Top 7 Websites To Order Metal Business Cards In Bulk Quantity

Written by Robin Brown on October 24, 2022
Any business person or business owner wants to stand out from the competition in a crowded market. However, how can you differentiate yourself from the competition when many of your rivals are spending far more on advertising and marketing than you are? The best approach to stand out, make the perfect first impression, and connect with people looking for your products and services is to identify a distinctive feature that sets you apart from the competition. What could be more unique than personalized metal business cards?

Although metal business cards are not brand-new, they are a powerful way to promote your company in a unique way that says something and shows the value and quality of your company. Tempered steel business cards that are of the highest quality, brand new, and innovative will make it clear to the recipient and everyone else who uses them what you mean by business. Commercial cards are still an important tool in advertising and managing your company and are a vital picture of business enterprise and financial action. Simply put, no business could function without them!

They provide crucial information about your company and a way to reach you in everyday interactions with clients and potential partners. They also address you and your organization. The first step to the successful development of commercial relationships and financial success is a captivating and informative visiting card.


vivipins 3
Address: 1440 W.Taylor St#989, Chicago, IL 60607, United States

According to studies, the most well-known company in the USA that manufactures metal business cards with scratching is Vivipins. They have been in place for almost five years and provide a few meaningful opportunities for improvement. Through them, you could learn more about what you desire or teach them about a significant task. Their talented in-house creators will employ your ideas to create a creative, captivating line plan at that time.

As a creator of custom business cards, they have collaborated with many of the most well-known associations and clubs in the globe as well as a large number of its best businesses. Additionally, they have worked with "regular, average individuals," such as entrepreneurs who were just starting and wanted to raise some money by handing out business cards, as well as well-known big celebrities. From the biggest company to the lone person, they all receive the same level of management from them.

Product quality
They provide the most aesthetically pleasing custom business cards available right now. They have received a few compliments from various clients. They promptly, effectively, and skillfully create everything you want, including games, refreshments for business endeavors, awards for skillful accomplishment, and much more.

Minimum quantity
There is no minimum order quantity needed for Vivipins. But if you want, they will also offer you wholesale options.

Delivery  time
They frequently need 7 to 14 days to travel to see you.

Depending on the size and complexity of your request, the price will change. You might further reduce the cost per business card by ordering in bulk quantity!



Address: 30 W 47th St #405, New York, NY 10036, United States

PrintLeaf offers high-quality, innovative, and cost-effective printing services. They are the go-to source for small and large organizations for everything from marketing assurance to large commercial printers. In the unlikely event that you are participating in or attending a job fair, find out more about their custom attire and unique merchandise. To satisfy all of your printing needs, they provide the highest quality printing for your company together with incredibly fast turnaround times. Naturally, they cater to each client's budget, and they are skilled at lowering your printing expenses.

They provide a lot more services to your company than only print. They wish to simplify your life by handling everything from setup administrations to normal postal letters. If it's not too much bother, click the "Administrations" button at the top of their webpage to view more of their amazing administrations.

They are not unreachable just because they are online. Contact their friendly account representatives whenever you need assistance with a request or have any questions. Their representatives are subject matter specialists that are committed to handling all of your company's printing requirements quickly, kindly, and expertly.

Product quality
Printing is done on.040mm aluminum material for aluminum custom metal business cards. The aluminum's strength will prevent any wrinkling or twisting of your playing cards. The printed side of the business card can either be on the front or on both sides. Since everyone will need to have one of your cards, make sure to carry several of them with you. With these metal cards, individuals will have a long-lasting image of your company. See the impact by making one right away!

Delivery time
The custom metal business card must be circled back within 2 business days. FedEx is used to provide the normal short-term delivery of the aluminum metal business card.

Minimum order requirement
The minimum order quantity ranges from 55 to whatever you want.

Each order is $173 in price. Each item is $3.15 in price.


PlasmaDesign 1
Address: Dores Ln, Braishfield, Romsey SO51, United Kingdom

In addition to offering metal, plastic, wooden, and letterpress business cards, they also provide free, individualized plan administration. By combining cutting-edge planning and production techniques with traditional printing techniques, they offer protection for creations that would otherwise go unnoticed in our highly automated, homogenous society. Their products are made and shipped locally in the United Kingdom, and despite shipping to 129 countries, they believe in supporting our community.

Sometimes the earlier methods are the finest. The handcrafted aspect of their creative interaction allows them to replicate craftsmanship in ways that would not otherwise be possible. This commitment to established practices fosters a level of possession and pride that is essentially illusory when creativity is highly automated.

Product quality
Their metal playing cards are made from moved-treated steel. As a result, the grained surface is consistently predictable and pure. With the aid of their advanced photochemical processing method, they can cut and engrave steel with astounding precision. This takes complex instances, holes, and grilles into consideration. They can cut through the steel, but they can also remove the metal from the border to alter the condition of the real card in addition to cutting through the steel. Although the 200-micron metal cards are thinner than a typical Mastercard, they are roughly as rigid when bent between the thumb and finger as a conventional Mastercard since they are made of treated steel. 

Delivery time
The size and kind of your request will determine how long it takes to be delivered. By visiting their website, you may look into their delivery time!

Minimum order quantity
A minimum of 50 items must be ordered for each order. However, the price of each item decreases as your purchase amount increases.

Custom metal business cards from PlasmaDesign start at $249 for 50 cards in a single purchase.


MyMetalBusinessCard 1
Address: My Metal Business Card 511 S. Harbor Blvd, Ste. Q La Habra, CA 90631

A dedicated team of skilled designers, metal cutters, and etchers, supported by quality control, delivery, and customer support, is the driving force behind Since 2003, they have been producing personalized metal cards, and today they are a leading authority on metal business cards, large-size metal solicitations, and additional-value metal cards like keychains and jug openers.

You may choose from a huge selection of metal finishes, such as dark, copper, gold,  and hardened steel, as well as spot tones and unique forms that will bite the dust. Their extensive experience has taught them what it takes to make a card or greeting that truly stands out and that your consumers will want to remember forever. The metal cards themselves are always of the highest quality. The feel of thin metal cards is flimsy and modest, but their cards are a generous 0.5mm, which is over twice as thick as the average 0.3mm card offered by the bulk quantity of their competitors. Without being overwhelmingly large in the pocket, this greater weight feels comfortingly important in the hand.

Product quality
Only a small percentage of the custom metal options they provide include brushed, matte, and reflect completes. In addition, they provide business cards made of dark metal, gold metal, rose gold, tempered steel, carbon fiber metal, lightweight aluminum, and other materials. Your inventive mind is as far as it can go. Your metal business card also replicates the name on the card, not just your likeness. Etched Texture, Dual Plating, Vibrant Enamel Colors, Die Cut Shapes and Cutouts, and more. Their metal business cards are excellent ice breakers and come in every shape under the sun.

Delivery time
Transportation is free everywhere in the United States. Your cards will be sent by a trustworthy messenger through a well-known and secure system. When your cards are sent out, they'll send you the following number; they often arrive in 4 days or less.

Minimum order quantity
The minimum order quantity for MetalBusinessCard is 100 cards per order. These order minimums—150, 250, 500, and 1000—are higher.

Every order comes with limitless cuts, free artwork, free shipping, and 1 screen print color. The order will cost $2.76 per item.

Address: 154 Grand Street, New York, NY 10013, USA

Them at Printing New York, a professional printing company with offices in the heart of Manhattan, are here to help you take the necessary risks to achieve your goals. They provide a comprehensive choice of high-quality business card printing services targeted at businesses of all kinds and types, whether they are large corporations, small retail establishments, or one-on-one customers.

On this website, you can place online orders for a wide range of their visiting card products with same-day printing available. They provide a huge variety of card types and printing options, such as Spot UV, coated, shine overlay, velvet, matte completion, and silk. In case you need to pique a customer's interest the next time you pull out your card, they significantly provide plain, plastic cards. Each print run is made fair using Indigo computers, which are used to print their cards.

Product quality
A printing cycle for metallic business cards using CMUK tones and foil printing in gold or silver. The result is a shiny business card that glitters and shimmers. Usually, paper cardstocks rather than metal are used for these cards' imprints. They also allow for spot shading. Metal cards can have strong, beautiful variety added to them thanks to spot-shading.

Delivery time
The amount of stuff you want to order will determine how long it takes to deliver. To learn more, visit their website.

Minimum order quantity
100 pieces minimum per order is the starting point. Through their website, you may choose to have greater privileges as well.

Due to the additional machinery needed to produce them, metal business cards are more expensive than traditional business cards made of paper. When factors like laser cutting and scratching are taken into account, they typically cost between $4-6 per card.


SameDayRushingPrinting 1
Address: 367 79th St suite 101, Brooklyn, NY 11209, United States

They are a company that has dedicated itself to filling a niche in a slow-moving, decaying sector. They believe that this sector truly had a lot of "speed" potential, even though return times were often lengthy and the request process was burdensome. They developed a company that can personalize its products unexpectedly quickly since they have grown accustomed to "moment" information, lightning-speed email, and inexpensive fast food franchises in this computer era.

In a more restless world where every business is directly touched by instant specialized methods, the need for rapid-moving rush services has increased all around them, especially in the most populous American cities.

Their simple plan is to deliver instant on-demand printing for all printable things on that same day and as quickly as possible for almost all of the items they sell. Their present product selection is vast, and as time goes on, we continue to grow our extensive list of printed goods and services.

Product quality
Their custom metal business card printing offers a modern appearance and feels similar to standard cardboard business cards. Same-day metal business cards score exceptionally well. Your aided metal business cards may be ordered in full tone or one tone. Business cards from them are durable and robust.

Minimum order quantity
You must place an order with them in quantities starting at 50.

Delivery time
Requests printed the same day, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, must be made before 5 p.m. Online ordering for prints is quick, easy, and delivered the same day. We offer accelerated printing services to the majority of American cities and villages.

Due to the minimum order requirement, each order costs close to $315.


Address: Hangzhou, China

Are you looking for personalized metal business cards? is the only place to look. Simply said, metal specialties are items made of metal that may be used to decorate dwellings. In the past, rulers and aristocracy used these pieces of art to convey their sovereignty and social status. Nevertheless, many households these days have metal business cards. They add charm and style to your house. Examples of metals that may be used to create these works of art include bronze, iron, copper, gold, and silver. Through powerful and empty projection, these metals are softened and projected into a variety of forms.

Making metal ought to be as well-known a concept as the more widely used paper crafts. Children can stretch on a level surface while holding an aluminum foil creation. The sparse material can function quite similarly to paper. They can attach them to their existing piece of artwork to add a second layer of the surface to it and open themselves up to the possibility of creating with tin foil later on in the cycle.

Visit to find cheap metal business cards. This online buying platform provides a huge selection of metal specialties that meet your needs. Additionally, if you're a store, you may purchase these items on our platform at a discount.

Product quality
Their metal business card has a nice touch surface and is constructed of materials like hardened steel, aluminum, copper, and more. On the metal card, various designs such as red, pink, blue, silver, dark, dim, green, brush, and others can be silk embossed or electroplated. A metal business card's usual dimensions are 85*54*0.3mm, while other dimensions and thicknesses can be made to order in response to consumer demand.

Delivery time
The size of the order affects how quickly they deliver. However, 10 days is the quickest delivery period.

Minimum order requirement
You may order in large quantities from them because there is no minimum order quantity requirement.

Larger orders result in lower prices. The price per item, however, ranges from $0.4 to $1.5, depending on the artwork and several other factors.

Final words

A change in corporate culture is the use of metal business cards. There are several businesses in the region, all vying for attention and visibility for their operations. What does it ultimately take to do that? The company is continually booming. Furthermore, the number of businesses is growing along with this expanding measurement. In the world of business, there is fierce competition. In any event, every industry has a suitable expenditure strategy. The budget set up for advertising and development should be taken into full consideration. Even so, most startup businesses have little funding, thus extravagant advertising or promotion isn't usually allowed.

Custom metal business cards will undoubtedly stand out in this way. Do you understand the situation? According to human brain science, when we observe something unusual, it is captured by and remains in our memory. With metal business cards, the same thing happens. These cards are not typical for the company. Several businesses make use of these business cards. Therefore, when you provide a business card to a potential client. He could be confused to get a metal business card. He will converse with you with almost no expectations if you do this. Right now, it's your responsibility to convince the client to try your services. Voila! Assuming you do your part effectively. You've acquired a client.

Additionally, even if the person doesn't require your services, he or she will still remember you and contact you when it's necessary. This abundance of thanks goes to a business card that isn't like the others you'll often encounter. You don't distribute metal business cards to everyone in your vicinity. Give your business card to prospective clients or anybody else who could need your services. You choose and make an effort to convince others based on your independent judgment or instinct.

Article written by Robin Brown
Robin Brown is part of the content team at Vivipins where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.
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