What Is The Ideal Patches Size?

Written by Robin Brown on June 30, 2021
Whether it's for scouting or the military, a patch holds great significance as it serves as both identification and a symbol of an organization's legacy.

Determining the ideal size for a patch can be challenging since it is a personalized item that varies based on the organization or individual ordering it.

Nevertheless, there are some factors that can be considered as a starting point when selecting the size for your patch.

Please note that these factors serve as a general guideline and can be adjusted based on specific preferences and requirements.

Calculating the Patch Size

Calculating the Patch Size image
When ordering a custom patch for your business or organization, it is essential to understand how to calculate the patch size using a standardized system followed worldwide.

To determine the patch size, you need to add the height and width of your emblem. Once you have the total value, divide it by 2 to obtain the exact patch size.

For instance, let's say you require a patch for your football team, and you have decided on a width of 4 inches and a height of 2 inches. To calculate the patch size:

Height (2") + Width (4") = Total (6")

Next, divide the total value by 2:

Total (6") ÷ 2 = Patch Size (3")

In this example, the patch size would be 3 inches.

By following this calculation method, you can determine the appropriate patch size for your specific requirements.

What are the Best Sizes for Patches?

While selecting a patch size is ultimately a personal decision, certain sizes tend to work better than others based on their practicality and visual impact.

For regular patches, a commonly preferred size range is between 3 to 5 inches. This size range strikes a balance, as it is small enough to fit comfortably on various fabric surfaces while still being noticeable enough to catch the attention of onlookers.

When it comes to back patches, an ideal size is often considered to be around 12 inches. This larger size allows the patch to cover a substantial area of the fabric, making a bold statement and effectively showcasing the patch's legacy.

It's important to note that these size recommendations are not definitive rules, but rather general guidelines based on popular choices and practical considerations.

How Big the Design Should Be?

To determine the exact size of a patch design, it is advisable to consult a creative specialist who can consider various factors such as your concept, chosen materials, color choices, and more.

Understanding the size of the design is crucial because even if you have a large patch size, if the text or elements within the design are too small, they may not effectively convey your intended messages.

Conversely, if the text is too large and the logo or design elements are too small, it can result in a loss of organizational identity and impact.

Achieving the right balance is key. The size of the design should be proportionate to the overall patch size, and there should be harmony between the text size and the design elements. The ultimate goal is to ensure that regardless of the patch's size, the intended message is conveyed clearly.

Where Can I get the Ideal Size for My Patches?

If you’ve been looking for a vendor to design and create your custom patches, look no further than Vivipins

We’re the ultimate industry leader when it comes to designing unique and high-quality patches. It doesn’t matter how intricate your design becomes, our innovative embroidery technique will bring the design to life. 

Moreover, we are open to communication at all times. You can contact our designers and get an update on your projects anytime you want. If there’s a change of plans on your end, you can let us know and our designers will incorporate the changes. 

Final Words 

No one knows when one might need a custom patch design. Among many other attributes, the size of the patch is quite important. It’s always advised that you take help from an organization like Vivipins to take care of your needs. 
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Article written by Robin Brown
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