6 Step How To Make a Custom Ball Marker With Bottle Cap?

Written by Robin Brown on June 24, 2021
Ball markers hold immense importance as accessories for countless golf players, allowing them to uphold their marks on the green while accommodating others to putt ahead.

Traditionally, golfers have relied on utilizing a quarter or a penny as a makeshift ball marker, while some have gone the extra mile by investing in specialized ball markers.

However, were you aware that you have the ability to fashion your very own personalized ball marker using just two bottle caps? In this article, we shall embark on a journey to discover the process of crafting a customized ball marker, which can be achieved through a few straightforward steps.

Without further ado, let us enthusiastically delve into the art of creating a bespoke ball marker.

Select Your Bottle Cap

The primary motive behind opting for a custom ball marker is the desire to let your unique personality shine on the golf course. Using a regular coin as a marker may appear dull and uninspiring, and investing in a specialized ball marker may not be your preferred choice.

To embark on this exciting journey, the first step is to carefully select a bottle cap brand that perfectly aligns with your distinctive personality. It is essential to ensure that the chosen caps are made of metal, and that you have a minimum of two available. By selecting a bottle cap brand that resonates with who you are, you lay the foundation for creating a captivating ball marker that truly represents your individuality.

Gather the Supplies 

To effectively carry out the plan you have devised, it is essential to gather all the necessary supplies before embarking on your creative endeavor.

You will require a set of pliers, several assorted files, masking tape, a reliable and robust adhesive, as well as an ample amount of patience. These tools and materials are vital for showcasing your craftsmanship and ensuring the successful creation of your custom ball marker.

By ensuring you have all the supplies at hand, you set the stage for a smooth and fulfilling crafting experience.

Flatten the Caps

Now it's time to tackle your first task. Retrieve the bottle caps and commence the process by utilizing the pliers to flatten the crimped edges. If available, a vice and a hammer can also serve this purpose. However, based on our experience, a regular pair of pliers is more than sufficient for the job.

Grip the sharp end of the caps with the pliers and gradually pull them outward, repeating this action around the entire circumference of each cap until they are transformed into flat metal bottle caps.

Apply the same technique to the second cap in your possession.

Before proceeding any further, take a small piece of masking tape and carefully cover the top side of each cap. This precautionary measure will safeguard the paint on the caps from any potential damage. Remember, it was the captivating paint design that attracted you to these caps as your desired ball marker.

By following these instructions, you are laying the groundwork for creating a remarkable and personalized ball marker.

Glue the Coin

While the aim is to create a custom golf ball marker using bottle caps as a replacement for regular coins, it is paradoxical that you will need coins as an integral part of the marker-making process. Depending on the size of the bottle caps, you have the option to insert a quarter, a penny, or even a full dollar coin.

Select a suitable adhesive of your choice, such as Gorilla glue or regular super glue, to apply on the inside of one of the bottle caps. Ensure that the glue is spread evenly.

Once the adhesive is applied, promptly attach the chosen coin to one of the caps and allow it to dry thoroughly. This will securely bond the coin and the cap together.

Repeat the same process with the other bottle cap. Apply an adequate amount of glue on the inside and firmly press it onto the coin before it dries completely. This step ensures a strong and durable bond between the coin and the second cap.

By following these steps meticulously, you are well on your way to crafting your own unique and personalized ball marker using bottle caps and coins as the foundation.

Filling the Edges 

After straightening the bottle caps using pliers, it is crucial to address the issue of sharp, saw-like edges that pose a risk of injury. Neglecting to resolve this matter could result in unfortunate mishaps and potential bleeding during your next golf outing.

This is where the files come into play. Begin with a coarse or rough file, carefully working along the edges to gradually file away the sharpness. As you progress, transition to finer files, ensuring a smoother and safer finish.

Take your time and diligently file the edges until you are satisfied that they are perfectly rounded and devoid of any sharpness. This meticulous step is essential for creating a ball marker that prioritizes safety and comfort.

Once you have achieved the desired result, you can proceed to the next stage and begin wrapping the edges.

Wrapping the Caps Around the Coin

Congratulations! You have now reached the final stage of creating your very own golf ball marker. At this point, the coin is sandwiched between the two caps, resulting in a gap in the center. To ensure a cohesive and polished appearance, it is necessary to flatten the edges once again, either using a hammer or the pliers that were previously utilized.

Carefully align the marker and apply gentle force with the hammer or pliers, gradually flattening the edges to create a uniform and symmetrical look on both sides. Take your time during this process to achieve a satisfying result.

Upon completion of this step, your bottle cap ball marker will not only exude a stylish aesthetic but will also possess the custom branding that you desired. It will stand as a unique and personalized marker that reflects your individuality on the golf course.

With the successful completion of these steps, your custom ball marker is now ready to accompany you on your future golfing adventures. Enjoy showcasing your craftsmanship and adding a touch of personal flair to your golf game.

Final Words

For those who want a personal touch on every piece of equipment they own, having a custom golf ball marker is a necessity. And now, you know how to make custom ball markers with something as simple as a bottle cap!

Don’t forget to check out the custom ball markers by Vivipins if you don’t want to go through the trouble of making one! 
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Article written by Robin Brown
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