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All you need to know about the Ideal Patch Size


April 03, 2024

While there is no ideal patch size, most patches typically fall within the 3 to 5-inch range. 

Mini patches measuring about 2 to 3 inches subtly represent a symbol of an organization or event. This size is ideal for uniforms, jerseys, and apparel. 

Mid-sized patches measuring 3 to 5 inches are suitable for brand promotion or sponsorships where you want the patches to draw attention. 

Large patch sizes measuring up to 12 inches are commonly seen on biker jackets, stage costumes, backpacks, and other items where the patch serves as a focal point. 

How do you calculate a patch size? 

What is this 3 or 5-inch? 

Is it height or width? Or is it the perimeter? 

And what if the patch is circular or hexagonal? How would you calculate its height or width? 

Briefly speaking, patch size refers to the number you get using this straightforward, ‘industry-standard’ formula - 

Patch size = (Height+Width)/2 

This formula has been tested for years and is used by almost all patch manufacturers. 

It works for all shapes, whether your patch is round, hexagonal, octagonal, star-shaped, or any other shape.

Image Source: https://capstoyou.com/patch-guide/ 

Simply draw a rectangle or square around your patch, measure the height and width and use the above formula to determine your patch size.  

Do not rotate your diamond or hexagonal-shaped design while taking the measurements. Changing the orientation may affect the height and width, giving you the wrong patch size.  

Patch sizes used by different organizations and clubs in the US

Patch type

Approximate Size

Girls and Boys Scout Patches


Fire Patches

4” to 5”

Police Patches

4” to 5”

Security Patches 

4” to 5”

Biker Patches


Military Patches

1" tall and 4" wide

Sports Patches


Logo patches 

3” to 3.5” 

Factors that determine the patch size

Purpose of the patch

Patches designed for identification purposes, like those worn on military uniforms or attached to promotional products, often lean toward larger sizes.

Patches used for identification purposes, like those worn on military uniforms and company logos sewn on promotional products such as backpacks, are typically larger. 

Their size helps with quick identification and provides improved brand visibility. 

Image Source: https://www.instructables.com/DIY-Patch-Hat/ 

On the other hand, if you want your patch to serve as subtle embellishments or to discreetly promote your brand, smaller sizes ranging from 1” to 2” should be ideal.  


Patches designed for the garments' front pockets or chest areas are generally small and feature logos, emblems, symbols, flags, or name tags. 

Shoulder and sleeve patches typically measure 3 to 5 inches. They cover the entire shoulder area to ensure visibility from a distance. The military, emergency services, scouting, and sports teams usually use them. 

The back patches are the largest, measuring up to 12” to cover the large width of the jackets, vests, and jerseys. They are supposed to attract maximum attention and serve as a symbol of pride. 

Patches on hats, caps, and beanies are usually smaller to fit the curvature of the headwear.  


Intricate designs with text, slogans, and mottos often require more space to maintain a balanced, visually appealing look. On the other hand, simple designs featuring a logo or symbol can be effectively represented in smaller patches. 



Image Source: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/701224604476893499/ 

The patch size should harmonize with the garment on which it is sewn. An extremely large patch can overwhelm people, whereas a tiny one may fail to make the desired impact. 

For example, a massive 12” patch on the front of the garment can overshadow its look, but it is perfect for a jacket’s back, where it could command all the attention. 

Ideal patch size - FAQs

How big should back patches be?

Back patches are typically larger to accommodate elaborate designs, such as the club's name, slogans, or the wearer's name. They are usually 7” to 12” for optimal visibility, depending on the design's intricacy and intended use.  

What is the typical size of a circle patch?

Circle patches are usually 2” to 4” in size, depending on the design. This size is enough to accommodate symbols, logos, and short texts. 

What size are uniform patches?

The size of uniform patches can vary depending on their intended placement and purpose. 

Patches for collars, sleeves, and pockets representing insignia are usually around 1” to 3”. Shoulder and chest patches representing emblems and identifying symbols are between 3” and 5”. Back patches typically measure between 6” and 12”. 

What size are embroidered patches? 

Depending on your design and preferences, they can be as small as 2” to as large as you want. 

Need help deciding your patch size? 

Do you have a design or rough sketch for your patch but are unsure about the size? 

Don’t worry; we are here to help at every step.

Our team will evaluate your budget, preference, patch placement, and several other factors before suggesting the most appropriate patch size to suit your purpose. 

Take the guesswork out; Get in touch with us today. 

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