How to Wear Enamel Pins

Written by Robin Brown on April 19, 2021
Who knew that enamel pins would become a trendy fashion accessory in the 21st century? These cute, little pieces have lots of various applications. It could be a symbol of something you stand for or just plain fashion, the possibilities are endless.Today, I’ll be sharing with you everything you need to know about how to wear (and how not to wear) enamel pins along with when and where you can wear them.

By the end of this post, you’ll have some amazing ideas on wearing enamel pins!

1.  What to wear enamel pins with?

Enamel pins on hat image
First, I’ll address the question of what to wear enamel pins with. Luckily, there are tons of ideas in this regard:

Imagine yourself in a denim jacket with some enamel pins on it. The multi colored pins would look great on the blue surface of said jacket.

Moreover, you can always keep it very professional with a company pin on your blazer or shirt collar. This will let everyone (colleagues and bosses) know that you’re a team player.

Another innovative idea for enamel pin is sticking them to the front or back of your cap or hat. That would really add some flair to a regular headgear.

Backpacks also have a ton of space to put pins on. You could put some pins along the straps or side pockets in addition to the main body of said backpack.

2. The dos and don’ts of wearing enamel pins

You need to be careful while using pins blazers and shirt. The idea is to keep you and your attire safe while you’re wearing an enamel pin. Let’s go over a few tips on the ‘dos’:


Always make sure that your pin is stuck to your left lapel (the left flap of your shirt or blazer). If your lapel has a buttonhole, put the pin through it. This will prevent the need for puncturing your nice blazer.
However, you will need to make a puncture if there is no buttonhole so be careful. Finally, be sure to match the color of your enamel pin to your other accessories like cufflinks, belt buckles and watches. The trick is to bolster your fashion statement using the pins.
enamel pins on suit image

As for what you shouldn’t be doing, please don’t place the enamel pin anywhere other than the left lapel. Plus, try not to have a pin that is oversized or doesn’t fit with the outfit you’re wearing.

Furthermore, it’s best to keep your pin ‘neutral’. You never know who you might offend with a certain message printed on your enamel pin.

Last but not the least; try to avoid wearing more than one pin at a time. Overcrowding many pins on one outfit is a big no-no.

3. When to use enamel pins

The straightforward answer is: You can wear them anywhere! From the grocery store to the mall, enamel pins work everywhere. Here are some tips in this regard:

Formal events like weddings are a great place to show off your enamel pin. This is in fact the most common scenario for wearing one.

Plus, business events like team picnic are also great for sporting a pin. Your company’s logo on your enamel pin will do wonders!

Finally, those social events we all go to are great places to wear a pin. A subtle themed enamel pin will certainly draw compliments.

4. Where do I get great pins?

I wonder where you can find pins that have all the bells and whistles?

Vivipins is a great enamel pin manufacturer with tons of designs! They have pins for holidays, events, you name it. Plus, they have free shipping.

Wait, that’s not all. If you’re willing to order 1 or 2 pins, Vivipins can make it happen! They don’t have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) as most pin makers do.

5. Final Verdict: Wear enamel pins anywhere, everywhere!

anywhere image
Kudos if you’ve made it this far. You now have great ideas on how and where you can wear your trendy pins. Let me go over the basics one more time.
Enamel pins are redefining fashion trends in the 21st century by becoming must-have accessories. You can use them on any type of clothing like shirts, blazers, etc.

However, be careful as to not hurt the fabric you’re wearing. Repeatedly puncturing the surface of a shirt or blazer isn’t a good idea. Also, the size and acceptability of enamel pins is something to ponder over as well.

As for events, you can wear them to literally any occasion. From weddings to business events, sporting enamel pins can make a statement.

Well, that about wraps it up here. Be sure to check back here for more great content. Bye!

Bonus tips:

1.Where do you place enamel pins?

You can put your enamel pins on any piece of clothing that you like. For example, you can wear them on your jacket or shirt collar. Basically, you can wear them with any article of clothing. Hats, blazers, backpacks, you name it! Enamel pins are a great fashion accessory that can really brighten your attire.

2.What occasions can I wear enamel pins to?

Enamel pins can be worn pretty much anywhere. You can put them on during formal events like a wedding or even a business event like a team picnic. Plus, there are always social events to wear them to if you’re looking to subtly impress people around you. Overall, enamel pins can be worn everywhere from the grocery store to the mall!

3.What are some of things I should avoid while using pins?

Wearing enamel pins require puncturing the fabric of your desired attire. You should try to avoid making too many punctures so that your attire isn’t damaged. Plus, make sure your pin isn’t oversized or mismatching with your outfit. Another great tip is to wear pins that are neutral to avoid chances of offending anybody. Finally, it’s best to wear one pin a time to avoid overcrowding.
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Article written by Robin Brown
Robin Brown is part of the content team at Vivipins where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.
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