11 Of The Most Popular Internet Trends That Are Growing In 2019

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Internet trends have become insanely crucial for businesses of today to learn this past couple of years. From understanding what is selling to knowing what people are using and why internet trends are vital.  Moreover, with the further progressiveness of the internet, these trends will just become more prevalent with time.

Speaking of the further invasiveness of the internet into our personal lives, let us talk about trends.  We will be using Mary Meeker’s report on internet trends to cite our sources and statistics. Also, because her reports are invaluable in these kinds of matters.

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For the longest time, Americans spent a lot of their free time watching television at home. Now, what they watched is currently irrelevant, just knowing they are watching television is enough. Now, you might be curious why this is important to mention or discuss; here is why.

For the past decade, Americans spent, on average, 266 minutes a day watching television programs. This means companies knew where Americans might be when not working or engaging in other activities. So, they could directly estimate and figure out what was the best time to air advertisements to customers.

However, now, Americans are spending more time on their phones than they ever have before. This is primarily due to the convenience that smartphones have become in the past decade. Along with the widespread access to the internet has on mobile devices.

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In the span of just under a decade, online gaming has skyrocketed to the forefront of entertainment. Mobile and online video games like Fortnite and Apex Legends dominate the digital landscape.

Speaking of Fortnite, that game is a prime example of how far online gaming has come. Fortnite is the most popular online video game in the world, surpassing all other forms of competition.  Moreover, its success has influenced and changed the landscape of online gaming, and the children who play it.

I cannot state how much of an impact Fortnite alone has had on the minds of children. I mean, kids are bullying other kids for having default skins on! Yes, kids in schools are being bullied and picked on for not having cool virtual clothes!

That is how much effect a single game has on children. That is how effective online gaming has become.

3. Freemium-Based Economies.

While we are talking about gaming, let us discuss freemium-based economies.  Freemium-based economies are in most free-to-play mobile and online video games like Fortnite and Apex Legends. These economies are often the only way for these games to become profitable and successful.

Now, no one ever argues that developers and publishers should not receive payment for their work, no. However, these economies have slowly, over the years, become twisted and predatory, preying on children and adults. Fortnite, and recently, Apex Legends are two recent and significant examples of how predatory FBE’s are today.

Now, it sounds like I hate FBE’s, I do not, they have their place in the industry. In fact, if done right, FBE’s can be wholly beneficial to both parties of this current discussion. It can especially be beneficial as it continues to become a dominating trend in the industry.

4. Video Streaming Services.

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Another trend that is rising, thanks to the internet, is online and premium cable services. Services like Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Youtube Premium, and forty-other individual services are gaining traction. This is another reason why traditional television is dying, as more companies create their own streaming service.

More families are tired of paying for pricey cable services that they barely use. Netflix and Hulu alone offer more convenience and functionality; then television packages can take these days. Moreover, with most companies offering free phone apps, people can watch their shows and programs on the go.

This is why video streaming services and premium cable networks are rising in popularity, especially on the internet. Plus, original shows and movies on these services often rival, if not surpass the quality on television. Those are but a few reasons why video streaming services are a rising trend on the internet.

Additionally, according to Mary Meeker and EurekaAlert, free trials are a largely successful endeavor. Moreover, why should they not be successful? Especially when it comes to luxuries like online streaming and monthly programs that people might be unsure about.

According to the two reports, companies have found different forms of success with free trial users. While many may cancel or leave after their trial ends, they are responsive to marketing and usage rates. This is in comparison to regular customers who stick with the platform before or after their free trial.

At the same time, Mary Meeker made an additional point with her report. She reports on average, 42% of people list the free trial as their reason for trying the service. Adding layers to prove why free demos and trials are important ventures for fledgling online services and businesses.

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For our next topic, let us look at social media for a little while.  Social media sites like Facebook, Tumblr, Google/Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and Myspace have changed the internet. They have changed and morphed how people spread information and ideas around.

I mean, today people can go on any social website and see what is happening in the world. They can find and spread ideas and information to other people in the blink of an eye. What once took days/weeks to spread, now takes mere seconds to get out into the world.

There is no denying how much social media has changed in terms of information and communication. Today, people have so many different avenues to communicate with one another that it is insane. All else I can say is this: social media has changed the realm of communication.

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As of 2018-to-2019, the average American is spending a lot more time online than ever before. It might seem obvious given how interconnected technology has become in the past twenty years. However, as someone who works on the internet, it is fascinating to learn more about this area.

According to this article by, Jamie Condliffe, since 2000, time spent online has increased by a large margin. On average, it was 9-10 hours a week in the early 2000s; now it is nearly 24 hours. Not to mention how much of that screen time is being enjoyed from the comfort of a person’s house.

As the internet continues to interconnect into our lives, the amount of time we spend will surely increase. That is why having some presence on the digital landscape today is vital for businesses health.

According to Digital Information World, the number of users on the internet is staggering, if nothing else. According to them, over 4.2 billion individuals by October 2018, has some kind of online presence. That is just unbelievable to imagine given there are only 7.6 billion people on this planet of ours.

However, I suppose I should not be too surprised by this shocking revelation anymore if I am honest.  The internet has become this all-encompassing creature that everyone can benefit equally from. It is just staggering to learn more and more about how interconnected that creature is with us.

Not to mention that according to them, 3.4 billion of those users are active social media users.  Thus adding more to the idea that social media, along with the internet, has changed communication and information.

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With over 4.2 billion active users on the internet, it is only logical to know where a lot of them are from. Asia is factually the largest continent on the planet; it also has become a prime investment for businesses. Mostly because of the increasing number of online-capable devices like phones and computers.

This is not including the fact that Asia is known for producing and importing goods across the world. Thus, another reason for businesses, foreign and domestic, should break into this growing market. Especially when a massive portion of the internet’s user base hails from Asia, and it is vast lands.

Additionally, according to Justin Biel, half the world’s mobile subscribers live in the Asia Pacific. Thus, it would be beneficial for online businesses to enter this booming market.

If this whole article can be summed up in two words, it would be: staying relevant. With technology constantly changing and trends always shifting, businesses need to stay ahead of the curb. Moreover, such a feat is not always easy when you have hundreds of other competitors running the race.

I suppose, in a sense, that is why articles like this are allowed to exist on the internet. To share information and ideas with others who can turn it into a winning formula and strategy. Sadly, despite that gesture, there is no secret strategy for staying relevant.

The only way to stay relevant in today’s modern world is to stay ahead of the competition. Even then, many factors go into play in such matters, as this list has shown.

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For the final entry on this list, I feel I should mention that ad-blocker software is rising. People from across the world, and in developing nations, are using ad-blocking software more frequently.  This has brought a whole host of problems for online businesses, and it is not getting better.

As someone who is on the internet every day, I understand how annoying ads can be at times. Nothing screams obnoxious when 5 or 6 different ads start playing in the background, tanking your device’s performance. However, I understand that every website needs to make money somehow; it is part of the internet’s culture.

However, most people do not care at all about that since it does not affect them in the slightest. Which is why I want to end this list on this warning, that ad-block is on the rise.

Who Can Benefit From This Information? 

Why, honestly, anyone can benefit from this information. Anyone who is looking to understand the current rising trends on the internet. This can include anyone, even businesses such as enamel pin custom. 

Businesses in 2019 require an online presence to survive. The days of being successful by word of mouth are long behind us, forever gone. That is why this information can benefit anyone who wants to run and operate a business.

That is also why we wanted to create this article-to share information on this great medium. Yes, the internet can be rather harsh and unfair at times, especially with some individuals here-and-there. However, just being here for millions of people in this capacity makes up for the occasional problem.


Now you know how to optimize and show off your brand and company to a new digital landscape.  The internet has become this self-evolving symbiotic creature which provides and nourishes everyone who interacts it daily. It has helped thousands upon thousands of companies all around the world, and it can help you too.

If you have any questions, thoughts, opinions, concerns, please share them down below with us. After all, that is what the internet is most competent at, trending and sharing information. Thank you again for your time and patience, have a beautiful day everyone.

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