11 Valuable Statistics About Instagram Shopping You Should Know

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Instagram shopping and marketing has become essential to many brands and businesses. Thanks to Instagram, brands are able to showcase their products in a variety of new and interactive ways. Moreover, with millions of users everyday, Instagram presents a lucrative opportunity to drive sales.

As such, any business owner or marketing agent needs to take advantage of Instagram. Here are some important statistics that will highlight the power of Instagram.

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Instagram has effectively streamlined the online shopping experience in a number of ways.

First, Instagram’s visually-focused nature has made easy for users to find and engage with new products. As a matter of fact, 60% of Instagram users say they use Instagram to discover new products.

However, Instagram is also primed to encourage shopping behavior. Instagram does this by sharing shopping posts that are tagged with products.

With one tap, users can find out more details about a product as if they were visiting a real storefront. Moreover, Instagram’s new checkout feature lets you purchase items without having to leave the app.

So, it makes sense why so many people are engaging with Instagram shopping posts. Shopping and product engagement are at a whole new level of speed and immediacy.


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While Instagram Shopping Posts are making a splash with consumers, they are also working their magic for brands. Some brands actually found huge success with shopping posts long before it was released to the public.

Natori saw a 1,416% increase in Instagram traffic thanks to Instagram shopping posts. Meanwhile, Magnolia boutique saw a 20% increase in revenue. Lastly, Native Union saw a 2,000% increase in traffic.

Evidently, Instagram Shopping posts are not just a trend that will disappear anytime soon. Now, brands no longer have to rely just on traditional means of revenue. Shopping posts add a whole new unique revenue channel that has a high return on investment.

Moreover, Instagram shopping posts blend seamlessly into any brand’s business strategy. Whereas other strategies might demand a lot of resources, shopping posts are less strenuous.

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In a time where visual content is crucial to any marketing strategy, Instagram is king. As such, it is no surprise that it is a favorite among top-performing brands. Instagram has given brands an opportunity to keep them at the forefront of consumers minds.

However, that is not all Instagram does for top-performing brands. Other than Instagram Shopping posts, brands use Instagram to give them more insight into their niche industry. They use Instagram to keep up with competition or brands they want to work with in the future.

Additionally, top brands might use Instagram to track trends and innovations. With how much content ends up on Instagram, this is key to staying ahead of the game.


4. 80% of Instagram Users Follow A Brand or Business Account

If you are curious about Instagram marketing actually works, remember this statistic. As a matter of fact, engagement on Instagram is:


  • 54x higher than Pinterest
  • 84x higher than Twitter
  • 10x higher than Facebook


Naturally, people engage with Instagram because it is an extremely user-friendly app. Following a brand on Instagram eliminates the guesswork out of shopping.

With Instagram, users are able to keep up with sales and shopping deals that they might not find elsewhere. Moreover, Instagram has the ability to be extremely personal and relevant.

Instagram provides a unique opportunity to build a relationship with a brand. Even with a shopping post, you have the chance to create an authentic and consistent following.

So, take the time to properly curate your account and make it memorable to your audience. With 200 users visiting business profiles everyday, you want to ensure your profile is one of them.

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Billions of contents are flowing through Instagram everyday. And thanks to the new Instagram algorithm, people are seeing content that is more personalized.

However, this has also made it more difficult for brands to get their content seen. In turn, their shoppable posts might underperform.

As such, Sprout Social did a study to find out peak times for posting. Majority of the engagement occurs during mid-weekday and mid-day hours, like 10am-3pm. Meanwhile, engagement is the lowest during the weekend.

These peak hours actually make sense when you think about when people really engage with social media. People tend to have more activites on the weekend and less time to post. During the week, however, people typically check social media to take a break during work.

In general, post when you know your audience will be active.

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While pictures are the heart of Instagram, hashtags are equally as important. Since their invention in 2007, hashtags have transformed the vernacular of social media. Additionally, they have helped Instagram users and brands connect easier.

With hashtags, content is more discoverable. Also, brands use hashtags to track their performance on social media. This is probably why 70% of all hashtags on Instagram are branded.

So, utilize branded hashtags on your shoppable posts to improve your searchability. Additionally, utilize hashtags that are descriptive. Descriptive hashtags are key to getting your posts on Instagram’s Explore Page or Shopping channel.

However, this does not mean you load up your posts with 20+ hashtags. 9 to 11 hashtags is the sweet spot for how many hashtags you should include in a post.

By learning how to use hashtags effectively you will see growth in engagement. Additionally, you will likely also see even more conversions.

Filters are important tools that brands can use to tailor their profiles. Filters can help your content stand out and give it a sense of cohesion. In other words, filters can help you curate your Instagram aesthetic.

Now, I know you have probably heard the word aesthetic casually thrown around. However, it is a concept that brings visibilty to your brand message and keeps people interested.

Say you are an enamel pins custom company with an edgy street style. So, utilize the same editing style, tone or filter to make sure every piece of content reflects that.

This is especially important for shopping posts because you want shopping posts to seamlessly blend in. You don’t want them to disrupt your feed. Moreover, you don’t want your followers to feel like you are forcing a sale at them.

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One aspect of posting that many people will mistakenly overlook is adding a location tag. Believe it or not, location tags can improve engagement and revenues.

Location tags eliminate having to actually search for a brand and its location. Instead, people can make the immediate choice to visit in person because they know exactly where you are. If that is not convincing enough, how about this.

Your location tag can also guide people to engage more with your profile. The tag will lead to more photos taken in your tagged location. Moreover, it will lead to posts shared by users who visited your establishment.

In turn, potential customers will see the buzz around your brand. Naturally, they will feel more inclined to pop in for a visit and make a purchase.

The very same can be said for in-app purchases. The location tags on shopping posts can encourage shopping behavior.

User-generated content is another driving force on Instagram. While branded photos see high engagement, 50% of customers say user-generated content is more effective.

There are a number of reasons UGC is incredibly beneficial.

First, user-generated content helps you curate authentic content that customers will relate to and trust. Remember, customers don’t want to have a sale forced in their face. Instead, a post created by a fellow user will be better received.

Secondly, UGCs ensure that you never have a dry spell in your feed. Ideally, you want to consistenly post on your profile, but sometimes that is not possible. Instead of not posting, use a photo that has already been edited by one of your users.

Essentially, the benefits of UGCs are two-fold. It is an opportunity to show your appreciation for your consumers. However, you also get a new set of spokespeople while you are at it.

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Although photos are still the focal point of Instagram, we cannot overlook the influence of video content. A study by Mention found that videos, on average, received 150 comments. Meanwhile, photos received, on average, 65 comments.

Now it should be noted that these numbers are on average. However, videos are useful and can complement any marketing strategy.

First, try to use videos to show off or demo your product in action. We suggest that you try to do this in the form of Instagram stories.

Why? Well, 70% of Instagram users use Insta stories to watch videos.

Moreover, Insta stories are equipped with shoppable stickers. So, people can make a purchase through stories as well.

In general, Insta stories present a unique way to present your product. Also, the stories only last for 24 hours. This means your followers will feel exclusive and special when they view it.

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Although millenials have earned themselves a bad rep, but they are definitely the fuel behind the Instagram machine. Of the 60% of daily Instagram users, 55% of them are young adults.

It is primarily due to the fact that Instagram fulfills their need to access new content quickly. Moreover, Instagram keeps them close to new trends and prevents the “fear of missing out”.

So why does this matter to your brand or your shoppable posts?

First, this statistic informs you about the audience you are facing on Instagram. If your brand does not cater to young people, you might want to consider adapting.

This statistic also suggests that you have to get creative when building a following. Millenials are bred in the language of social media. They can sniff out subpar strategies.

So, make an effort to understand their trends. Discover how to make your content authentic and relevant.


Now you know how to make the most out of Instagram shopping. We hope you take these statistics helped you get a better understanding of Instagram’s capabilites. Hopefully, you see Instagram is more than just a social media app.

Apply these tips and statistics to your Instagram strategy and watch your brand grow. If you have any questions, let us know!

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