How to Open a Wine Bottle

Written by Robin Brown on October 25, 2022
Wine openers come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs. They are flexible tools with a variety of functions, yet they all serve the same purpose. Regardless of its unquestionable reason for removing caps, bottle openers are unique tools that almost everyone owns at least. At that point, what exactly is a container opener? Glass bottles may have their metal jug lids removed using a tool called a container opener. In general, it is quite likely to be examined to include wine equipment for removing plastic or fittings from wine bottles.

There are several unique designs for these bottle openers. While hand-held bottle openers are more frequently discovered and used in domestic settings, wall-mounted openers are frequently found at bars. Even while bottle openers can change in appearance and feel their functional components—a tooth or lip to grasp the cap's underside, support across which to exert force to remove it, and typically a switch for mechanical benefit—are frequently constant.

Types of Bottle Opener

Waiter’s Corkscrew

Because it is simple and portable, the waiter's wine tool continues to be one of the most popular options for wine openers. Use this opener by screwing into the wine plug's highest point, setting the support on the edge of the bottle's lip, and pulling the stopper out with force.

Twist And Pull Corkscrew

The twist and pull wine tool became popular since it was easy to use and less well-known than some of the alternatives mentioned above because more effort was required to remove the stopper. Just insert the worm and pull!

Wing Corkscrew

The most traditional type of wine opener still in use today is the wing wine tool. This opener requires more force to use than other openers, which makes it less popular than more sophisticated wine equipment. When using a wing wine tool, you must first screw the metal worm into the stopper before pushing the two wings downward to release the plug.

How Can You Open a Wine Bottle?

Try using a screw, screwdriver, and a hammer

Our is most likely the safest tactic on our list, but it requires a lot of power and flexibility because it might easily wear you out. Only a few millimeters or so of the plug should be exposed after inserting a screwdriver, ideally a big one. After locking the sled's rear, you can remove yourself from underneath the screw before removing the plug. After performing the activity, you might need a towel to wipe away the perspiration from your forehead.

Push the Cork

This system, like some of the others on this list, is safe to use, but it has limitations. Put the handle of a wooden spoon or anything like into the plug hole to unlock the wine jug. Unfortunately, once the connection is established in the bottle, it is quite challenging to remove it. Furthermore, if the wine bottle is old, the plug can come apart after being placed and end up in the beverage. There is no need to be concerned if you are drinking the full container with pals and feel that you should, even if this is a poor conclusion. After sifting the wine to remove the plug fragments, pour it into a decanter.

Hook It With a Hanger

Normally, this process is straightforward, but since you won't be hanging clothes from one of your wire holders moving forward, you must bid it adieu. If you do this properly, the tip of the holder will flip 30 degrees backward, imitating a fish catch. Put the wire inside the wine bottle next to the fitting. Turn the wire 90 degrees, then insert the catch beneath the plug. The fitting ought to operate if you elevate the wire. If the holder appears to be stuck, you can remove it using pliers or another piece of standard home equipment. You ensure extra protection, just make sure to have gloves or a towel on hand.

Pump It Out

This one is fairly easy. Incorporate a bicycle that has been nailed onto the fitting immediately. Continue doing this until the wine cork and air are in contact with the needle. Siphon air into the chamber at that point. As you siphon, the pressure in the gas should continuously cause the plug to rise out of the compartment.

Twist It Out 

This method is quite similar to the key option, which involves removing the fitting with a screw and sled. This time, though, you should just slowly release the fitting while twisting the attachment's most prominent point and inserting your keys or a serrated blade at a 45-degree angle into the attachment. After a few revolutions, the fitting should protrude. Make sure everything is precisely inserted into the fitting to prevent the attachment from cutting.

Smack the bottle with the wall after wrapping it in a towel

Be cautious since this is the moment when giving anything a once-over becomes fairly dangerous. The previous two options required at least one gadget, but if you wind up spending little, this option could end up becoming your closest friend. Wrap the smallest part of the wine container in a thick towel (or two for safety), and repeatedly smash it against a wall. The container could break if you do this, but as the last option, consider it. We advise not using your entire allotment since when you initially smash the jug against the wall, you won't have the opportunity to remove the fitting. In general, gently tap the container against the wall to gradually remove the stopper.

With a shoe, slap it out

This method is similar to the last but is also somewhat less risky. Wrap the bottom of the wine bottle in a towel, but instead of smashing it against a wall, sit with it between your thighs and strike it with a shoe. This is a safer option than number 6, even though it may take up most of the day. If you don't stop before the fitting fully emerges, you'll probably end up with a bit of a mess and maybe permanent stains.

Heat the cork to remove it

This decision accomplishes the goal while being quite covert. Use a blowtorch or lighter to apply strong pressure to the wine container's neck immediately beneath the stopper. The attachment should rise as a result of the power and eventually fall out of the container. In any event, be sure the container isn't cold because the sudden temperature change might cause it to explode. If your jug has been intentionally cooled, allow it some time to rest in a cold environment before reheating it.

Scissors to the rescue

This is a really simple approach for opening the bottle using only household items that you undoubtedly have nearby. Insert one of the scissors' cutting edges into the stopper's focus point. Be careful not to injure yourself! Curve the scissors' handles once the edge has been pressed in as far as feasible. Pull up on the plug while you bend yourself to get it out of the bottle.

Use a string to pull the cork

All you fans of making: This is your opportunity to knock one out of the park. This method, which uses string to remove the stopper, is one to try if you're really having trouble but are nevertheless trying to open a toolbox.

Make a careful aperture through the stopper using a screwdriver. This could need some sincere effort! Once everything is finished, knot a large bunch to one end of the string and use a screwdriver to shove the bunch through the stopper. There shouldn't be any issues after the group reaches the other end of the plug, where it is being drawn out.

A glass of wine that contains disintegrated pieces of the stopper is not precisely functional. Similar to the push method, basically filter the wine and fill a decanter before charging.

Final words

There are two main types of bottle openers used for wine. The first is a wine tool that uses a single screw that is inserted into the stopper and rotated down until it has enough grip to allow the plug to be removed from the bottle. This type of wine tool may be modified to include side switches that keep the bottle steady and an extra switch that takes a straighter pull into account. Many restaurants also have a good wine instrument with a switch to ensure quick and efficient stop removal.

The other common kind of wine bottle opener has two rigid prongs. The prongs are trapped between one or both sides of the stopper and the bottle edge rather than cutting through the plug to pull it out. The rubbing created might be used to quickly and skillfully turn the plug out of the bottle. This kind of wine tool requires some getting used to, and for some people, it could take a while before they can use it efficiently. However, once in control, it drastically reduces the likelihood of a damaged or dropped stopper. But if you are still not convinced about which one you should pick, then we suggest having custom bottle openers.

Article written by Robin Brown
Robin Brown is part of the content team at Vivipins where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.
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