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How to DIY Enamel Pins at Home?


March 26, 2024

how to diy enamel pins at home

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How to DIY enamel pins at home? Sounds a bit tricky, right? But we have good news! It's a fun and creative activity that is very easy, and you can do it without much fuss at your home.

Creating DIY enamel pins at home is a great way to express your personality, thoughts, and fashion choices. It’s all about using your thoughts to create something special for yourself; that too with the help of some basic household materials.

In this blog, we will share some simple steps to help create your enamel pins right at your home!


Materials Needed for DIY Enamel Pins

Materials Needed for DIY Enamel Pins
Image Source: https://pdpics.com/photo/2749-colorful-pins-2


The first step is to collect the required materials to get started. Do not worry though, as we have created a simple list of all the essential items you'll need. We will also share some alternatives if you can't find them:

  • Enamel Paint:

This is what gives your pin its color. It’s your choice to use soft or hard enamel. It depends on the type of finish you want.

  • Metal Pin Blanks:

The metal blanks make the base of your pins. Metal blanks are available in all shapes and sizes. If you don’t find them easily, one way is to use your old pins and remove their designs to use the back as the base.

  • Pin Backs:

These pieces attach to the back of your pin so you can wear them. Safety pins or small magnet strips can serve as alternatives if traditional pinbacks are unavailable.

  • Adhesive:

You'll need strong glue to attach the pin backs. E6000 is a popular choice, but if that's not available, any strong, clear-drying glue should work just fine.

  • Tools for Painting:

Use fine brushes or toothpicks for painting. If you don't have these, even the tip of a small, pointed object can work.


Gathered all the stuff? You are halfway there already! Let's move on to the next step - Designing your enamel pin.


Designing Your Enamel Pin

Designing Your Enamel Pin

Image Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/black-and-clear-ballpoint-pen-2879841/


This step is where you start to shape your DIY enamel pins.  A well-thought-out design idea represents the quality of your style. It also ensures the finished product is something you are proud of. Here are the steps to designing your enamel pin:

  • Conceptualize:

Begin with an idea. What do you want your pin to represent? It could be anything; your favorite animal, or a symbol that means something to you. Sketching your ideas helps you make the design concept more clear.

  • Simplify:

Enamel pins are small in size, so your design should be simple and applicable on a small surface. Avoid overly complex details that might not translate well to a smaller scale. Think about bold lines and clear shapes that will stand out.

  • Select Colors:

Choose colors that make your design visible. Note that some colors look different when you convert them from digital to physical form.

  • Use Digital Design Tools:

Online tools such as Canva or software like Adobe Illustrator can help you make some cool designs. Using these tools, you will be able to experiment with different layouts and colors until you finalize a combination.

  • Get Feedback:

It’s always a good idea to share your design with friends and family for feedback. Fresh eyes can offer valuable insights that might improve your pin.


Transferring Design to Pin Base


When your enamel pin design is ready, the next step is to transfer it onto the pin base. This is the step that requires some attention and a little precision to ensure your pin looks exactly as planned.

There are multiple methods to transfer your design, such as tracing or using transfer paper, depending on what works best for you. It also depends on the materials you have.

Here are some useful tips for better design transfer:

  • Clean Surface:

Make sure the metal base is clean and there are no traces of any oils or debris on it.

  • Stable Base Position:

Stabilize the pin base so it doesn't move while you're transferring the design.

  • Detailed Transfer:

Use a fine-point pen or pencil to outline your design on the pin base. The more detailed your transfer, the easier the next steps will be.


Getting this step right is crucial, as it sets the stage for painting and finishing your pin. With your design accurately transferred, you're now ready to bring color and life to your creation.


Applying Color to Your Enamel Pin

Applying Color to Your Enamel Pin

Image Source: https://www.fivesixteenthsblog.com/2017/05/make-it-monday-diy-faux-enamel-pins.html


Once your design is perfectly transferred to the pin base, the next exciting step is applying color.

This phase is where your pin truly begins to take shape. Using enamel paint, fill in your design slowly and carefully. And as you do it, you will observe that your favorite design is finally coming to life.

We want to stress again here that you should apply the paint very carefully. This will help you avoid overlapping colors or smudging.


Finishing Touches and Curing

Finishing Touches and Curing

Image Source: https://www.deviantart.com/mythka/art/Pin-Prototype-714291083


When you are done applying color to your lovely enamel pin, the next steps are giving it some finishing touches and following a curing process. These steps are very important to ensure your DIY enamel pin’s longevity and durability.

This is the final step in enamel making that solidifies your design and locks in the colors and details.

Follow these final steps:

  • Checking for Imperfections:

Before curing, inspect your pin for any smudges or areas that need touch-ups. It's easier to correct these issues before the enamel sets.

  • Curing Process:

Follow the specific curing instructions for your enamel paint. If baking is required, ensure you use the correct temperature and timing to avoid damaging the pin.

  • Adding a Sealant:

For added protection and a professional finish, apply a clear sealant over the enamel. This step helps prevent chipping and fading, keeping your pin vibrant and secure over time.


When you are done with these finishing details, your DIY enamel pin is ready to wear, share, or add to your enamel pin collection.



Creating your enamel pins at home is an exciting activity that involves creativity, a little precise craft work, and some simple quality checks.

Through this blog, we shared some simple yet important steps, from selecting the right materials and designing your pin to transferring your design, applying color, and doing quality checks to ensure a long-lasting finish.

Each step is important in bringing your unique enamel pin to life. Now that you know all the steps, you're ready for your adventure of DIY enamel pin-making.

We suggest you start the process right away! The idea is to try, experiment with different designs, and most importantly, have fun.

How to DIY enamel pins at home is not just about making a pin - it's about making a statement that's only yours. Need some inspiration on how to create DIY pins? Keep following Vivipins' blog for more tips and tricks!



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