11 Tips & Statistics Everyone Should Know About LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is one of the world’s largest professional networking sites for a reason. It actively connects industry professionals and helps others discover employment opportunities. Moreover, it is a powerful channel for high-quality content, for building leadership and creating marketing strategies.

That being said, professionals need to learn how to use LinkedIn to their advantage. Here are some fascinating statistics and facts that will get you up to speed on LinkedIn.

Foster Collaboration

Currently, LinkedIn has over 575 million users. Out of that number, 260 million of those users are active on a monthly basis. However, that is not to say LinkedIn is completely stagnant on that number.

LinkedIn is steadily growing with at least two professionals joining the platform every second. At first glance, this is not the most eye-opening number. However, it should be noted that LinkedIn’s growth is more consistent than any other networking site.

For example, from 2016-2018, LinkedIn gained 123 million new users. On the other hand, Twitter only gained 9 million new users within that same time frame.

Moreover, Facebook seems to be falling behind as well. Despite Facebook gaining 5 new users ever second, Facebook has actually hit a wall in user growth.

As such, LinkedIn is one of the most reliable and consistent networking platforms. This means more potential contacts and opportunities to boost your profile.

Employee Needs
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Like we mentioned before, LinkedIn is a business-oriented site. As such, it is no surprise that 92% Fortune 500 companies use LinkedIn. On top of that, 45% of users  are in upper management, like directors, vice presidents, and executives.

In other words, LinkedIn is home to the decision-makers in companies. Unlike other platforms, LinkedIn has more curated content.

For executives, LinkedIn is how they keep up with their colleagues, competition, and potential new hires. Additionally, they can track trends and innovations within their niche industries.

For job seekers, this means that LinkedIn provides a unique opportunity to connect with notable companies. Moreover, content producers and B2B businesses also have a great opportunity to boost their brand visibility.

Granted, to successfully make an impression requires using LinkedIn in the same way the executives use it.

You Must Know How to Delegate
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Pew Research Center found that LinkedIn is the third most popular social media platform for an educated audience. Meanwhile, only 9% have a high school diploma or less.

The popularity of LinkedIn among college students is due to LinkedIn’s ability to connect them with good companies. With how competitive the job market is, new graduates are always looking for ways to find lucrative jobs.

Moreover, LinkedIn actually streamlines and simplifies the job-hunting process. Especially for young college students, LinkedIn lets them independently build their own professional profile.

On the other hand, this statistic also has something to say for businesses and marketers. College students present a lucrative audience for businesses and marketers. To make the most of LinkedIn, you have to consider the perspectives and interests of college students.

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One of the things all marketers are concerned with is initiating consumer interest. Nowaday, marketing teams turn to social media to accomplish this.

However, it should be noted that LinkedIn is leagues ahead of other platforms in this regard. As a matter of fact, LinkedIn is 277% more effective for drawing leads than Facebook or Twitter.  But why is that?

LinkedIn naturally generates more leads because LinkedIn has a more focused, curated feed. Like we mentioned before, LinkedIn is full of business-minded people or people showcasing their work expertise. Naturally, businesses’ content is sure to perform well.

To utilize LinkedIn for more leads for your business, pay attention to these tips:


  • Invest in growing a specific niche/channel.
  • Find content that garners a positive response and stick with it.
  • Continue to share content with calls to action.
  • Continue to analyze your data and find what works.
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While LinkedIn being valuable to B2C relationships, it is also valuable to B2B relationships. Other social media platforms are popular. However, they are not quite as strong in generating actual web traffic and connections between businesses.

LinkedIn not only brings in customers, B2B marketers have seen 80% of social media leads come from LinkedIn. In other words, LinkedIn has great potential to improve conversion rates for businesses.

Again, this is because LinkedIn is completely unique from all other social media platforms. Instead of memes and family photos, LinkedIn provides multiple tools to help businesses expands.

For example, LinkedIn provides tools for audience targeting. With LinkedIn, it is much easier for leads to find your network and see your business.

Moreover, LinkedIn makes it easier for businesses to narrow down their target audience. Whether you are looking for CEOs or digital marketing managers, LinkedIn provides you with the most credible results.

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If you are a job seeker on LinkedIn, it is important to include a profile photo. A profile photo is like your virtual handshake. It makes you more approachable because no one likes communicating with a faceless, online presence.

LinkedIn trends show that individuals who had a profile picture had more success in terms of getting hired. Profiles with a profile picture received 21x more views and 36x more messages. Moreover, profiles with a professional headshot received 14x more views.

That being said, make sure you invest in taking quality profile pictures. This is not the time for pictures with your dogs. You want a profile picture that is good quality and exemplifies your professionalism.

You can easily take a good enough photo from your phone. However, it might be worth investing in a professional photographer.

Like we mentioned before, the job market is incredibly competitive. As such, it is important for job seekers to stay on top of their skills.

By that, I mean it is important to constantly update your skills and showcase as much of your skills as possible. Fortunately, LinkedIn makes it incredibly easy to share your skillset.

First, LinkedIn organizes skills according to the following categories:


  • Tools & Technologies
  • Industry Knowledge
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Other Skills


The categories make it easier for hiring managers to zero in on the specific skills they are looking for. Moreover, you can also emphasize three of your top skills on your profile. You can even reorder other skills when new skills come along.  

You want to aim to have an extensive skills list. With at least 5 skills listed on your profile, you gain 31x more visibility by recruiters.

8. Employees Hired Through LinkedIn are 40% Less Likely to Quit Within the First Six Months of Being Hired

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Any successful businessperson knows that retaining their employees is just as important as finding fresh talent. Fortunately, LinkedIn turns out employees that are more loyal to companies than those hired by traditional methods.

One of the primary reasons LinkedIn-sourced employees are more loyal is because of how LinkedIn empowers brands. Remember, LinkedIn is focused on business and professional development.

As such, it is the perfect place for a business to build a strong brand. Moreover, it is the perfect place to build awareness for your brand with potential candidates. In turn, candidates are more likely to establish a deeper connection with your brand.

Having loyal employees is a huge benefit to any business. Loyal employees can save you resources from dealing with bad hires. Moreover, employee retention promotes positive office morale and overall success.  


Another great feature of LinkedIn are LinkedIn groups. LinkedIn Groups are a way for LinkedIn members to share their interests with other industry professionals. Additionally, these groups are great keeping up with industry trends and connecting with your target audience.

As such, it makes sense that only a small percentage of users are not in a LinkedIn group. If you aren’t in a LinkedIn Group yet, you are definitely missing out a lucractive engagement opportunity.

Say you are a small enamel pins custom company and you want to establish a greater online presence. A LinkedIn Group is the perfect way to boost your brand visibility. Moreover, it allows you to build authentic relationships with customers and other professionals.

Once you have established a reputation, your content and marketing campaigns will be more successful. LinkedIn groups help establish your credibility and ensure that the leads you get are valuable and authentic.

10. LinkedIn Images Can Improve Engagement and Grow Comment Rate by 98%

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Visual content marketing is key to any successful marketing campaign. Remember, people are visual creatures.

Visuals are how you attract and keep your audience’s attention. Visuals can enhance your overall campaign and increase its chances for success.

One of the great things about LinkedIn is that members are constantly churning out new content everyday. As such, if you want to stand out from your competition, try to use images to improve your post’s popularity.

If you want even more engagement, try to also incorporate links. People like to click on links so take advantage of that. Try hyperlinking them to a photo or just adding them to the end of your content.

To up your game even more, consider incorporating videos into your posts. According to eMarketer, LinkedIn video is also one of the most effective uses of video marketing.

Visuals present an opportunity to diversify your marketing strategies.  

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While LinkedIn functions like other social media sites, it also allows you to share a variety of content. In addition to profiles, you can share slideshows, articles, videos, and so much more.

As a matter of fact, the amoung of content that gets shared on LinkedIn is staggering. More specifically, LinkedIn content receives 9 billion impressions per week. Moreover, LinkedIn drives more than half of web traffic towards B2B and B2C businesses.

That being said, it makes sense why 98% of LinkedIn users use LinkedIn for content publising. Additionally, this is why LinkedIn is also one of the leading publishing sites on the world.

As such, if you are looking to become a content writer, LinkedIn is a great place to start. It is also a great place for any content marketing campaign to thrive.


Now you know the value of LinkedIn. While it is one of the most popular networking platforms, it is so much more than that. Hopefully, these statistics have shown you how LinkedIn can significantly improve your professional life. If you have any thoughts or questions, please share them with us.

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