5 (Brilliant) Ways to Advertise using Instagram Carousel Ads

by | May 10, 2019


In today’s world, people are already spending a huge chunk of their time online. This includes going on Instagram and, subsequently, seeing Instagram carousel ads. But where do these ads come in the picture?

Well, before we discuss digital marketing, we must first discuss people’s behavior and online presence. According to The Telegraph, people in 2018 spent an average of 24 hours a week online.

When viewed by age group, people from 16 years old to 24 years old spent 34.3 hours per week online. This means 16 to 24-year olds usually spend almost one and a half days per week on the internet.

This article shows how Instagram carousel ads have revolutionized online marketing and advertising. In this article, you will learn how the world has changed with technology and how people behave online and in social media.

This article will also highlight how advertisers and marketers can use Instagram carousel ads to their advantage and hook social media users to viewing their products or services.

1.  Women Spend More Time on The Internet Than Men

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Statistics have also shown that women spend more time on the internet than men. Also, there has been a rise in the use of smart phones. In 2018, 78 percent of the people around the world have used smart phones.

Numbers have consistently been rising every year, so imagine how many hours people spent online now in 2019.

Because of this, the world of advertising and marketing has hugely shifted online. Brands are competing to be more modern than their competitors and are vying for online users’ attention on the internet.

This is particularly hard because people nowadays have shorter attention spans than people from before. According to Wyzowl, people’s attention spans have been steadily decreasing since 2000.

Now, researchers have surmised that the average attention span of people online is a mere 8 seconds, down from 12 seconds last 2000.

This makes marketing difficult, because you have to catch the attention of social media users in a quick amount of time before they walk, or rather scroll, away.

2. Ads in the Social Media World Today

Image Source: kinexmedia.com
Let us now add online giants to the picture. Most people of the millennial and Generation Z generations are on social media sites when they are online. The most popular social media sites are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

On Instagram, people post pictures and try to make their feeds look curated and on theme (the theme depends on their mood). There are so many people online that there are now a lot of jobs that only require a social media following. Companies recognize this.

To advertise, companies are now adding social media to their weapons. In addition to the traditional ads route, which can include billboards, television commercials, posters, and whatnot, marketing agencies now also have to master how to up their advertising game online.

On Instagram, you can make an Instagram account, post a picture, then make it a sponsored post in exchange for money. This will make people in your radar still see your post on their feed even though they don’t follow you.

You can also set up an Instagram for business and get additional tools. However, nowadays, these things may not be enough. Because the novelty has worn off, people just scroll past an ad without so much as a glance.

3. Instagram Carousel Ads: A Revolutionary Way of Advertising Online

People using social media have now gotten so used to advertisements on their feeds and profiles that they do not notice them anymore. This is unfortunate for advertisers and marketers.

However, now, Instagram has introduced a new way of presenting ads that will catch the social media users’ attention. This new way is called Instagram carousel ads. So, what are carousel ads?

According to Facebook, carousel ads will be like an interactive ad for users. Traditionally, online ads only have one photo or one post. With carousel ads, your ad can now show at least 2 photos, videos, headlines, links, or the like.

You will see two or more posts in one single ad! This way, users will more likely get hooked. They can then scroll left or right to see more of the components of the ad. This is how you’ll be able to get a user’s attention.

With these Instagram carousel ads, companies and advertisers have noticed that they engaged the people more and have better reception with the people.

Marketing companies have even used these carousel ads to advertise resorts, real estate, a variety of products, skills of people, services, events, and so much more.

Benefits to This Kind of Marketing Strategy

Again, according to Facebook, there are benefits to this kind of marketing strategy.


  • First, you will be able to showcase certain products you want to sell, like some items or applications.
  • Because you will be able to put more than one image or link, you will be able to show certain details and more information about what you’re advertising about, unlike before. You can even provide a link that goes straight to your site.
  • If you want to get creative, you can use carousel ads to become panels for a story you have for your product. You can also use this type of ad to showcase a long image, cut into pieces, or even videos in succession.
  • Here’s the good part: Instagram and Facebook have made pre – made formats to help you with your advertisement and you won’t have to create manually every individual image one by one.

4. What Does Instagram Have to Say?

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Image Source: workmacro.com
Instagram has released a statement directed to marketers and advertisers when the carousel ads first came out. The company said that they are in solidarity with the brands and help these advertisers share their stories through pictures.

Instagram started allowing advertisers to market their products on the platform last 2013. As the years went by, some advertisers have commented that they want to show their stories in sequence in a creative way to basically boost their businesses.

Instagram even added that even the users of Instagram and members of the Instagram community have remarked that they learned about a product or service they wanted after seeing specific ads from the advertisers.

Take Advantage of This Brand-New Format

Because of this, Instagram released a brand-new format for the ads that appear on users’ timelines. Of course, this is the Instagram carousel ad, and this is basically going to be a new way for advertisers to add more images on their sponsored posts.

The company remarked that carousel ads will make advertisement posts more flexible and for advertisers to have more freedom in sharing their stories because carousel ads will allow users to swipe left or right to see more of the advertisement. The advertisers can even link a website for users to click on if they are interested.

The company likened carousel ads to being similar to multi – page print campaigns. Only this time, they are not on magazines or newspapers but on social media and phones or computers. Instagram carousel ads, the company said, even had the plus of being able to take users to the selected website for them to learn more about a product.

More Advantages

They provided an example wherein a company into fashion can use carousel ads to deconstruct a look into individual products you may like to buy. Another example they gave was a car company that can showcase a vehicle and give the various characteristics it may have.

The company may even give the company’s link at the end if a user is interested to learn more. One last example is of a cooking – related brand showing a delicious dish and then showing the different ingredients needed to make it.

They provided comfort to the users by remarking that if you don’t want to see these Instagram carousel ads, you may choose to simply scroll by them.

Of course, Instagram is continuously evolving. Even these carousel ads are evolving as well, so you may see the different looks of advertising when on Instagram (or any other social media website, really).

5. Instagram Carousel Ads VS the Usual Ads

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Image Source:marketingweek.com
Of course, many advertising companies were delighted when they saw what Instagram has launched. Everyone was eager to see how this will change the digital market place. Because of this, Business Factory ran some tests and published them on News Feed.

In the article, Business Factory said they ran some internal tests with the clients that they had. They measured things like conversions, traffic, and application installs, for example.

Because Business Factory really wanted to see how Instagram carousel ads were doing versus the usual Instagram ads, they always put up two advertisements from the same client or product.

For the two advertisements, one would be the usual single image ads and the second would be the said carousel ads. The people then ran split testing so half of the people saw the first type of ad and the other half saw the second type of ad.

They did a lot of these tests and the tests ran for a week. After the week has elapsed, they would test how the ads had performed.

Better Option

They then saw that Instagram carousel ads were better at interacting with people than the usual single image ads. Now, let’s go down to the specifics.

They saw that people were clicking the carousel ads two times more, which means twice the amount of people engaged compared with the single image ad. There was also two times more the number of people who went and visited the landing page. Pretty amazing.

So, Business Factory wanted to see more, so they upped their research. They investigated the number of people who purchased their product or installed after an ad, comparing carousel ads to the single image ones.

Here, the carousel ads of Instagram were still the winner! They saw that the companies who used carousel ads had up to 2.38 times lower cost per install and up to 2.32 lower cost of purchase.

6. 5 Ways to Use Instagram Carousel Ads

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Now, you may want to start using Instagram carousel ads. However, you do not know how to optimize it. Sure, you may know how to start with the basics of advertising.

You may even be an expert of Instagram! But don’t you worry, we will give you 5 ways of how to use these Instagram carousel ads to your advantage.


· Think About Your Audience


Experts have advised to not use the same ads for every single person you want to target. This is a newbie mistake that can easily be avoided.

With carousel ads, you should make creative advertisements that cater to specific kinds of audiences and change it up as you engage other types of audiences.

According to Online Advertising School, for example, you want to target both your regular customers and non – customers with your ads. Don’t make the mistake of creating the same ad for both of them.

Regular customers would want to see again the products they have viewed before or similar ones that they have not purchased yet.

This would pique their interest more. For non – customers, you want them to be interested in your brand, so you have to create an ad that features the benefits of buying your items.

If you want, you can show them your bestsellers afterwards. You have to sell them your brand first before moving on to specific products.

Even though this is more time – consuming, Online Advertising School suggests changing even the call to action part. This will result to a higher return of investment.


· Use the Format


When using carousel ads, use the format to your advantage. Commonly, you use these multiple panels or posts to create a story that would interest the user to swipe left and even go to your site.

Make the panels as interesting as possible so that the user won’t get bored. You can make aggressive calls to action, unique formats, just as long as you utilize the carousel ad formatting as much as you can.


· Showcase Your Product


As said, carousel ads feature multiple panels. For users to see the rest of the panels, they have to swipe left.

Because you can post more images than before, you can use this to highlight the specific features of your product. You can highlight how this product can benefit users in different ways.

You can even use this to show a before – and – after to make users want to get your product! Because a picture will hold a person’s interest more than typed words, use this to your advantage.


· Use A Larger Image


Banking on the multiple panels of carousel ads, you can post a way larger landscape image and divide them into parts for the panels. This would look cool and would invite the users to swipe more to see the entirety of the image.

You can use this to hook the consumers in and make them view your ad. Trust me, I know. I have seen advertisers do this before and even though I knew they were ads, I still swiped because I wanted to complete the whole thing. And bingo, this would result to more traffic!


· Show Your Best First


You can also use the multiple panels to showcase your best images for the product or service you want to advertise.

If you want users to see the most famous image first, you can set it in the settings of the post that the users would be able to see the images in an order based on what image performed the best, and so on.



With this article, I hope you now see how the Instagram carousel ads are the recent game changers in online advertising. You can use the statistics we provided in the introduction to design how your ad will look like.

Don’t fret if you don’t know where to start; with carousel ads, there are multiple panels so you can put what you want: multiple images, videos, text, or even links. We also provided you with 5 ways of how to use Instagram carousel ads to your advantage.

Got any comments or suggestions about this article? Or do you have more information about Instagram carousel ads? Talk to us down below!

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