pre-printed lanyards, are the lanyards with the most popular text phrases with a wide range of styles and colors. Some popular texts are consultant, contractor, crew, delegate, event staff, etc.

Design option
They offer standard lanyard colors to choose from. Many lanyards are shown on the website; each is different from the others. You have to send them the logo, color choices, and font; they will do the rest.

Order size
Lanyard UK has no specific minimum quantity. Each type of product has a different order size. Some lanyards' minimum quantity is 50, some are 100, and some are 500pcs.

Some types of lanyards have a minimum quantity of 1 pack of 5 lanyards or one pack of 10 lanyards. It depends on what type of lanyard you are ordering.
Online Ordering
There is no option to order on Lanyard UK's website. You have to call or email them for your order. And they will proceed with the rest of the task.

The price of Lanyard UK's lanyard is relatively lower than others. The pricing policy here is quite transparent and easy to understand. Each type of lanyard has a different price.

And the price of the lanyard decreases when the quantity increases.

Turnaround time
The plain and preprinted lanyards turnaround time is the same day dispatch. So, you don't have to wait for them for days.
On the other hand, the custom lanyard takes time. Depending on the type of lanyard, it may take 1 to 2 weeks or even 3 to 4 weeks after the artwork approval. But they claim to be taking pride in offering industry-leading turnaround time, which is as little as seven days.

Final thoughts:

Many websites offer lanyards in bulk, but the seven listed above are some of the most trusted and expert ones for you to choose from. They offer great prices, a wide selection, good customer service, and more.

When ordering lanyards in bulk, it is crucial to find a reputable website that can provide a good product at a reasonable price and have an excellent reputation for satisfying their customer through their products and services. 

Article written by Robin Brown
Robin Brown is part of the content team at Vivipins where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.
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