Top 7 Website To Custom Your Own Neck Gaiter

Written by Robin Brown on August 24, 2021
Neck gaiters not only offer comfort and practicality but also contribute to safety in our current uncertain environment. If you're tired of the mundane and conventional neck gaiters worn by everyone else, fret not; we understand your sentiment. Today, we present to you the top six destinations where you can purchase custom neck gaiters.

Custom neck gaiters provide the same comfort and safety as regular ones, but with the added benefit of personalization. You have the freedom to customize them according to any person or occasion. Whether it's aligning with your outfit's style, representing your business, or showcasing support for your favorite sports team, custom neck gaiters can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Say goodbye to generic options and embrace the opportunity to create personalized neck gaiters that reflect your unique style and preferences. With custom neck gaiters, you can elevate your fashion statement, promote your brand, or show team spirit. Whatever the circumstance, these customizable accessories are designed to cater to your needs.

1.Custom Ink

Custom Ink logo
Custom Ink is a reputable company that specializes in adding personalized designs to a wide range of products. Their services allow you to customize text, artwork, and colors on any neck gaiter. With their user-friendly design lab, you can easily customize various items, including neck gaiters and shirts. This feature is particularly beneficial if you're seeking matching clothing items with the same design, such as for a business, team, or event.

One notable aspect of Custom Ink is their utilization of a screen printing process. This technique ensures the production of high-quality neck gaiters with precise colors and designs, resulting in a visually appealing finished product.

Similar to other custom neck gaiter producers, Custom Ink has a minimum order requirement of 12 neck gaiters. This may pose a challenge for individuals looking to order a smaller quantity. However, they offer fast shipping options, including rush shipping, which guarantees delivery within one week or even three days. While expedited shipping does incur additional costs, it is worth noting that many other companies do not provide this expedited service.

Custom Ink stands out as a reliable option for custom neck gaiters, offering extensive customization capabilities and efficient shipping options to accommodate various needs.
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2. Totally Promotional

Totally Promotional is an established company that specializes in the creation of custom products and designs on a wide range of items. They offer an extensive selection of products that can be easily customized to suit your preferences. This option is particularly advantageous if you desire matching items with consistent designs or if you require customization across various products.

It's important to note that Totally Promotional does have a minimum order requirement of 6 items for each customization. While this threshold is lower compared to many competitors, it can still pose a challenge for individuals seeking to order neck gaiters for smaller groups or personal use.

One drawback of opting for Totally Promotional is their relatively slower shipping times. The fastest shipping option they provide takes approximately 14 days, while standard delivery typically falls within the range of 15 to 20 days. Additionally, it's worth mentioning that they do not offer an online customization editor. Instead, you need to directly submit any design ideas or concepts you have to their design team.

Despite these considerations, Totally Promotional remains a viable choice for those seeking custom products. Their wide range of customizable items and lower minimum order requirement make them a suitable option for various customization needs. However, it's essential to keep in mind the longer shipping times and the need for direct communication with their design team for personalized designs.
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3. Hoorag

Hoorag logo
Hoorag specializes in customizing a wide range of headwear items such as bandanas, headbands, face masks, and neck gaiters. One notable offering from Hoorag is their collection of high-quality polyester microfiber neck gaiters, which provide both comfort and breathability. This microfiber option sets them apart from many competitors and serves as a significant advantage.

However, it's important to note that Hoorag has a substantial minimum order requirement of 24 neck gaiters for each order. This makes them more suitable for larger orders, businesses, or sizable events that necessitate a significant quantity of neck gaiters.

On the bright side, Hoorag ensures swift order processing and shipping. With an average processing time of 48 hours and the availability of expedited shipping (with a delivery timeframe of 3 days), you can expect to receive your order in less than a week.

If you have a large order and require prompt completion, Hoorag is an ideal choice to meet your needs. Their expertise in customizing headwear, including their microfiber neck gaiters, combined with their fast processing and shipping options, make them a favorable option for those seeking efficient customization services.
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4. 4inBandana

4inBandana logo
4inBandana is a company that takes pride in its ability to cater to everyone's needs through small-batch manufacturing. Their specialization lies in customizing various headwear items, including neck scarfs, face masks, hoods, balaclavas, tubulars, beanies, and more.

When it comes to neck gaiters, 4inBandana produces high-quality products made of 100% polyester. These neck gaiters are seamless and provide exceptional comfort.

The standout advantage of choosing 4inBandana is their lack of minimum order requirements. This means that regardless of the size of your order, they are able to fulfill your needs. Moreover, they offer a user-friendly online customization tool that simplifies the process of personalizing your neck gaiter.

Additionally, 4inBandana ensures prompt shipping times. Typically, you can expect your order to be delivered within approximately 10 days from the time of purchase. For those in need of expedited shipping, they provide a remarkable four-day turnaround time that is seldom found elsewhere.

4inBandana is particularly well-suited for individuals with small orders, thanks to their accommodating approach and the convenience of their easy-to-use customization tool. Their commitment to high-quality products, along with their swift shipping options, makes them a compelling choice for those seeking customized neck gaiters.
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5. DECO Slides 

Deco slides logo
Deco slides is a company that takes great pride in providing a seamless and user-friendly experience, alongside a wide range of customization options.

What sets them apart from many competitors is their offering of three different sizes: lightweight, middleweight, and heavyweight. These variations are designed to cater to diverse situations. Additionally, they offer four different sizes, ensuring suitability for individuals of all ages, from children to adults.

A standout feature of Deco Slides is their extensive range of customization possibilities. They provide a diverse selection of patterns and solid colors that serve as a foundation for any design.

One of their top-notch features is their highly intuitive website, which allows users to create intricate designs and instantly preview them before finalizing their order.

Another significant advantage is their complimentary shipping service, with an average turnaround time of approximately one week.

While Deco Slides does not impose any minimum order requirements, they do offer discounted pricing models. This means that the more you order, the lower the price per neck gaiter becomes. However, it's worth noting that smaller orders may result in a higher price per item.

Deco Slides' commitment to ease of use, extensive customization options, quick turnaround times, and flexible pricing models make them a compelling choice for personalized neck gaiters.
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6. Free Sunshields

Free Sunshields logo
Free Sunshields is a company that prides itself on its ability to swiftly create custom neck gaiters without imposing any minimum order requirements.

One of their notable features is the absence of minimum order requirements. However, they do offer discounted pricing for bulk orders. Unfortunately, this means that smaller orders may incur a higher price per item.

Additionally, they provide two sizing options and two thickness options, allowing you to choose the most suitable fit and level of protection for your needs.

It's worth mentioning that Sunshields does not provide an easy-to-use online editor. Instead, you will need to submit your design, and their teams will create a mockup of your customized neck gaiter.

In terms of shipping times, Sunshields does not offer the fastest turnaround. Custom orders typically have a three-week processing time. However, they do offer rush shipping options for urgent needs.

While Sunshields may be a viable choice if you require small orders or seek discounted pricing for larger quantities, it's important to note that there are alternative companies that offer better pricing and more convenient ordering methods.

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7. Vivipins

Vivi.Pins  logo image
Vivipins is the ideal destination for those seeking a perfect balance of affordability and quality. They specialize in crafting custom neck gaiters using high-quality polyester, resulting in seamless and comfortable products. Moreover, Vivipins ensures a high level of customization, allowing you to personalize your neck gaiters with various colors and designs. For ultimate personalization, you even have the option to make each side of the neck gaiter completely different.

No need to worry if you lack a design, as Vivipins offers an easy-to-use website where you can customize your neck gaiters directly from your computer. If you're unsure about the style you desire, their talented team can assist you in creating a design that meets your preferences.

One outstanding advantage of choosing Vivipins is the absence of any minimum order requirements. Regardless of the size of your order, they are committed to fulfilling it. Additionally, they take pride in their industry-leading shipping times, ensuring prompt delivery of your order. In case you require expedited shipping, Vivipins offers this option to accommodate tight timelines.

Don't waste any more time; seize the opportunity to order your custom neck gaiters from Vivipins today and witness your ideas transform into reality.
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Neck gaiters are more important today than ever before. One way you can take your neck gaiters to the next level is by personalizing them. Unfortunately, finding the best place to buy quality custom gaiters is not always easy. Don’t worry; we’ve done all the work for you and found the best places to buy custom neck gaiters. So stop wasting your time and order your custom neck gaiters today. 
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